Being Irrational About Being Rational

I’ve seen this before, but it’s come up recently in a debate with a Muslim who is completely convinced that his beliefs are rational, yet cannot see that, as he describes them, they are anything but.  He tries to use things like the Cosmological Argument, but when I point out that, even if it was […]

The Liberal Hypocrisy Continues

Although it’s rare these days, the only blog I ever look at over on FreeThoughtBlogs is the Atheist Experience blog, just to see what people say about the most recent episode of Atheist Experience.  Of course, it’s filled to the brim with a bunch of ultra-liberal whack-a-loons, but what can you expect?  Recently, on this […]

Being Right All The Time

It’s a very common human foible, but lots of people have the psychological need to be right all the time, to defend their views to the death, even if those views are factually wrong, simply because their ego will not permit them to admit that they were actually mistaken.  I think this is very commonplace […]

That’s Just The Way It Is

One of the most disturbing arguments I see and one that bugs me a lot is the idea that we shouldn’t try to change humanity for the better because people are irrational and “that’s just the way it is”.  This comes up most often in religious discussions where I try to encourage people to think […]

Different Levels of Irrationality

There’s a lot of irrationality in the world and lots of people who hold irrational beliefs who point at other people who hold different irrational beliefs in an accusatory manner, like their own silly beliefs are fine, but those other silly beliefs… HERESY! I ran into someone like that recently, whose hypocrisy was so utterly […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #67

Here we go again!  This week, Fox News falls for a 4Chan hoax, or do they?  Egypt outlaws unlicensed Imams and we wonder where you get an Imam license?  Christian persecution, a new study shows it’s nonsense but the Christians probably don’t care.  Pat Robertson encourages children not to involve the authorities in domestic abuse. […]

Not Predictably Irrational

It’s somewhat rare when I get to sit down and read a book, especially a heavy-duty, intellectual book.  I might manage to muddle through the latest Richard Dawkins tome, usually many months after it comes out, but that’s not a common occurrence.  I did have someone recommend to me that I pick up Predictably Irrational: […]

Just Reading it Made Me Suffer

Every time I think I’ve found the limit of human stupidity, someone surprises me.  There’s a “movement” out there that proposes that humans stop breeding entirely and voluntarily go extinct so that we can “end suffering”.  It’s part of a larger concept called “antinatalism”. These people are fucking stupid. Without  going into too much detail, […]

Fundamental Differences

I’m honestly not sure what to make of this one.  I’ve debated this guy before, he’s always been a fanatic, not open to thinking about his beliefs or even examining them, but yesterday he hit me with something new, something I’ve never seen before. I asked him what he’d do if he found out his […]

It’s How They’re Raised

On Thanksgiving, I had the annual displeasure of having to hang around with a “family friend” who has come to attend family functions with her obnoxious hyperactive kid.  She’s one of those annoying extremely permissive parents who lets their kid get away with murder and wouldn’t know how to discipline if her life depended on […]

Fear of Reality

In a recent debate, someone asked what we all thought happened after death.  Most, thankfully, said we simply stopped existing.  Then she asked if that bothered us. My response was “who cares?” What difference does it make whether or not reality bothers us.  It’s reality!  Reality is not up for a vote, it doesn’t matter […]