Why Do Liberals Fear the Truth?

In a recent discussion about millenials, I was surprised to see how many open liberals came out of the woodwork, proclaiming that all of the safe-space demanding, free-speech denying, trigger-warning demanding progressive nonsense that we see on college campuses across the country doesn’t really exist.  Not at all.  It’s just not real. So I posted […]

Millennials Don’t Value Free Speech

I guess we shouldn’t be at all surprised,  especially in light of the recent posts I’ve done on modern college education and the demands that free speech be squelched, but now it’s official, a recent study has shown that 40% of millennials, people aged 18-34, actually support the government censoring things that they think are […]

Stop the Illiberal Left

It’s really funny to listen to a lot of people on the left who pretend to be for freedom and individuality and free speech, yet in practice, they’re anything but.  Lots of people are coming to that conclusion, even people on the left who realize that so many people on the liberal fringe are not […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.13

Oy Vey! It’s Mass Suicide Time! An orthodox Jewish group hires Mexican migrant workers to hold signs at a gay pride parade, the religious head for the hills to avoid God’s wrath, a liberal professor tells white people to commit mass suicide over slavery and a teacher is fired while teaching about free speech for […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.10

Jesus Says Give Me Your Wallet! After missing a week, we come back with another 90 minutes of religious and political absurdity sure to make any rational person shake their heads.  This week, gays make Christians feel bad.  The Catholic Church is finally being held criminally liable for pedophile priests.  The Supreme Court rules in […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.7

Think Stupid, Think Subway This week, idiot of the week Sierra McCurdy shows why you shouldn’t  be a moron in your work shirt, we take a look at the latest Pew survey on religion that shows a continual decline in religiosity in America, dinosaur faces on chickens, Texas trying to force women to bear dead […]

No Free Speech in Ohio

It’s times like this that I wish I still had time for the podcast, when good time-sensitive stories like this pop up and I’m already working on stories for February.  Ah well, plug it in on an empty day! Just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, Jasen Dixon put up a nativity scene outside of his home. […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #55

It’s a super-short show with Mike playing on the freeway, Cephus steps up to take on stories about creationist opposition to the new Cosmos series, medical miracles, Rafael Cruz not understanding how nature works and Americans losing their right to free speech, complained about by morons speaking freely.  Oh, and why we ought to be […]

Unclear on Free Speech

Anthea Butler wrote a piece in USA Today complaining that the producer of the controversial crappy film Innocence of Muslims should be in jail because he made a film that insults Islam.  Butler, associate professor of religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania, clearly doesn’t understand the First Amendment to the Constitution which allows Bacile […]