Fastest Way to Shut Christians Up

At least with regards to the existence of Jesus, I always point out that we simply have no objective evidence whatsoever that Jesus ever actually lived.  We have no forensic evidence, we have no contemporary eyewitness accounts, everything we have is myth and hearsay.  Christians don’t like that. Often, they will claim that if we […]

No Evidence For Jesus

I know I just wrote an article about this, but this happens to be an ongoing debate and I find it absolutely hysterical how it’s going down.  I argued that we don’t have any actual evidence for the existence of Jesus and watched the Christians come out of the woodwork screaming that there was. Oh […]

Historical Jesus?

Did Jesus exist?  Which Jesus?  The Biblical magical god-man that did miracles and rose from the dead?  No, absolutely not. Some itinerant preacher that wandered around Jerusalem, upon whom the robes of divinity were posthumously draped?  Maybe.  We have no objective evidence to support it but I’d certainly be open to that possibility.  But who […]

More Bad Reasons to Believe in Jesus

Every now and then I’ll find someone’s top 10 or top 20 list of reasons to take some absurd proposition seriously and discredit them.  Usually I don’t go looking, they just fall in my lap, as this one did, and the reasons are every bit as ridiculous as most of the rest I’ve taken a […]

Join the GameChurch!

We just got back from Wondercon and usually, there’s some religious comic book group there, although I never see anyone ever stopping at their booth.  This year, we get Christian gamers and a group called GameChurch.  They had out a little book called “Jesus, For The Win!”, a book, as they describe it, “about a […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #76

It’s another all news show!  This week, a Tampa church cancels a gay man’s funeral at the last second.  Ken Ham hates Atheist TV.  An Oklahoma church allows a known registered sex offender to play with their children.  A Texas court rules against homeschoolers who stopped teaching their kids because Jesus is coming back.  Archie […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #72

It’s another all-news show, we spend a lot of time wondering why the religious are so credulous.  A new study shows that children from religious homes have a problem telling fact from fantasy, a Republican candidate is convinced sperm enzymes cause AIDS, Tony Perkins thinks Obama is about to put all Christians in jail, a […]

Historical vs. Biblical Jesus

Christian apologists love to play a bait and switch game.  They will argue that lots of secular historians accept at least the possibility of a real Jesus in the historical record, therefore, the Jesus in the Bible must be real! Nothing could be further from the truth. Now sure, there are plenty of secular historians […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #58

This time out, it’s churches and what they do wrong, starting with cocaine, condoms and the Vatican, kidnapping kids for Jesus, what happens when you pray too hard and Catholic bishops and their million dollar houses.  Then we take a look at 5 atheists that supposedly ruin it for the rest of us, but don’t […]

Blasphemous Halloween

In the distant past, I used to really love Halloween, it was my favorite holiday, even when I was a Christian.  I spent my childhood building elaborate haunted houses in my parent’s garage and driveway and I’d have 500+ people go through it, free of charge, on All Hallow’s Eve.  I did this for many, […]

Tautology Anyone?

I’m sure they didn’t intend it this way, but come on, it’s so bloody obvious.  Granted, I can see why someone might want to know about Jesus and not be a complete idiot, just as one might want to know about other quasi-historical or mythological figures.  Researching mythic personages might be interesting, although honestly, it […]