Confused About Morality

Honestly, I don’t understand why so many people are so stupid.  In a recent discussion, I had a pile of people demanding that morality was objective, yet apparently didn’t understand what the term even meant.  I explained it, using dictionary definitions, and they still kept clinging to their belief that morality had to be objective, […]

The Immorality of Catholic Hiding

I said, a little bit ago, that I had encountered a lot of fundamentalist Catholics of late and yes, they’re still at it.  This time, in a discussion about children, someone brought up IVF treatments and one of our resident irrational Catholics declared that IVF was, in the view of the Catholic Church, immoral. Of […]

The Question of Morality

On the most recent Atheist Experience, relatively speaking, Matt and Tracie had a long, long discussion about morality with a caller in the after-show, following which they kept debating until they were literally thrown out of the studio.  If you want to hear it, you’ll have to go to the UStream because the regular show […]

Most Morality is Wholly Emotional

After the end of the Atheist Experience show I talked about here, I stayed in the chat channel and talked to a couple of people. Things shifted to morality and wow, there are a lot of irrational people about who unfortunately are convinced they are rational.  The discussion was sparked by people talking about claims […]

Clear Immorality Doesn’t Exist

On a recent Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty was talking to a caller, explaining that people can be clearly immoral, holding opinions that Matt and other atheists find reprehensible.  You know, while I agree with Matt on his moral views more often than not, I have to call bullshit once again and explain that there is […]

The Objectively Dictionary Challenged

I find myself walking away from more and more debates because the people involved are just damn stupid.  Nowhere is this better illustrated than a recent “debate” where a guy claimed that morality is objective.  This isn’t a new debate by any means and this guy isn’t playing the religious angle, in fact, I’d argue […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #60

This week on the Bitchspot Report Podcast, fundamentalists want to declare war on the United States unless God stops them, the Discovery Institute reveals it’s hypocrisy yet again, the Vatican rejects a lost Gospel out of hand because it disagrees with their teachings, Pastafarians become an official religion in Poland and we talk about having […]

Morality and the Is/Ought Problem

A long time ago, philosopher David Hume recognized that there was a fundamental difference between writers who argued about what ought to be instead of what actually is.  He found that there was a significant problem with trying to make descriptive statements (what is) out of prescriptive statements (what ought to be).  This problem became […]

The Inherent Moral Quandry

Over on Atheist Revolution, vjack wrote a post on morality and we got into some debate there, with myself playing the devil’s advocate, over why morality is inherently subjective.  I really don’t understand why so many atheists have such a problem with this, it seems quite obvious to me. So what is objective morality?  It […]

Morality is Still Not Objective

Philosopher Dan Fincke, on a recent Atheist Experience show, says that atheists ought to accept that morality is objective, just to attract theists.  He says that there are “best” moral values.  Says who?  He’s taking his own personal opinions about morality and imposing it as a “best practice”, yet there are lots of people that […]

I Get so Tired of Explaining the Word Objective

ob·jec·tive /əbˈjektiv/ Adjective (of a person or their judgment) Not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts. I must say, I get really, really tired of explaining the meaning of this word to people because it gets tossed around all the time, clearly without any understanding of it’s proper usage.  Today, […]

More on Morality

I know I feel like I’ve done this topic to death, but on Sunday’s Atheist Experience, a theist called in and asked how we can have objective morality without God.  Now I know the answer to this is simple, there is no objective morality, it’s a complete non-issue, but Matt Dillahunty came back with his […]


Excellent little video about the difference between objective and subjective morality and why objective morality is so indefensible.  Oh no… LOOK OUT!  ARRRRRRGGGHH!