Don’t Put Your Social Eggs…

I hear a lot of people being sympathetic toward the religious when it turns out they do something “wrong” and all of a sudden, their only social circle shuns them and they have nowhere else to turn.  This seems to be most common when a former theist realizes that they’ve been wrong all along about […]

Belief and Knowledge

There is a difference between believing a thing is true and knowing it is true.  This is a constant problem with religious apologists because apparently, they are unaware of the difference.  In a recent poll, a theist wanted to know if atheists 100% knew that God doesn’t exist, but they also asked if theists knew […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.19

My Name is Lucifer! A woman prays behind the wheel, causing grevious harm to a grandmother, Michelle Bachmann celebrates the end of the world, the Duggars want back on TV to counsel sexually abused teens, more religious states are accepting the superiority of secular society and we talk about the stupid names that parents give […]

Pie-in-the-Sky vs. Reality

In a recent discussion with a libertarian, he asked why I criticize a lot of their ideas because, as he points out, the world would be a lot better if we just implemented all of the libertarian ideas.  Sure.  That might be true, at least for some subset of those ideas, but that’s not the […]

A Stupid Feminist Coloring Book

There are times you look at something and realize just how stupid radical feminists actually are. Ijeoma Oluo has put out a coloring book called the Badass Feminist Coloring Book, in which we find out what a moron Oluo actually is.  I mean, beyond the quality of the artwork, which is awful, I’m not sure who this […]

The Religious Whine Game

Here’s another one I’m sick to death of.  When did the religious lose their backbone and decide that whining was the tool to get their way?  People who now sit and pout and complain that doing their jobs somehow contradicts their deeply held religious beliefs, yet they still want to keep getting paid for doing […]

Lies, Damn Lies and Making Stuff Up

Even though this particular example is directed at a Christian, it seems to be a problem all over so I don’t want anyone to think this is a religious-only issue.  On an atheist forum, a Catholic member asserted that there were more male forum members on atheist forums and more female members on religious forums […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.18

Yes, You Are a Boat Lots of stupid as a judge orders a couple to get married and write Bible verses or go to jail, 5 women in India are beaten to death as witches, Wal-Mart’s new minimum wage is upsetting workers, as we predicted, two state representatives are having an affair, but they’d rather […]

Liberals Don’t Get Basic Economics

Over on Google+, a liberal and self-identified socialist brought up this article about having a 4-hour work day as a way to improve the world. Even though I wouldn’t think most people in the community were conservative, at least they were all critical thinkers and everyone, without exception, came down on this guy like a […]

Let’s Stop Being Different

Following the recent demands that the South get rid of the Confederate Flag, I’ve seen a lot of people asking that, in light of the unpopularity of the Confederate Flag, what the South can use to define its individuality and culture and my instant response was… nothing.  Stop pretending that you’re some other culture.  Stop […]

Religious Super-Sensitivity

Wow, I’m finding a lot to bitch about religion lately, which I guess isn’t any real surprise, but there you go.  I just had someone tell me a story about her family, who belong to this super-strict Christian sect that believe that you can never get re-married unless your ex-spouse is dead.  If your husband […]

It Just Gets Sadder

I hate looking at this and realizing just how awful it is, but I was going through and counting how many unwritten stories I currently have for the Religious Horror Show and it’s really ridiculous.  Currently, I have written stories almost through the end of the year and last I knew, I had enough stories […]

Horror Show Sunday: Getting Lucky

I’m not sure this is really how you get lucky, but in Take-Harsh in tribal-dominated Nashik district of  Diwali, India, 65-year old Budhabai Dore was murdered by her two sons so that they would get good luck.  The sons, Kashinath and Govind Dore, were unhappy with the condition of their lives and consulted Bachchi-bai Narayan Khadke, a 42-year old occultist. […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.17

Jewish Cooties! Ultra-Orthodox Jews are afraid of women, gay-hating Jewish stabber returns to stab again, the secrets of the Reconstructionist Right, a three-year old terrorist and political donors come from a small pool.  Plus, Iran isn’t a monster, stop pretending they are.  So what are you still doing here, go listen!

Are Christians Discriminated Against in America?

Following the recent Supreme Court decision on marriage equality, the whining Christians are out in force, crying that they’re being discriminated against because they’re not being allowed to discriminate against people they don’t like and that’s a travesty!  Cry me a fucking river.  I’ll serenade you with the world’s smallest violin.  Fucking crybabies.  But it’s […]

Stop the Illiberal Left

It’s really funny to listen to a lot of people on the left who pretend to be for freedom and individuality and free speech, yet in practice, they’re anything but.  Lots of people are coming to that conclusion, even people on the left who realize that so many people on the liberal fringe are not […]

Make Up Your Mind on Race

Okay, this makes no sense at all and I really want people to explain it to me.  On the one hand, you’ve got liberals demanding that we treat black people the same as we treat white people because everyone is equal.  I’m entirely on board with that because not only does everyone deserve equal treatment […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.16

Is He In You? In a longer than usual show, we look at pharmacists who are no longer allowed to deny medications on religious grounds, a Nepalese boy who is murdered by Hindus for magical reasons, the Mayor of Hawkins, Texas is an idiot and doesn’t understand the separation of church and state and Iran […]