The Natural Rights Idiots Are Back

I’ve been able to successfully avoid the crazy libertarians for a while, but I stumbled back into the fray, with crazed fanatics demanding that “natural rights” are real and therefore, their imaginary rights are being infringed upon. You know, those rights they can’t actually show are real?  Yeah, those rights. But where do they come […]

Stop Being Black Men

Spike Lee is boycotting the Academy Awards because he’s mad that the awards are not being given away along racial lines. He’s not alone, Jada Pinkett Smith is doing it as well.  I suppose that the Oscars will have to stumble along without them because there’s something they entirely miss.  Maybe, just maybe, the good […]

The Possible and the Actual

I’m sure you’ve heard that old canard, the one that goes “atheists are just as religious as theists because they have faith that gods do not exist!”  Yeah, I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes right now.  Anyhow, I’ve had one theist trying to throw a twist into the whole mess without actually understanding that their […]

Musings on Iran and Hypocrisy

This week, at least this week as I write this, there’s a huge bruhaha going on, especially on the right, about Iran taking custody of 10 U.S. sailors after their ship underwent mechanical problems in Iranian territorial waters.  Of course, Iran immediately said that the sailors were treated well and would be returned promptly, and […]

Name-Calling for the Win!

I think it’s funny how many people think that just calling someone else a name will make whatever point they were making just go away.  I’ll point out that the religious have no justification for their religious beliefs, that they have no evidence for their gods and their supernatural claims disintegrate under even the most […]

Should Trump Apologize?

There has been a fair amount of controversy surrounding Donald Trump. but perhaps no more recently than after a Muslim woman was ejected from a rally for wearing a yellow star reminiscent of the stars Nazis made the Jews wear in Germany. She was not disruptive, but she was there to insult Trump and his […]

Why No Patreon?

I actually get this question a lot, why don’t I have a Patreon account set up so I can beg for money like pretty much everyone else on the Internet does? I’ve gotten it here, I’ve gotten it on my other blog, I get it on my YouTube channel and I’ve even gotten it on the […]

Not How Reality Works

I find it funny, in light of other posts I’ve done recently, how the far right is getting just as bad as the far left.  It used to be, and maybe this is just my perception, that it was mostly the left who had a tenuous grasp on reality, but now I’m seeing it from […]

Lazy People Piss Me Off

I recently ran into someone I used to work with about 7-8 years ago.  He spent almost the entire time we were talking complaining how unfair his work was, that he could never get into management, that he could never move up the ladder, but I already knew why that was.  It wasn’t because he […]

The “Moderate” Side of Islam

A lot of people seem to think that Islam isn’t the cause of a lot of the world’s problems today, but I disagree.  Recently, there was a fight on a local radio show between the host and a Muslim caller who insisted that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are “moderate” and don’t support the extremism […]

Assholes at McDonalds

I don’t know what it is about the local McDonalds, but every single time I swing by there in the morning to grab myself some breakfast, invariably I wind up sitting near some wingnut religious asshole who, in an extremely loud voice that everyone in the place can hear, pontificates to his friend about how […]

Making Excuses for Religion

I always find it absurd how many people out there, religious and atheists alike, will go to extreme lengths to make excuses for religion.  Religion is never the cause of anything.  Religion is never to blame.  Most recently, this has had to do with the San Bernardino terrorist mass shooting as I see people jumping […]

What Happened to the Podcast?

Yeah, I know it was sudden and I wanted to take a minute to discuss what happened to the podcast.  As anyone who has listened of late knows, we’ve missed quite a few shows due to scheduling conflicts, technical difficulties and honestly, just not having the time to devote to the project that it really […]

It’s Resolution Time!

Every single year for the last couple, I’ve tried to put up some kind of New Year’s Resolution, something that I think I can do better in the coming year, particularly when it comes to my blogging and debating. Of course, every time I do, I explain how I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, how […]