Liberals Don’t Understand Space

I can honestly say I cannot understand this at all, but looking at it and understanding liberals and especially progressives, it really doesn’t surprise me at all.  Back in the early 1970s, we sent the Pioneer 10 spacecraft into space.  It had a golden plaque which tried to explain, in simple terms, who had sent […]

Convenient Catholicism

Oh look, more stupid Catholics!  What a surprise!  This time out, a crazy fundamentalist Catholic tries to defend the Catholic Church and Catholicism and their hiding of pedophile priests by redefining words and playing the statistics game. The disagreement was that the Catholic Church has blatantly tried to defend pedophile priests and hide them from prosecution. […]

Following Your Dream

This really isn’t anything spectacular, but I have watched the ever-growing adventures of someone over on a forum I read, someone who clearly has never learned a damn thing about common sense in her life and continues to make every mistake possible and seems utterly clueless why things keep going wrong.  I’m posting this here […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.24

Our 100th episode where nothing special happens. This week, an atheist mom is forced into religious counseling or lose her children, Ben Carson says he might consider religion as a cause for warrants, but only for Muslims, UCLA might give students the right not to be offended, a French animal rights group beats a homeless […]

Debating the Religiously Incredulous

I keep running into people on religious debate boards that are convinced that if they hold a religious position, they have no responsibility at all to defend any of their claims whatsoever, just because they are religious.  Of course, they hold everyone else accountable for answering any questions put to them, but questions they can’t […]

Words Don’t Mean Anything!

Oh look, the stupid religious patrol is out in force again.  This time, a theist is trying to tell me that “meaning of language can be accurately discerned simply from the letters used in the word? By knowing letters you know meaning?”  This is in reaction to my stating that the English-language prefix “a-” means […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.23

In a slightly shorter show, we go heavy on Islam with stories about anti-Muslim firearms, the pagan takeover of Catholicism, Ben Carson entirely misunderstanding our secular government, a Muslim boy gets arrested for bringing a clock to school, plus we look at why so many liberal atheists defend Islam.  Time’s a wastin’, go listen!

Bill Cosby & Public Opinion

You know, I really get sick and tired of the constant Bill Cosby news as he’s crucified on talk radio and online discussion forums.  No, I really don’t care if he’s guilty or not, that isn’t the job of the media or the Internet to decide, that’s something that the courts get to argue and […]

That Old Time Libertarian Religion

If there’s anything that doing a YouTube channel has taught me, it’s that libertarians are crazy.  In every comment I get from them, it becomes harder and harder to tell the difference between them and fundamentalist Christians.  There is nothing but blind faith and empty assertions in their ideas and when you point that out, […]

Redoing Election Funding

On a relatively recent podcast, and I have to say relatively recent because even though this is being written as I’m editing the podcast, it won’t post for more than a month, we spoke about changing American elections to eliminate undue influence and money and I said that I supported publically funded elections but I […]

How to Get Those Jobs Back Home

There’s been a discussion over on Google+ about getting American companies to bring jobs back home instead of continuing to ship them overseas.  There have been a lot of ideas thrown around but I still like my idea and since I don’t think I’ve talked about it lately, I decided to do my dog and […]

The Immorality of Catholic Hiding

I said, a little bit ago, that I had encountered a lot of fundamentalist Catholics of late and yes, they’re still at it.  This time, in a discussion about children, someone brought up IVF treatments and one of our resident irrational Catholics declared that IVF was, in the view of the Catholic Church, immoral. Of […]

I Hate Leftist Religion Coddlers

If there’s one thing that pisses me off, more than all of the absurd religious apologists, more than all of the demonstrable harm that religion does, it’s the non-religious, almost entirely-leftist assholes who don’t want anyone to dare criticize the religious because it just might hurt their feelings. Fuck those people. These are the same […]

Did Jesus Really Exist?

This is a very common question, one that has the religious coming down solidly on one side and the non-religious somewhat split on the other.  It seems to be something that you’ll never get everyone to agree on, mostly because the religious have a vested interest in believing that Jesus was real, even if there […]