Social Media is Strange

I know I recently wrote a post on how much I hate social media, but right after that, someone over on my YouTube channel asked me if I was a member of the “conservative atheist” group on Facebook.  Well, I had no idea such a thing existed.  I was the second member of the “conservative […]

Questions About Facebook

I know I wrote a while back that I was thinking about simply deleting my Facebook presence, I’ve never done anything about it, mostly because I find very little about it that’s useful.  I find the format of Facebook relatively useless for intelligent discussion, which is what I really care about.  It’s more built for […]

Facebook is Bugging Me

I hate Facebook, I have never seen a point to it, I’ve never thought it was at all useful, it doesn’t facilitate intelligent conversations and I fought having an account for a long, long, long time.  In fact, for as long as I’ve had an account, plus a page for all of my various and sundry […]

The Absurdity of Social Media

It’s funny but the more I look at social media and the more I partake in social media, the less impressed I am with it all. Take Twitter, for example.  Of what use is Twitter?  All I see is people throwing insults, retweeting endless memes, tons of pictures with famous quotes but nothing else, etc. […]

Who Has Time?

Got another e-mail today asking me how they could follow me on Twitter.  I had to explain that I don’t do Twitter, nor do I have a Facebook page, nor Google+, nor do I do any other form of social media. Seriously, who has time for all of that?  I barely have time to put […]


It’s been in the news lately and I’ve seen all kinds of questions about it on the forums.  Is it possible that Facebook could be the downfall of Western Civilization?  After all, your employers could ask you for your Facebook name and password and they could find out all kinds of awful dirt on you! […]

Social Networking Sucks

I just had someone ask to follow me on Twitter and was amazed to hear that I didn’t use it.  I also don’t use Facebook or any of the other newfangled social networking sites.  Why?  Because they all suck.  I have no interest in what they’re peddling. I tried the “Great Twitter Experiment” for about […]