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Is #BLM to Blame?

A funny thing has started to happen recently, as those involved with or supportive of the #BLM movement have started standing up for the movement in the light of recent cop shootings.  They say they’re not responsible because the leadership of #BLM didn’t directly and demonstrably order the murders.  Okay, I get that and I agree, the leadership of this movement isn’t personally responsible for these particular heinous crimes, any more than radically anti-abortion churches that teach that it’s better to shoot abortion doctors than allow fetuses to be aborted are personally responsible if someone goes out and pulls the trigger.  The only ones personally responsible for these horrific crimes are the ones who actually committed them.

That said though, in both cases listed above, there is a toxic ideology at work.  No one is saying “hey you should go kill people” but they are  certainly saying “it isn’t the worst thing in the world if this gets done”.  When you are openly teaching that it’s acceptable and a greater good to resort to violence, does it really matter if you are directly commanding the violence or not? And when  you are spewing this kind of hatred far and wide, does the fact that the person who acts on it isn’t actually a card-carrying member of your movement matter?

But in all honesty, I don’t blame #BLM for the violence because the real cause is actually much more insidious.  It’s the same thing that gave us the laughable “occupy” movement.  It’s the same thing that gives us campus crybabies looking for safe spaces.  It’s the same thing that gives us modern radical feminism.  It’s the regressive leftist political ideology that is totally toxic to everything that it touches.  And I’m trying not to call this liberalism because I recognize that a lot of self-professed liberals really, really hate this ideology too, but it’s hard when both occupy the political left. It’s hard when this is the ideology that is taking over the Democrats.  Something needs to be done, but I’m just not seeing widespread opposition to it.

This ideology really is poison to everything.  If Christopher Hitchens were still alive, I’m sure a book along the lines of “How Progressivism Poisons Everything” would be on the way.  It has reversed decades of racial equality, it has reversed decades of class peace, it has tried to stomp on everything good and decent in this country, replacing it with a policy of hands out, gimme gimme gimme, socialist nonsense.  The longer this goes on, the worse things are going to get.  It is a cancer and it is spreading and it is causing violence, not only against innocent cops who are doing their jobs protecting the people, it is putting good people out of jobs for daring to question the regressive narrative, it is causing violence against political opposition.  it is going to destroy this country and this planet.  It’s time that the left excises this regressive poison from their midst, just as conservatives have been excising the religious right from theirs.  We’ll never be better so long as we allow this toxic ideology in our midst.  Who is with me?