Racist Liberals can Read Your Mind!

Has this ever happened to you?  You explain to racist liberals that you’re not racist, that you don’t care about a person’s skin color, that you don’t take their race into account in making any decisions about an individual, and they just tell you, flat out, that you do.  Because apparently, they know you better […]

Why Can’t Liberals Stop Being Racist?

You know, I get so sick of this every single day when liberals are continuously racist and sexist and genderist and all the rest of “ists” that they throw around.  The most recent example is the furor over Scarlett Johanssen being cast in the live action Ghost in the Shell movie by idiot liberals who […]

Feminists and TV

You might think this belongs on my other blog where I talk about geeky stuff, but I’ve really started to see this more in light of crazy feminists who only look at TV series in terms of the gender of the people they cast.  This whole thing came up as I was listening to a […]

There is no Male Privilege Pt 2

Last time, I started looking at an article by a transgender male and, let’s be honest, dyed-in-the-wool radical feminist, who claimed that now that he’s seen both sides of the street, men have much more privilege than women.  I already looked at the first 13 claims he made and debunked them all,  but he continues […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #62

This time out, we talk about the latest move in Christian moviemaking, the movies that make them feel persecuted.  We watch Ken Ham’s head explode once again following the latest episode of Cosmos.  Feminists reveal their sexism as they hate male-only schools, but a female-only school?  You have to keep that!  The fallout from the […]

More Outcome vs. Opportunity

There seems to be a lot of this going around, I’ve seen posts go by on blogs and Tumblr, people, almost always liberal males, who are complaining that women don’t make as much money as men.  This seems to be yet another case of the equality of opportunity vs. the equality of outcome that we […]

You Don’t Solve Sexism By Being Sexist

It’s been a while since the ranting radical feminist lunatics at Atheism+ worked to take Justin Vacula down, a move which had him give up his position as co-director of the Secular Coalition of America’s Pennsylvania branch.  Since then, I’ve seen him make moves that could be interpreted as trying to ingratiate himself into the […]

I don’t want to Coexist!

I saw someone on Twitter advocate the bumper sticker to the left and while I will admit it’s a cool design, as I tweeted back to him, “Cute bumper sticker, bad message”. I don’t want to co-exist with religion, any more than I want to co-exist with murderers or child molesters.  All of these are […]

The Flip-Side to Feminism

We all know that the radical feminists are out there and treat men as slime that ought to be subservient to women.  The most extreme talk about the genocide of men once women figure out how to breed without us.  It is absurd to see members of one half of the human species seething with […]

Thinking vs. Reality

It’s been well established that atheism means a lack of belief in god(s) and there’s no automatic assumption that said lack of belief came from well-reasoned or rational means.  It’s also established that, even if you did come to that conclusion rationally, that doesn’t automatically mean that you use reason or intelligence in any of […]

Equality is a Two-Edged Sword

My wife and I did a marathon session of Non-Prophets episodes over the weekend, now that they’ve finally put up the audio podcasts, and in one of the most recent episodes, while talking about the sexism kerfluffle, Matt Dillahunty told a story about a friend’s sister, many years ago, where they had an attraction to […]

Sexism: Dealing with Reality

We’ve been listening to the first podcast from Non-Prophets for the year and they talked pretty extensively on the whole sexism in atheism nonsense. Apparently, there was a Top 5 list out there somewhere and Matt Dillahunty won.  While I certainly think he ought to be high on the list, he does a lot of […]

Battle of the Sexes

I guess I’ve written on this in the past tangentially, but over on Atheist Revolution, he’s handled it a couple of times and I thought that I ought to step in and examine it more in depth.  The question is, why are there more male atheists than female atheists and are female atheists being “abused” […]

Sexism and Doctor Who

I got a book for my wife for her birthday a couple of months back called Chicks Dig Time Lords, a “celebration of Doctor Who by the Women Who Love It”.  It’s a collection of articles by various female fans explaining what it is about Doctor Who that they like.  I was paging through some […]