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Is a Censorship-Free Internet Registrar Worthwhile?

The newest thing on free-speech social media sites like Gab and Minds is the call for a free speech Internet registrar that cannot be censored, as though this will solve all of the problems that the far left monopolistic giants like Google are causing.

I hold that it will do absolutely nothing because these people have no idea how the Internet actually works.  These people are living in a fantasy world.

The problem is, even if you can get your domain registered, that doesn’t guarantee that anyone will ever know you’re there.  And this all comes from the brouhaha caused with the Daily Stormer and the problem that Gab.ai’s registrar caused for Daily Stormer owner Andrew Anglin.  But the reality is that even if you have a domain registered, the Internet is set up in such a way that the very existence of your web site can be quashed and there’s nothing at all you can do about it.

See, there are these little things called DNS servers, which most major ISPs maintain, but there are plenty of independent ones out there.  They’re the ones that, when you type in website.com, they translate that to the actual IP address that is required to get to your site.  Website.com has no meaning whatsoever to the computers that actually route your web browser request without various DNS servers telling them where the heck website.com actually is.  Even if you have a domain, if whoever owns those servers decides to strip away the actual IP address from them, then your site will forever be unfindable.

Seriously, that’s all the dark web is, a series of servers that are not indexed by normal DNS servers. It isn’t some bizarre magic, it’s just servers that you can’t get to unless you know the technical tricks to do  so.

And if you don’t think that the first thing Google and most other search engines would do if Daily Stormer came back online is remove them from search results, you’re nuts.  Just having a domain name doesn’t mean that anyone will direct traffic to you.  If Google shuts down search results and all of the major DNS servers delist your site, you’re dead in the water, except to those very few who have the technical know-how to get there anyhow.

I’m not saying I agree with this, I’m saying this is the state of reality that we live in any anyone who wants to circumvent that reality has to understand.  Go ahead, create your own free speech DNS servers. Most people neither know how to change their DNS settings in their computers, nor care.  They rely on what their ISP set up for them.  They don’t know any better and have no interest in learning. They aren’t going to go to DuckDuckGo for their search engine when Google produces better results. The only way to change things is to demolish the entire Internet as it currently stands and rebuild it from scratch and I hate to break it to you, but that’s just not going to happen any time soon.

Besides, what do you do about countries like China and Pakistan who have a vested interest in censoring the Internet?  How do you convince them to adopt free-speech regulations when they have no interest in doing so?  It’s like people haven’t thought these things through because when I point out all of the problems, I get no response.  They just want to live in their own little fantasy world that somehow, they’ll be able to get their message out far and wide and nobody will be able to stop them.

Not on this planet buddy.

The PC Don’t Get Political Correctness

Oh look, it’s that fish-wrapper piece of crap, the Guardian again!  What kind of idiotic liberal nonsense does it have for us this time?  Rebecca Carroll tells us that the only reason anyone opposes political correctness is out of fear, mostly fear of the utter correctness that the far left actually has, whether they can prove it or not.  But of course, all of that is entirely untrue, the reason people object to political correctness is because it most often resembles something out of Orwell’s 1984, with the thought police telling people what they can think and what they can do because being able to think outside of their little ideological box simply cannot be allowed.

Of course, this kind of thing comes up a lot and in a recent discussion about the tolerance of the left, the overwhelming majority of the respondents said that the left is incredibly intolerant.  Well, they are tolerant of their own ideological positions, but once you fall outside of it, you’re held up as a heretic and someone to be attacked.  Of course, the leftists all denied it and tried desperately to turn the discussion against the conservatives, but that doesn’t really work.  Just because you can point to another group that is as bad as you are, that doesn’t make you good.  It just makes both of you bad.

But here’s the thing.  I just don’t see conservatives doing the same kind of destructive nonsense that I see liberals doing in the name of their ideology.  Yes, conservatives will criticize liberal ideas.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  It’s called free speech. But what conservatives do not do that liberals do all the time is try to harm people who say things they don’t like. They try to dox them.  They try to get them fired.  They expose them online.  It isn’t enough to have a conversation, they have to try to hurt those who make them feel bad and no matter how you spin that, it is not something that anyone who cares about free speech ought to support.

Then again, the politically correct left doesn’t care about free speech, the progressive wing has gone full authoritarian, wanting the government to control people’s speech and punish anyone who falls outside of their narrow guidelines.  Nobody objects to political correctness out of fear, except maybe the fear that the crazed liberal hordes might come for them in the night, they object to political correctness because it tries to stifle speech and the free exchange of ideas, ideas that the left want to cease to exist at all costs because it violates their emotional comfort zone.  As I say time and time again, something the left never seems to get, nobody has the right not to be offended.  Maybe eventually they’ll work that through their heads but I wouldn’t advise holding your breath.


The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.22

Bitchspot Report New Icon 500x276Because… God!

A Ukrainian Bishop gets away with breaking the law, a woman gets mad at summer at Auschwitz, an author gets banned in New Zealand, a teenager is charged with expoloiting himself, the GOP is at it again with Iran and we talk about overparenting and how it ruins our children’s lives.  Now march yourself right over and get listening.

When is Censorship Not Censorship?

internet-censorshipI’ve seen this going around the web a lot these past few weeks so I thought I’d take a moment to comment on it all because pretty much everyone has been getting it all completely wrong.  Now I don’t want to point fingers but it seems that a lot of people think that they have a right to speak using the forum of any company, or for that matter, individual on the Internet and nobody can tell them no.

They are mistaken.

The only group that cannot censor you is the government and even then it’s not an absolute right.  Try telling state secrets to our enemies, see how long it takes the government to “censor” you.  For anyone who thinks that’s a bad thing, you’re just wrong.

Otherwise though, while you are perfectly free to speak, you do not have a right to force others to provide a platform for your speech.  You can stand on a soap box on the street corner and speak your mind but you cannot force TV stations to carry your screed.  You cannot force newspapers to print your manifesto.  You have a right to free speech, you do not have a right to have your free speech heard, especially on someone else’s dime.

holding_breathYet that’s apparently what a lot of people want.  I don’t want to make this partisan, but I can’t think of a single recent post on this topic that didn’t come from the left and it seems they just don’t understand it and I want to be helpful.  See, when you log onto a service like Google or Facebook, you automatically agree to follow their acceptable use policy.  It’s not something you can opt out of.  It’s not something you can get around.  It’s their house, their rules.  If you don’t like their rules, don’t go there.  Find somewhere else more appropriate for your screed.  Don’t bitch about it, it does no good.  This becomes annoying when people whine endlessly that they ought to have the right to post anything they want to a site, just because it’s popular and has a broad reach and, more often than not, is absolutely free to use.  Waah!  They want to post things that everyone gets to see for free and if they can’t do it, they’re going to hold their breath until they turn blue!

Sorry, cry me a river.

Now if you really want to post your opinions to the Internet, go buy yourself a domain, find someone to host it that doesn’t have rules  against whatever you’ll be writing and then you’re free to post whatever you want to post until the cows come home, at least within reason.  There are some things you can’t post at all.  You can’t post kiddy porn.  You can’t post bomb-making instructions.  You can’t harass people or threaten people.  If that’s what you want to do, stick your head in a blender, you’re an idiot.  You simply cannot expect another company or individual to be required to host your dogma when they are paying the bills.  If you want that freedom, you pay the bills.  Then you can make the rules.

I really don’t get where people think the Internet is a democracy.  It’s not.  It never has been.  It never will be. Like everything else, it is a business. Deal with it.  Just like you can’t walk into Macy’s and start ranting at their customers about whatever topic impinges on your little mind, you can’t walk into the Google+ forums and start preaching about things that you’ve agreed, by your very presence there, not to do.  You have no Constitutional right to post to any forum anywhere online.  You just don’t.

So please get over it.