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The Dumb, It Burns!

Every time I start to think that social media is at all worthwhile, something like this happens.  So I’m hanging out over on Gab.ai, which is sort of a free-speech Twitter replacement of sorts.  I knew that the far-right crazies were there, just like they are over on Minds, but I hadn’t run into any of them, mostly because I hadn’t spent any considerable time on Gab.ai.

Boy am I regretting it now.

So anyhow, this asshole makes a post saying that we ought to declare George Soros a terrorist sympathizer and therefore, we ought to confiscate all of his money and his companies and presumably throw him in jail for the rest of eternity and all that crazy crap.  And I simply posted that the whole idea behind that is so utterly reprehensible, no matter how much I hate George Soros, that everything about that sentiment was not only absurdly authoritarian, but ridiculously illegal.

And of course, the alt-right children came out of their echo chamber to challenge me.  It is amazing how damn stupid these people are.  They say that they can just change the law so they can steal all of Soros’ money.  First off, that’s unconstitutional, but secondly, laws are not retroactive.  Well sure they can be!  Oppressive regimes have been passing laws and retroactively stealing things forever!  We should too!

It was right about then that I gave up, these were either trolls or complete morons and so I walked away and they chased after me for a good hour, sending every insult they could think of my way, trying to get me to jump back into the fray.  I refrained.

But the more I look around the site, the more I see crap like this.  Crap that is clearly either intended to piss people off or to display the utter ignorance and stupidity of the people posting it.  This has become the norm for online social media these days and frankly, I want no part of it.  As I’ve said before, where do the normal people hang out?  The people who have a clue in their heads and some idea what logic, reason and critical thinking are?  Because those are the only people I want to be around anymore.  I’m tired of the rest.

I’m all for free speech, even speech that I find reprehensible, but why do people waste their free speech on utter stupidity?  I am at a complete loss.  What the hell is wrong with people?

Social Media is Strange

I know I recently wrote a post on how much I hate social media, but right after that, someone over on my YouTube channel asked me if I was a member of the “conservative atheist” group on Facebook.  Well, I had no idea such a thing existed.  I was the second member of the “conservative atheist” group on Google+ and even though it’s grown in membership some, I doubt anyone has ever posted more than one or two comments to it that I am aware of.  But she said there were hundreds of conservative atheists over on Facebook so I figured I should take a look.

And frankly, I’ve forgotten how to use Facebook, or more likely, Facebook has changed so much while I’ve been away that it’s no longer the software I used to know.  But while I was there, I realized that none of my posts have been going to Facebook in the past 8 or so months.  I had no idea.  Apparently there was some change to WordPress or Facebook a while ago and instead of needing a plugin to auto-post, you just needed to set something up internally.  I’ve now done that so we’ll see if my material goes back to being auto-published again.

Thereafter thought, I went to Tumblr and Twitter to see if they were still receiving posts.  I figured Twitter was because, for some weird reason, I keep getting more and more people following me there, even though I haven’t actually logged on in several years.  In fact, people were still mentioning me over there, which shocks me to no end.  Why would you keep referencing someone, and not just responding to auto-posts, but actually sending messages to me, when I haven’t responded in years?  I don’t get it.

Further, while I was poking around these platforms, I was actually surprised how long I’ve had accounts. Twitter, for instance, is an account from 2012, although I did delete my account once and probably got my original closer to 2009.  Facebook was the biggest surprise as my main account there is from December 2004.  That’s 11 months after the stupid thing started.  That’s pretty much when the blog went online so I guess I was there from the start.  I still don’t use it much though.  And Tumblr? Who knows, I couldn’t find a start date after poking around for a couple of minutes, but probably around 2010 or so if I had to guess.

I did reinstall my Twitter client and posted a couple of things today, although honestly, I don’t know how long I’ll stick around.  As always, the majority of it is shit.  It’s a bunch of whining about Trump and theist spam.  I think the biggest thing I object to is that it’s mostly mindless memes, especially if you’re watching a hashtag, which I usually do.  I checked out #atheism and 99% of what goes by is just memes. There are no conversations going on, it’s just people sending pithy pictures out into the ether.  And nobody is paying the slightest bit of attention, it’s seemingly all automated.  I tried responding to a couple of them and never got any response whatsoever.  So what’s the point of Twitter again?  To watch endless spam?  I think not.

So maybe, one of these days, I’ll get around to that conservative atheist group on Facebook, once I figure out how everything works again.  Maybe.  It might be nice to see some sane people for a change. I’m terribly tired of the other kind.

The Young Don’t Understand Rights

You have to remember that Minds prides itself on no censorship, making it the de-facto home of disaffected young people who think the world owes them a living.  There are lots of people who have been banned or censored by Twitter or Facebook who flocked to Minds because they can say anything they want, I assume within reason, and nobody will boot them off.  At least that’s the plan, we’ll have to see how things work out in practice in the long term.

But these people honestly have no clue how rights actually work. They think that because they have freedom of speech, they have freedom to speak anywhere and everywhere, even on private networks, without the risk of censorship and when I tell them that’s not the case, they freak out.

I’m sorry to have to break it to you special snowflakes, but your right to free speech doesn’t exist when you’re trying to do it on someone else’s lawn.  If they own the venue, they make the rules and your only option is to follow the rules or go somewhere else.  Nobody says you have to agree with the rules, nobody says you have to like the rules, you only have to follow them or suffer the consequences.

And these people don’t get that at all.  These are the same people whining that Milo lost his account on Twitter or PewDiePie got dinged on YouTube.  Do I think these things should have happened?  No.  Was it completely in the prerogative of the companies running those services to do it?  Absolutely.  And all the screaming of censorship and gnashing of teeth won’t change that.  Your right to free speech ends where you try to voice it on someone else’s property.  If you want to stand on a street corner and rant, that’s fine.  Free speech only refers to the government’s inability to shut you up.  It doesn’t apply anywhere else. Welcome to the real world.

Of course, it gets worse because when you explain that to them, they will argue that because Twitter and Facebook are so widespread, that they deserve to lose their rights as private companies because they have undue influence.  Except that undue influence comes because consumers choose it, not because they have any kind of unfair advantage.  They simply have popular services.  People choose to use them. They don’t stop potential competition, anyone can start another social media service and try to win those users to their side.  And the second you say that, you lose these crazies completely.  They refuse to talk to you.  They just don’t understand that individual choice and market competition is not the same as government censorship.  So they want to force their own form of censorship on private industry because they’re not getting the results they want.  It’s just their own form of control while screaming that control they don’t like is evil.

And you wonder why these people are so clueless?

Social Media Sucks

I think everyone knows how much I detest social media.  I’ve tried a lot of it and I’ve walked away from all of it.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook or Google+, I find all of it to be totally useless for what I actually want social media to be about.

What might that be, you ask?  I’ll tell you.  I don’t want to follow people.  I want to follow ideas.  I want to follow topics.  I’d really rather see social media be more like the old Usenet, where you joined a newsgroup and everyone was talking about something that interested you.

But that’s not the model that virtually every social media platform uses.  They are all focused on people.  Be a celebrity!  Get tons of followers!  Feel like you’re special!  But I don’t want to feel special.  I want to debate.  I want to discuss.  I want to have conversations with people on the subjects that interest me.  Yes, there are ways you can sort of do that on social media, you can follow hashtags on Twitter, you can join groups on Facebook or Google+, but those things are an afterthought, not the focus of the software.  That just isn’t what I want to do.

And that’s why I’ve always gravitated toward forums, because it’s a bunch of people talking about the same thing instead of a bunch of people dancing around trying to get followers.  If I care what you say, I’ll follow.  If not, I won’t, but I don’t give a damn if anyone follows me, I’m not out there for ego, I’m out there to hold in-depth conversations on subjects I enjoy debating.  That’s it.  It doesn’t matter to me how many people I have following me around.  I care how many people are willing to engage in a rational discussion and unfortunately, that’s very few.

So I gave up on Twitter and Tumblr, even though all of my blog posts and YouTube videos auto-post to them.  I haven’t opened up either site in over a year and probably never will again.  This is especially true because both sides, along with Facebook and others, have gotten very censorship-heavy.  If you say something they don’t like, and this is very political in nature, they boot you off.  It isn’t about following the rules, it’s about adhering to ideologies and when these typically far-left websites don’t like something you say, you get banned.  Well, okay, it’s your site, you make the rules, but I can also refuse to use your site and get you ad revenue.  I can speak out against your site and say why I don’t use it and don’t recommend anyone else does either.

That’s when someone pointed out a new social media site called Minds, where apparently, none of that happens.  Oh sure, it’s still the same old “follow people around” nonsense, but at least when you say something, you don’t have to worry about leftists screaming that you need to be banned and the site doing what they say, at least from what I’ve heard.  So I just started an account there, just to see if it’s any different.  I have my doubts, but if you want to follow along, my page is here.  I honestly can’t say how much I’ll use it, we’ll have to see, but while it doesn’t solve my biggest problem with social media, it does solve a minor one.  So let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

I’d still like a site where following people isn’t done though.  Anyone want to get on that?

What Happened to Atheist Blogs?

I really haven’t had much of a chance to read blogs lately, but I went back through a bunch of blogs that I used to keep up on, only to find that the vast majority have either entirely stopped publishing, or haven’t published a new entry in more than 30 days.

What the hell happened?

I know that a lot of atheist bloggers have given up the ghost, or at the very least reduced content dramatically, over the past year.  Even I have decided to scale back how much I post, from a hard 4x a week to whenever I feel like writing something, which has averaged 2-3x per week.  And considering I also post twice a week on my YouTube channel, I’m probably producing as much or more content today than I ever was before.

That still doesn’t answer where all of the atheist bloggers have gone.  Did they burn out?  Did they simply move to other social media outlets?  I really don’t know.  A lot of the bloggers who actually explained what happened have said they’ve said what they wanted to say and are tired of repeating the same old things over and over.  I can certainly agree with that, after almost 11 years of blogging, I have covered just about every topic I can, and even when I think I have a new idea, I find that others have already gone over it exhaustively.  There are no new ideas in the world, to paraphrase Mark Twain.  This is especially true when it comes to religion because there are no new ideas in religion either.  It’s the same old tired empty claims, made without evidence, logic or reason, held emotionally, not intellectually. How many times can you point out the flaws in these arguments before you just get tired of trying?

But still, out of a dozen blogs I used to follow, only 2 still publish with any regularity.  5 are simply gone. None of the rest have published a new post since at least September, I have no idea if they ever will again.  Did something huge happen while I wasn’t looking that caused them all to implode, or is it just my bad luck to be following people who, for whatever reason, just don’t want to do this anymore?

It’s an interesting question.  It would be nice to find an interesting answer.

Why I Still Don’t Like Facebook

FACEBOOK-sucksIt’s no secret that I don’t care for Facebook, for the longest time I refused to have an account and even after I got one, I realized almost immediately that it wasn’t for me. It’s not just the people, although come on, a lot of people on Facebook are stupid, to the point that a lot of joke memes out there are made about Facebook users, but that’s really not the point.  My use of Facebook is limited to auto-posting blog articles, pretty much the same as my usage of Twitter.  It’s just not for me.

So anyhow, recently I had someone who follows me on Facebook send me a message asking why I didn’t put up more Facebook-only content and, in general, why I don’t spend any time there.  So here’s my quick answer because if one person asks, there are almost certainly others who are curious.

I’m an old-school kind of guy.  I started online with the dial-up BBSes, when live chat was impossible and people accessed a BBS one person at a time.  All of them had forums, where people would post threads and we’d have a serial conversation, you’d make a post, someone else would respond, a third person would respond and so on.  And when the Internet came around, back before the web, there was Usenet, which operated exactly the same way, with hundreds of newsgroups with thousands of threads all talking a single post at a time.  It’s what I’m used to and really, what I want.  All of the online forums I participate in do exactly the same thing, so does Google+ which is why I use it, although they could certainly be a lot better.  Things like Twitter is just a bunch of people throwing shit at each other and you only see it if you’re following someone that is throwing some of the shit, unless you’re following a particular hashtag, but even there, it’s not organized, it’s just a billion monkeys banging on a billion keyboards.  I haven’t got a clue who I’m even following on Twitter anymore because I haven’t even looked there for a year or so and may never do so again.  Honestly, Tumblr is the same thing, just with pictures of shit being thrown around.  I pay virtually no attention to Tumblr either.

Facebook is the same way.  It’s made up of pages that you have to follow and then, consume the content of the individual writing the page.  There isn’t a big collaborative roundtable discussion, it’s all one-way, from the page-owner down.  Yes, that’s how things go with blogs too, it’s all top-down, people go to the page specifically to read what one person has to say and there are few conversations that ever start that way.  To be perfectly honest, and I went and looked it up so I had the numbers right, there are only four blogs I read every day, along with another nine that I might check once or twice a week.  To be on my daily list, you have to consistently produce content I want to read and not a lot of people do that.  To those four people, who I won’t name, good job.

But anyhow, back to Facebook, because Facebook has no communities like Google+ does, only pages, I really find no reason to pay attention to it.  I want to be talked to, not talked at.  I want to be part of the action, not part of the audience.  I watch enough passive television, I want my Internet to be active.  That’s not insulting people who just want to consume content and read things, I want to participate.  It’s what I’ve always done, it’s want I want to always do.  So long as Facebook doesn’t provide that kind of active experience, I’m never going to pay much, if any attention to it.  Apologies if that bothers anyone but Facebook just isn’t my thing.

Questions About Facebook

facebook_like_logo_1I know I wrote a while back that I was thinking about simply deleting my Facebook presence, I’ve never done anything about it, mostly because I find very little about it that’s useful.  I find the format of Facebook relatively useless for intelligent discussion, which is what I really care about.  It’s more built for the short-attention-span crowd, not for holding an ongoing, rational conversation.

Over the weekend, I decided to spend a little time cleaning up my social media presence.  I went to Facebook and deleted the page for The Bitchspot Report.  I did it because, silly me, I had never published it anyhow, nobody had ever seen it, nobody had ever posted there and now that it’s officially dead, it seems silly to have a Facebook presence for a defunct podcast.  I need to do the same thing for the Google+ page.  I also fought Tumblr while trying to set up a Tumblr page for my Cephus’ Corner blog, you can’t actually do anything until you verify your e-mail and they simply refused to send out the confirmation e-mail.  I’ve read that this is a common problem, I just kept changing e-mail addresses until one of them got that confirmation, then changed it back to the e-mail address I wanted to use.  Fuck Tumblr.

So after wrestling with Tumblr, I swung by Facebook for the first time in months and just looked at the mess that is my Bitchspot Blog “community” and was at the point of looking up the instructions for deleting it all, when I ended up talking to a friend who actually advocates Facebook.  We talked for a while, he told me that it can be useful if I just take the time to optimize it, but there were some requirements that I have and he had no idea how to do it.  I ran over to a Facebook forum to ask some questions and was met by a lot of rude, obnoxious idiots.  See, my primary issue here is that I want my Bitchspot activities and my Cephus’ Corner activities to be completely and totally separate from my “real life” activities.  Facebook requires that you sign up with your real name.  You can create pages for other things, as I’ve done with Bitchspot and Cephus’ Corner and previously the Bitchspot Report, but if I try to friend anyone or follow anyone, it’s my real name that does the friending or following, not “Bitchspot” or “Cephus” or whatever.  This is a game breaker.  If I have to use my real name for any of this, if my real name is attached to any of this at all, I’m done.  There is no discussion here.  My way or the highway. The idiots at the forum were unbelievably rude, they said “hey, you use your real name or fuck off”.  Yeah, forget that.

So my first question that needs an answer before I go any further, can I actually use Facebook with a pseudonym or not? I can do that with Google+, I can join communities with my various pages, I can jump into Google Hangouts with my page names, my real name never comes into it at all.  If I cannot do that with Facebook, then Facebook goes away, no further questions necessary.  I tried to do it once, to follow someone from my Bitchspot Blog page and it immediately defaulted to my real name. I can find no instructions online how to do it otherwise.

Secondly, and I suppose I’ve asked this in the past but have never gotten a good answer, does Facebook actually give you anything unique that you can’t get without it?  As I’ve said before, the lion’s share of my online effort has been and will continue to be my blogs.  I am going to write new content almost exclusively right here on this blog.  I have neither the time nor the interest to write new content for Facebook and Google+ and Tumblr and Twitter and all of that, my real purpose is to funnel people from these other forums back here to my blog.  Everything I write here gets automatically posted to Facebook and Google+ and Tumblr and Twitter.  It just spreads the content outward, I don’t want to make more work for myself with the expectation that I’m going to go to each of these different social media sites and do extra things there.  So what is it that I’m getting from having a page of my blog postings on Facebook (or Google+ or Tumblr or Twitter for that matter)?  Sorry, I just don’t see it.

I’m sure there are other questions that I’ll come up with, but these two are the most important right now. It feels like I’ve been throwing crap at a fan and seeing where it splatters.  I have limited time and want to put my effort into things that are actually useful and so far, I’ve really been half-assing things across the Internet and I’m really tired of that.  If it isn’t really useful, I’d rather just get rid of it and focus my attention here.

Thanks for your help!

Facebook is Bugging Me

FACEBOOK sucksI hate Facebook, I have never seen a point to it, I’ve never thought it was at all useful, it doesn’t facilitate intelligent conversations and I fought having an account for a long, long, long time.  In fact, for as long as I’ve had an account, plus a page for all of my various and sundry blogs and podcasts, I don’t think I’ve done more than use it as a dumping ground for blog posts and the like.  I simply have no time and no interest in going over there and friending people and liking pages.  My time is so limited these days that my entire online presences consists of an hour in the morning hitting a few forums and blogs before being off to work.  I’ve almost entirely stopped posting on my other blog and here would be the same if I weren’t well over a month ahead in posts.  My free time has completely vanished and Facebook is about as far down the list of things I have any interest in doing as you can get.

But that doesn’t stop Facebook from e-mailing me an endless amount of spam saying “Come back to Facebook!”  Well, that’s not quite accurate, they’re not asking me to come back, they’re assuming that I’m coming back and have just lost my way.  They expect me to be falling all over myself to be on Facebook. They send me an endless array of suggestions for getting back into Facebook that I find positively annoying and even though I’ve tried to turn these stupid spam e-mails off, they keep on coming.

In fact, it reminds me of their ham-fisted attempts to find me “friends” in the first place.  When I first set up my account, it kept giving me suggestions for people I might know.  The overwhelming majority of them, I had no clue about, I have no idea why they might have thought I’d have ever seen these people before, I’m sure it comes from some shared interest or something, but they were almost all complete strangers.  The ones remaining were people that I had once been acquainted with but now wanted nothing to do with.  If I wanted these people on my friend list, I would have friended them on my own.  I don’t need Facebook’s help.  I’m not a pathetic loser who needs some online service to keep track of people I want to be friends with.  If I lost contact with someone from my past, it’s because I wanted to.  I’m not stupid or forgetful, I actually know what I’m doing.

So I’ve been thinking that maybe I ought to just delete my Facebook account and all of the associated pages because I don’t think they’re useful at all and I’m pretty sure I will never use them again.  Even if I was just sitting around doing nothing in front of a computer every day for the rest of my life, I’m still not going to use Facebook.  It’ll get them to stop bothering me and since I hate clutter on my desktop, that will get rid of one more useless icon in my browser.

While I’m at it, I ought to just delete my various Twitter accounts too.  I haven’t had a Twitter client open for a couple of months, I just dump blog posts there as advertising but I have no interest in debating Twidiots in 140 character chunks. They’re another one who keeps spamming my e-mail with “do you know…” nonsense.  If I knew them, I’d be following them.  In fact, some of them I am following on another account.  Again, it won’t stop sending me crap no matter how many times I tell it to.  Maybe deleting the account is my best option.

So if you see my Facebook and Twitter accounts just go away one day, you’ll know why.  I haven’t had a chance to go through the long and involved process that Facebook requires to actually delete an account, Twitter is more a matter of laziness on my part, but once I get time, this option is looking more and more favorable all the time.

What Social Media Ought To Be

What if you don’t want any of this?

I’ve talked about this in the past and I know that I am not the target audience for social media, but there simply are no social media sites out there that do what I want them to do.  Social media is, almost by definition, shallow.  It’s meant to appeal to the short-attention-span crowd.  It is designed to transmit short, stupid messages, memes and other incoherent nonsense.  It’s hollow, trivial expressionism, like waving to your neighbor, except to a much wider audience that has as little interest in getting to know you as you do getting to know them.  I weep for this generation.

I don’t want any of that.

What I want is the ability to have a conversation.  I want to be able to debate in great detail.  None of the current social media allows this.

What I’d have to see in a site to make it worthwhile:

  1. Threaded conversations that allow you to easily follow the action
  2. A WYSIWYG editor, complete with the ability to extensively quote, add pictures and graphs, etc.
  3. Intelligent, rational people to debate with.

Yeah, that last one is the hardest to find, I know, but what’s the point of debating over and over with idiots?  That’s why I’ve stopped debating in any real fashion over the last couple of months because finding someone worth debating is even harder than finding somewhere that you can actually debate them.

Honestly, while I’m convinced that forums are the best of the bad options, even most forum software fails in most regards.  A lot of it doesn’t even allow you to quote the message that you’re responding to!  Of all of the forum software that I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot, the only one that remotely impresses me is the most recent version of vBulletin, most specifically v4.2.1, with a lot of add-ons.  It’s spiffy.  It tells you if someone has responded to one of your posts and takes you right to it, it allows multi-quoting, it allows numerous pictures, etc. It doesn’t guarantee that there’s anyone worth debating with though.

Now I’m sure scientists and other rational thinkers use the Internet and I’m sure they have intellectual discussions online.  Presumably a lot of it is through e-mail, at least that’s what I’d do, but there has to be somewhere that they can gather collectively to have interesting discussions. Where is that place?  I’m sure it’s got to be a private network to keep the riff-raff out and that’s a bit depressing as well.

I don’t know.  Just thinking about this makes me weep for humanity.

The Absurdity of Social Media

social-mediaIt’s funny but the more I look at social media and the more I partake in social media, the less impressed I am with it all.

Take Twitter, for example.  Of what use is Twitter?  All I see is people throwing insults, retweeting endless memes, tons of pictures with famous quotes but nothing else, etc.  What is the point of it all?  What does it accomplish?  Over this past weekend when I was listening to a podcast, I sat down and watched Twitter for a while and it was just appalling.  There’s nothing useful going on.  There was one point when the same meme was retweeted more than a dozen times in a row.  It’s short attention span theater!

I’m not trying to insult people, but honestly, I don’t see Twitter attracting the best and brightest people.  The majority of them seem to be, well, idiots.  That may very well be because of the way I use  Twitter, I don’t invade other people’s hashtags and make fun of their religions, I sit and wait for something intelligent to be posted to #atheism or #atheist or retweeted by one of the very few people I follow.  Maybe there’s a secret that smart Twitter users know, other than simply avoiding Twitter altogether, but I haven’t found it yet.

Then there’s Facebook and Google+.  Of the two, I like Google+ better, but none of these services are set up to allow intellectual discussions to occur.  They’re not threaded, it’s just an endless string of comments and following one particular conversation is next to impossible, especially when a couple of  discussions are going on at the same time.  You have to try to follow the links, when people actually use them, and it ends up being a pointless waste of time.

Plus the fact that there are so many different groups on both Facebook and Google+ that the message gets diluted.  I know that on Google+, I’m a member of 3 atheist groups, 2 skeptical groups, an atheist blogger group, several atheist podcasting groups and even though some of those groups have tens of thousands of members, very little is actually going on in the group.  Lurkers outnumber posters 1000-to-1 most of the time and of the content that actually does get posted, there is a very low signal to noise ratio.  It’s like watching 8 year olds post fart jokes.

I’ve written before about how pointless I find StumbleUpon and Reddit.  Their members are just content locusts, they swarm over linked websites, read the first dozen words and then move on.  This does nothing whatsoever for gaining large numbers of intelligent, dedicated, committed readers for a blog, it just gives a momentary blip on the radar as they descend on an article and then fly off to the next one.  I don’t find anything valuable in their community either, every time I’ve gone to read any of the subreddits, they’ve been filled with rude, stupid and obnoxious people and, of course, they’re not designed to facilitate intellectual long-term discussion or debate either.

So am I out of luck?  My New Year’s Resolution this year was to know when to get out of pointless debates. Originally it was aimed at religion, but I’ve taken all debates to task and so far, I haven’t engaged in any good debates this year.

I even went back to the IRC channel that I helped to found many years ago.  Sure, it was chaotic, but at least there were some good discussions to be had.  Apparently, that’s not even a thing anymore because in the hour or two that I sat and watched, people were making fart jokes and banning any theist that came into the channel because they might have to talk about religion or atheism!  Isn’t that what a channel named “#Atheism” is supposed to be about?  That’s why I left originally, because people in the #atheism channel didn’t want to talk about atheism, they wanted to talk about anything but, post memes and generally do what Twitter has turned into.

So where do the intelligent atheists go?  It can’t be to any of these social media sites, they feel like they appeal to the lowest conceivable common denominator.  Where do the intelligent theists go?  Semi-intelligent theists? People who have two brain cells to rub together?  I can’t find any of them.