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Horror Show Sunday: Biblical Counseling

So long as we’re talking about church and sexual assault, I would be remiss from pointing out yet another example where sexual assault happens, everyone in a church knows it happens, yet it goes unreported to the police, even by the parents.

In Thornton, Colorado, assistant pastor Robert “Bob” Wyatt, pastor at the Agape Bible Church, was having an illegal sexual relationship with a 12 year old girl.  Now that’s bad enough on it’s own, but as long time readers of Horror Show Sunday know, it’s nothing at all uncommon.

But what is more shocking is that both the church and the parents knew it was happening and they all agreed not to go to the authorities for fear of what would happen to the pastor.  “Ultimately, Darrell [the head pastor] and [the girl’s parents] agreed to not report the sexual assault to the police or social services because they were concerned with what would happen to Bob,” court documents show.  This case would have gone unreported forever had a congregation member not stepped forward and gone to police after it became painfully obvious that there was no concern for what was going on with the child.

As bad as this is, it keeps getting worse as the father of the girl refused to let police talk to her because he “felt biblical counseling they would receive through the church was sufficient.”  Police trying to interview her said the father “was refusing to do anything to help her and was keeping her around the person who violated her” and he “made it clear his interest was in protecting the church and its reputation more than protecting his daughter.”

Can we really be surprised at any of this, given the absolute insanity that religious adherence spontaneously generates?  Luckily, Bob has been tried and convicted and sentenced to 13 years in prison for repeatedly molesting an innocent child,  but religion still sold the victim down the river when people decided that their religious comfort meant more to them than her rights or even her life.

But honestly, what else is new?

More Abject Liberal Stupidity

I can’t possibly make this stuff up.  So anyhow, there’s a discussion going on about Trump supporting women and of course, the liberals are all up in arms because Trump is literally Hitler or some crazy crap like that.  So one of these special little snowflakes pops up and says “If he really did he would support equal pay for equal work for women.”

So, facepalming all the way, I posted “It already exists and has for more than 50 years. Have you honestly never heard of the 1963 Equal Pay Act?”  And she comes back with:

I just about fell out of my chair.  Here’s this special feminist snowflake who has never even heard of the 1963 Equal Pay Act.  Well of course not, she’s completely ignorant of history and reality, she only pays attention to the feminist echo chamber, where other ignorant snowflakes know no more about anything than she does.

But this is really typical of the childish regressive left.  They have no clue what’s actually going on in the world, they refuse to venture outside of their Tumblr and Twitter safe spaces and picking up a history book to find out what’s actually happened in the past?  Heresy!  Why bother when they can just rail on about all of the crazy things their side has to say! And you wonder why I rarely manage to have productive conversations with these people, because they’re incapable of understanding anything that doesn’t come from women’s studies courses or feminist authors.

And they don’t care either!  This conversation continued for a couple of exchanges and she refused to admit she was wrong. Because all of those feminist “scholars” couldn’t have been lying to her all this time, no!  That’s impossible!  Therefore, history has to be wrong!  The data has to be wrong!  Reality has to be wrong!  There’s no other explanation.  And then she just stopped responding because things weren’t going her way.

But you know, what else is new?

Horror Show Sunday: Bathroom Abuse

The common sense exemption that we give to religion works even when the criminal isn’t part of the priesthood, as we see in this story.

Mark Richard, a 31-year old church usher at Messiah Missionary Baptist Church, has been arrested and is being held on $100,000 bond, for molesting a 7-year old child that he took to the bathroom for parents.  Of course, this is not the first time, just a year prior he was arrested for sexually assaulting a 2-year old boy in the same way.  No charges were filed in the first case.

“It’s just hurtful to know that I couldn’t get justice for my son, and he has to live with this situation,” said the mother of the first boy.  It continues to baffle me why parents would hand over their young children to random strangers during a church service, thinking that because they’re in a church, these people can be trusted.  You would never do that in a restaurant, if your child wanted to go to the bathroom and some kindly stranger, or even a waiter, offered to take them.  So why does religion get such a pass in society, especially when it’s painfully obvious that it doesn’t deserve it?

With all of the cases where the clergy and those serving in the church turn out to be child molesters and rapists and abusers, you’d think parents would wise up and stop leaving their innocent children with these potential pedophiles, but they don’t.  Nobody gives it a second thought before sending their kids off with these predators to private places where they can be abused. I find that fact shocking.  It makes no sense whatsoever.  But if the religious weren’t stupid, Horror Show Sunday wouldn’t exist, would it? So is it a problem that the priesthood is corrupt or is it that these parents are too stupid to live?  You decide.

Racist Trolls are Really Bad at it!

Trolling:  to make a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.  And if that’s the definition of the word, there are a lot of really blatantly obvious trolls online that are really, really awful at it. It’s like they don’t even know what they’re supposed to be doing.

I’ve come to the conclusion that a huge number of the most offensive racist posters over on Gab are, in fact, trolls.  Whether they actually hold any racist views of their own, it’s clear that these are just children who are trying to piss people off and doing a terrible job at it.  They’re not upsetting anyone, they’re just making themselves look like complete morons in the guise of being “edgy”.

They’re not even entertaining.  I’m not sure who they are trying to piss off because they seem so utterly unfocused.  If they’re trying to piss off the alt-left, which I guess could be interesting, they’re on the completely wrong forums to do it.  Are they going after the alt-right?  Seems like a pointless gesture because they’re saying things that most wouldn’t be offended by, and in fact would probably agree with.  So is it the rest of us, the centrist majority who hates both the far left and far right?  They’re still just a bunch of laughable buffoons who are so absurdly obviously trolling that nobody takes them seriously, yet they exist by the ton and take the bait with nary a moment’s hesitation.  It’s hard to believe anyone is this dumb, but they are!

But that seems to be the new norm online these days, kids pretending that pissing people off is fun, but only if they do it anonymously so they don’t get popped in the mouth.  Unfortunately, they’re not even good at it and they quickly get added to everyone’s ignore list so their idiocy is no longer seen.  Not that I’m complaining, I have a very low tolerance for stupidity these days as it is, but I really don’t understand why they’d think this is a worthwhile way to spend their time.  Then again, I’m sure I’m a lot more intellectual than these low-brows who would probably find kicking cripppled kids to be hilarious.  I weep for the future of mankind, really I do.

Horror Show Sunday: Homeless Rape

Hey, you know last week when I said it won’t be too long before we get another pastor trying to get into a kid’s pants?  Well here we are again!  This time we get a Georgia pastor arrested for raping a 10-year old girl at a homeless shelter that he founded!

Danny Wells, who founded 7 Bridges to Recovery ministry in Smyrna, Georgia, and created The Garden, a homeless shelter, has been arrested for boinking a 10-year old girl.

Now Danny wasn’t a good guy to begin with, he’s already been imprisoned for drugs, firearms, money laundering and being involved with the mafia.  But he claims that one night, God came to him while he was in solitary confinement and promised that he would never leave him.

So I guess God was there watching while Wells was molesting the girl.  Wonder if God got off?

And as should be no surprise, the pastor’s church is supporting him, saying: “We firmly believe this is a false accusation and are praying that the truth will prevail. We trust that God is sovereign and even though this has taken us by surprise, it did not catch God by surprise. He will be glorified and bring good from this entire situation.”  Why are these delusional idiots always on the side of the molester?  I bet they couldn’t care less about the little girl that Wells’ actions have ruined.  But hey, what do you expect from the delusional?

Police are looking for other victims because where there’s one, there are usually more.  So who knows, maybe Danny Wells will wind up on Horror Show Sunday again sometime with a whole raft of new charges and new victims?  Can anyone say they’d be at all surprised?  I know I wouldn’t.  But that’s why Horror Show Sunday exists after all, to show that religion and religious beliefs are not harmless.  They actually hurt people and this is but one more example.

Good Job Microsoft!

This is just a stupid little personal story, so if you’re not into that, skip it.  Recently, I had some serious computer trouble where my computer would not reboot.  It hung and refused to start Windows no matter what I did, and I worked on it for hours and hours before I finally decided, screw it, I would just back up all of my data and reload Windows from scratch.

This did indeed solve the problem, obviously, since I’m here writing about it.  But that’s not the part I want to get to.  So I had to go back and reload all of my software, which honestly was fine because my system was pretty bloated, moreso than I even realized when I looked at the long, long, long list of software that got deleted in the reload.  I went through the list and only replaced the stuff that I really, really needed and one of those things was Microsoft Office.

Now the reload wasn’t a problem, I whipped out their disc and installed it just fine, but when it came time to put in their 25-character registration code, I couldn’t find it.  We looked for a good half hour and couldn’t locate it.  I know we have it so while my wife contacted Microsoft for it again, I just hit cancel on the registration and finished the installation without it, figuring it would pop up and ask for it the first time I ran any of the programs.

So jump forward a couple of hours, we’ve got the code again, and I am impressed that the nice people at Microsoft, or their people in India at least, looked it up and gave my wife not only a link for the digital download of the software, but her registration code, I went to enter it and… I didn’t need to.

Apparently, just hitting “cancel” registered the software.  So now I have registered software without any name on it.  Why would anyone have to pirate this stuff when they can just load it and hit cancel?  Makes no sense to me.  Now I don’t care one way or the other if it has my name on it or not so long as it works, so we tucked the registration code back into the envelope with the CD for the next time we need it.  I’m just wondering if this is some weird glitch or if this is how Office, at least Office 2016 actually works.  I mean, I’m not telling people to go do that, just wondering if anyone else has had that experience. On the one hand, I am thankful that Microsoft actually got our code back to us with no muss and no fuss, but on the other hand, sarcastically, good job for having a completely open program that anyone can install if they have the CD or a pirated download.

Horror Show Sunday: Child Predators on Dope

Hey, you don’t get headlines like this very often.  “Florida cops bust 22 suspected child predators in massive internet sting, including pastor and 46-year-old man who had meth and smoking pipe in his possession.”  It just evokes an interesting image, doesn’t it?

But of course, what we’re looking at here is the pastor, David Hoppenjan, pastor at First United Methodist Church of Pace, who was arrested after traveling to two different locations to have sex with a 14-year old boy.

“As a church, we take any allegation of clergy misconduct very seriously,” the Alabama-West Florida Conference said in a statement. “The United Methodist Church requires clergy to live by the highest ethical and moral standards. Conduct that violates these standards is a very serious matter and is not tolerated.”

Sure, they say that, all churches that get caught with clergy diddling kids say that, but it’s funny just how many churches continue to get caught with their pastor’s hands in the proverbial cookie jar.  And I keep reporting on them because clearly, there is a problem with these sexual predators getting high offices in religious organizations.  You’d think they’d have figured out how to keep these people out by now, but nope… they’re there, they’re always given unrestricted access to minors and trusted by parents because they are supposedly men of god.  You can’t tell me that these churches had no idea what their clergy is up to, that no one suspected that they were interested in more than the will of God, because they always know, they always suspect, but they never want to say a word, even when children are getting hurt.

Anyhow, Hoppenjan was convicted and sentenced to 21 months in prison and good riddance to him.  Hopefully he can never get another posting in any church anywhere in the world.  But we all know this won’t be the end of it, how long until yet another pastor, yet another priest, yet another supposed holy man gets caught with his pants down and his dick in an altar boy?  I’m willing to bet it won’t be long at all, and when it happens, Horror Show Sunday will be here to report on it.  Why won’t any of them learn?

Halloween in a Wind Storm!

Normally, I’d put this on my other blog, but since Halloween falls on a Bitchspot day, it’s going to wind up here this year.  I am now and have always been a huge Halloween nerd, I grew up building haunted houses and decorating the yard and scaring the crap out of all comers, back in the good old days where you could get away with that kind of thing.  And as I got older and got married, I never lost that. My opinion was always go big or go home and I always did.  In fact, we had a house on 16 acres for many, many years where I intended to go ridiculously massive in my haunt efforts.

Two things changed that.  First, society got a lot more litigious and you couldn’t do anything open to the public, at least anything big open to the public, without carrying a ton of insurance and secondly, the house we lived in got no trick or treaters.  None. We got, I kid you not, two people coming to the door, total, over the course of 17 years.  And why bother putting up decorations if nobody was ever going to see them?  So over the years, the displays got smaller and smaller until eventually, I just gave up.

So when we moved into the middle of a neighborhood, it was an opportunity to get back to it.  Last year, we had been here for only a couple of months and I was working 70+ hours a week so I had no time at all to decorate.  My daughter handed out candy and we got a pretty decent turnout, so I knew that this year, I wanted to actually do something.

The problem is, a lot of  our decorations are gone.  We weren’t using them so we had thrown a lot out, sold a lot and some things were just not stored well so they deteriorated over the years.  So when we started looking at what we had, we knew we had to start building.  This year isn’t going to be extravagant, but we’re sure doing more than anyone else in the neighborhood, at least so far.

Unfortunately, where we live now is really, really windy.  You might remember last year, a wind storm ripped our roof clean off.  So wind, especially in the spring and fall, is always an issue and this is no different.  Everything gets destroyed.  All of our props have been damaged, some severely.  In fact, I’ve had to bring in a lot of props and reinforce them because they have literally self-destructed in the wind.  Our flying ghost in our graveyard exploded into a dozen pieces, so much so that I have had to brace it upright with 6′ rebar stakes driven into the ground, such that it literally can no longer move.  And we’ve had tombstones blow up, even the ones with plywood backers.  I have had to replace the 1/2″ plywood with 2x4s to have any hope of standing up in the wind.  One of our other stand-up props now has 150 lbs of rocks piled on it’s base to keep it from falling over, because 100lbs wasn’t enough!

It might not be so bad if I could just drive rebar into the ground, but we have super high clay soil that is as hard as a rock and digging in it at all is nigh impossible.  If you get it wet, it dries as hard as concrete, meaning anything that I bury is going to be there forever with no hope of getting it out.  So just about everything is surface mounted and weighted with as much weight as I can get on it.

Luckily, we’re pretty much set, as I write this, for Halloween.  All of the props have been strengthened as much as humanly possible, everything we’re building has been built and I’ve already placed some orders for things to do for next year.  Because while we’re still the top haunt out there in the neighborhood at the moment, this is nothing compared to what we’re going to be doing next year and going forward.  It feels really good to be back in the game.  This is going to be fun!

Horror Show Sunday: Boko Haram Explodes Again

It’s been a little while since I talked about those fun-loving Muslim terrorists in Africa, Boko Haram, but hey, can’t forget about these mass murdering theists, can we?  Because they decided it would be a good idea to strap bomb vests to themselves and blow up several mosques in northeast Nigeria, killing 42 and injuring more than 100.

The first attack, at a mosque in Maiduguri and the home of Boko Haram itself, killed a mere 15 people, injuring many more, in an attack that came in the early morning hours.

The second attack was in Yola which killed 27 and injured 96 during a prayer ceremony meant to inaugurate a brand new mosque.  Religious and government officials comprised a large number of the dead.

So why do these idiots want to wipe out moderate Muslims and Christians, their two favorite targets?  Because anyone who doesn’t follow their extreme version of Sharia Law needs to die, according to their fanatical beliefs.  Boko Haram has allied themselves with ISIS, promising to bring radical Islam in the form of a Muslim Caliphate, to central and west Africa.  They’ve been doing a good job, well not with the caliphate idea, but with the murder idea, for over the past 6 years, they have killed an estimated 20,000 people and driven nearly 2.5 million from their homes.

And this is nothing new.  This story popped up about a year ago and they’re still at it.  Recently, Boko Haram attacked an outdoor market, where a female suicide bomber in northeastern Nigeria, killing nearly 30 and injuring 83.

Fiyaso Soyomb, Editor of the International Centre for Investigative Reporting in Nigeria, said that Boko Haram likes to use female suicide bombers because they’re harder to detect. What a bunch of sweeties these terrorists are, right?

It’s no surprise that Islam continues to be one of the top performers here on Horror Show Sunday.  They are the curse that keeps on giving.  And it isn’t like these are ethnic warriors, or cultural combatants, no, these are out-and-out religious terrorists who want nothing more than to murder anyone and everyone that doesn’t follow their extreme religious views. Unfortunately, we really don’t talk about them much in the mainstream press, mostly because you cannot argue that they are doing anything but murdering for religious reasons.  But that’s what all of these religious terrorists are doing, hiding from that fact solves nothing.


Is a Censorship-Free Internet Registrar Worthwhile?

The newest thing on free-speech social media sites like Gab and Minds is the call for a free speech Internet registrar that cannot be censored, as though this will solve all of the problems that the far left monopolistic giants like Google are causing.

I hold that it will do absolutely nothing because these people have no idea how the Internet actually works.  These people are living in a fantasy world.

The problem is, even if you can get your domain registered, that doesn’t guarantee that anyone will ever know you’re there.  And this all comes from the brouhaha caused with the Daily Stormer and the problem that’s registrar caused for Daily Stormer owner Andrew Anglin.  But the reality is that even if you have a domain registered, the Internet is set up in such a way that the very existence of your web site can be quashed and there’s nothing at all you can do about it.

See, there are these little things called DNS servers, which most major ISPs maintain, but there are plenty of independent ones out there.  They’re the ones that, when you type in, they translate that to the actual IP address that is required to get to your site. has no meaning whatsoever to the computers that actually route your web browser request without various DNS servers telling them where the heck actually is.  Even if you have a domain, if whoever owns those servers decides to strip away the actual IP address from them, then your site will forever be unfindable.

Seriously, that’s all the dark web is, a series of servers that are not indexed by normal DNS servers. It isn’t some bizarre magic, it’s just servers that you can’t get to unless you know the technical tricks to do  so.

And if you don’t think that the first thing Google and most other search engines would do if Daily Stormer came back online is remove them from search results, you’re nuts.  Just having a domain name doesn’t mean that anyone will direct traffic to you.  If Google shuts down search results and all of the major DNS servers delist your site, you’re dead in the water, except to those very few who have the technical know-how to get there anyhow.

I’m not saying I agree with this, I’m saying this is the state of reality that we live in any anyone who wants to circumvent that reality has to understand.  Go ahead, create your own free speech DNS servers. Most people neither know how to change their DNS settings in their computers, nor care.  They rely on what their ISP set up for them.  They don’t know any better and have no interest in learning. They aren’t going to go to DuckDuckGo for their search engine when Google produces better results. The only way to change things is to demolish the entire Internet as it currently stands and rebuild it from scratch and I hate to break it to you, but that’s just not going to happen any time soon.

Besides, what do you do about countries like China and Pakistan who have a vested interest in censoring the Internet?  How do you convince them to adopt free-speech regulations when they have no interest in doing so?  It’s like people haven’t thought these things through because when I point out all of the problems, I get no response.  They just want to live in their own little fantasy world that somehow, they’ll be able to get their message out far and wide and nobody will be able to stop them.

Not on this planet buddy.

Horror Show Sunday: More Murders in Bangladesh

Seriously, I need to rename this “Horror Show Islam” because it seems like I’m talking about nothing else lately.  Not a day goes by lately when some story of Islamic barbarism doesn’t pop up.  It isn’t like the other religions are getting better, Islam is just getting worse.  So here we go again, the religion of peace is off murdering people.

And it’s our favorite spot, Bangladesh, where Muslims again decide they’re going to hack the heads off of atheists because… religion.  This time, Nazimuddin Samad, a 26-year old law student who posted on Facebook that he opposed Islam wound up very dead, attacked by machete-wielding assailants near near his university in Dhaka while shouting Allahu Akbar.

“They hacked his head with a machete. As he fell down, one of them shot him in the head with a pistol from close range. He died on the spot,”  said Syed Nurul Islam, deputy commissioner of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police.

This the sixth murder of vocal atheists in 15 months in Bangladesh and has sparked protests by thousands of college students.  “You just can’t kill a man just because he is an atheist!” shouted one protestor, but hey, this is the religion of peace, they can kill anyone they want for any reason they want because they’re offended by reality, damn it!

Amnesty International said Samad’s killing was a “blatant attack on the right to freedom of expression”, urging Bangladesh to take action to end the violence.  Samad’s name was on a list of 84 atheist activists that a hardline Islamist group had sent to the home ministry in 2013.  So they have known for 4 years who the targets are, they simply have not taken steps to protect them.

“The persistent failure of the Bangladeshi government and the international community to ‎better protect threatened thinkers has created a climate of fear and direct threat to free thought in the country,” PEN America said in a statement.

When you have no fear of death or retribution because you have an imaginary friend that promises you 72 virgins, secular law holds no fear for you either, which is why there is so much violence in the Islamic world.  These people are fanatics and the only way you can deal with fanatics is to kill them.  You cannot reason with the religious fundamentalist.  They will not listen.  So long as we continue to baby these religious monsters, they will continue to head Horror Show Sunday.  This cannot continue.

I Hate Trolling But I’ll Make an Exception…

In general, I hate trolls and I hate trolling, I virtually never engage in it, but this time I’m going to make an exception for the good of humanity.  I’ve been hanging out on Gab, the alt-right cesspool, and sniping at the racist assholes.  I’m doing so specifically so that they’ll open their fool mouths and show the rest of Gab what a bunch of pathetic losers they are.

And it works wonderfully because they apparently don’t know when to leave well enough alone.  I’m perfectly fine with that because I want them exposed as the immature, irrational shit stains that they are.  I don’t even have to do any work, they do it all themselves.  I just have to start the ball rolling.

It isn’t like it’s possible to debate with these people rationally because they are not rational.  They are every bit as crazy as the regressive left.  They operate solely on emotion.  Intelligence doesn’t even enter into it.  Therefore, I only have to get them spewing their grand Jewish conspiracy, master-race horseshit to get the whole place laughing their asses off at these idiots.  It’s good, clean fun.

Because anyone with half a clue is going to take one look at the garbage they spout and fall over laughing. It’s totally indefensible, just like the social justice nonsense that the regressive left dribbles all over their own chins.  What’s worse, they fall for it again and again and again.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  They can’t respond intelligently to facts, the second you point out that nothing they say is at all defensible, they erupt into a wall of impotent rage at every bad thing in the world that is keeping them from being great, except themselves of course.  Like the regressive left, nothing bad that ever happens to them is their own fault.  They take no responsibility for their own lives.  It’s always the faceless threat of non-whites, just like it’s always the imaginary patriarchy on the left.  These people are just idiots through and through.

And these professional idiots are only too happy to show the world just how absurdly ridiculous they are. They just need a little poke. Where’s my stick?

Horror Show Sunday: It’s Your Own Fault!

I hate to keep doing stories on Islam, but there are so many of them!  This time, a radical Muslim cleric declares that Syrian migrants who went on a rampage and attacked and raped women in Germany on New Year’s Eve, well it was the fault of the women for “dressing inappropriately and wearing perfume”.

Imam Sami Abu-Yusuf, a leading Muslim figure in Cologne, Germany, head of the Al Tawheed mosque which is affiliated with the fundamentalist Salafi movement, said, “The events of New Year’s Eve were the girls own fault, because they were half naked and wearing perfume. It is not surprising the men wanted to attack them.”  Sure, those poor Muslim boys didn’t do nothing wrong.  Tell us another one.

Of course, this isn’t at all uncommon in fundamentalist Islamic circles.  Last year, Pakistani politician Maulana Fazlur Rehman said that “women wearing jeans can cause earthquakes and inflation.”  There is something seriously wrong with these religious idiots.

By now, everyone knows that Europe is suffering a huge amount of violence at the hands if migrant Muslims, parts of Sweden have so many organized Muslim rape gangs that the police are completely overwhelmed and are now telling women not to go out after dark because there are not enough police to protect them.  This isn’t a migrant problem, it’s a Muslim problem and far too many Muslims think it’s perfectly fine.  This is how Islam, at least fundamentalist Islam, is.  Even its own clergy is saying it’s not only acceptable, it’s to be expected!  These people are animals.  There is no other way to describe them.

So it’s no surprise that they keep winding up on the top of the Horror Show Sunday pile.  I’ve done months of stories on Islam alone because Islam, particularly the virulent fundamentalist variety, has done nothing but cause problems for the world.  Why anyone supports this religion of violence, I will never understand.

Why Are People Unethical?

So I come across this random discussion going on about a really, really minor automobile accident that happened in a parking lot, someone backed into this guy’s car and basically barely tapped it, causing absolutely no visible damage whatsoever.

So the guy says he took the car to a mechanic and the mechanic said there was no damage, but to be absolutely sure, he’d have to disassemble the entire bumper, which would cost about $750, so he said to tell the other driver’s insurance that’s what this accident would cost.

Now I think that’s a bit silly already, but then the poster says he’s going to tell the insurance it costs $750, submit the mechanic’s estimate as proof, then just pocket the money and not have any of the work done.  And he’s wondering if that’s unethical?  Are you kidding me?  Not only is it unethical, it’s probably blatantly illegal!

And nobody cares!  Everyone on the thread was saying to go ahead and do it.  I hate humanity.

But really, this is insurance fraud, presenting a false claim to the insurance to make money off of it. Now recently, we had our roof redone and the insurance company was really clear, because I’m sure people have tried this, that they can send their own inspectors to see if the work was done, to require pictures and receipts for every penny, and to have you arrested for fraud and prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law if you try to defraud them.  And they’re absolutely right.

It disgusts me to see how many people would effectively steal money from an insurance company because they think they could get away with it.  I’m almost tempted to hope that they try and feel the full weight of the law come down on their heads.  Of course, they’ll scream and cry that it’s all so unfair, boo hoo, the world is mean to them.  Fuck that.  These people deserve everything they have coming to them and then some.  I have zero sympathy.

Of course, I said that and got the typical “shut up” responses.  Because today, feels matter more than reals.  Emotions matter more than responsibility.  The whole society is going to shit and I, for one am sick of it.

Horror Show Sunday: Off With His Head

It’s really a shame that Turkey, once a bastion of secularism in the Middle East, has become yet another Muslim cesspool, and along with it, all of the violence and hatred associated with Islam has become commonplace.

Take this example, the body of a gay man named Muhammad Wisam Sankari was found, headless and mutilated.  Sankari had fled his native homeland of Syria a year ago, citing fear for his life, living as a gay man in a predominantly Muslim country, but Turkey didn’t prove to be any safer for him.

“They cut Wisam violently. It was so violent, two knives had broken inside of him. They beheaded him. His upper body was beyond recognition, his internal organs were out. We recognized our friend from his trousers,” said a friend who identified his headless body.

Almost immediately after arriving, he began to be harassed by local Muslim gangs.  Apparently, he was once kidnapped, beaten and raped by a gang of young Muslims.  Unfortunately, in Turkey, violence against homosexuals is largely ignored by the police because homosexuality, while ostensibly legal, is frowned upon by the government.  Last year, police fired rubber bullets and tear gas into a gay pride parade to break them up.

Unfortunately for Syrian gay men, they have few options because most are in the country illegally and cannot go to the police, who mostly ignore their reports anyhow.  Violence is mostly caused by ultra-conservative Muslims and a recent uptick in anti-gay rhetoric based on religion has been seen in their mainstream media.

Of course, with the continued radicalization of Muslims in Turkey, things will get a lot worse before we see them getting any better.  People are even complaining that the United Nations isn’t doing enough to protect gay people in Turkey.  But what can they do when the religion of violence is involved, especially since the liberal UN refuses to even acknowledge what the problem is.  And that’s why these cases are becoming more and more prevalent on Horror Show Sunday.  Because Islam is a violent religion and it’s only getting stronger.  We need to stop it now.

Liberals are Horrible People

No, not all liberals, but certainly a considerable number, especially on the far fringes of the political left.  Why?  Because in a recent discussion about colleges uninviting conservative speakers, these people, as is no real surprise, turned right to victim blaming.

Of course they did.

No, colleges shouldn’t allow conservative speakers because apparently, it’s somehow their fault that the fucktards on the political left cannot control themselves when someone with a different political opinion appears, therefore it is now the fault of the conservative speakers that property gets destroyed by the illiberal left.

It’s like saying that a woman deserved to get raped because she dared to wear a short skirt.  These people are unbelievable.  They need a 2×4 to the back of the head, and I abhor violence but for these assholes, I’ll make an exception.

And yes, they are completely serious, they know what they’re saying and they’ve continually doubled down on their idiocy.  They believe that it’s the fault of the conservative speakers that liberals destroy property.  They believe that words are somehow responsible for actions.  They believe that conservative speakers, if they are allowed at all, should be required to pay for all of the damages and cover the costs of security keeping the liberal mobs at bay.

These people need a swift kick in the backside, that’s clearly where whatever passes for a brain resides. And you wonder why I hate self-identified liberals?  And why I keep questioning why those who insist on using that label want to be at all associated with these reprehensible pieces of human filth on the political left.  This is what liberalism is today.  It’s not about free speech, in fact, it’s exactly the opposite.  It’s not about freedom and liberty, it’s exactly the opposite.  This is not your grandparents’ liberalism. What you are is conservative.  The more people realize that, the better.

Horror Show Sunday: Underage Religious Offerings

And you wonder why so many people hate Islam?  Well, here we go again. In Afghanistan, a Muslim cleric was arrested after he married a 6-year old girl.  Because somehow, that’s a good idea, I guess.

Mohammad Karim, a Muslim cleric somewhere in his 60s, was arrested after he married a 6-year old girl, that apparently had been given to him as a “gift” by her parents.  News flash for you pal, you cannot give humans as gifts.

Of course, the parents say the girl was kidnapped from from Herat province, bordering Iran and they had no idea that some old guy with a beard had made her his bride.  Now I have no idea who to believe because it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see religious parents handing over their child to a religious pervert, thinking it will get them in good with Allah.  It isn’t like it hasn’t happened before.  Anyhow, the parents are on the way to collect their daughter from a woman’s shelter in Ghor, where, not at all surprising, a 14-year old pregnant girl was recently lit on fire.  Because that’s also something that happens in Islam.  How anyone thinks this is the religion of peace is beyond me.  It’s the religion of violence and child molestation.

“So many children who are married off at a young age are deprived of their right to education, safety and the ability to make choices about their future,” says the charity Save the Children.  “This is such a fundamental breach of a child’s basic rights.”

This isn’t that long after another  young woman was beaten to death and accused of adultery, and a woman named Farkhunda was accused of burning a Qur’an, beaten and set on fire.  Because these are honestly very, very common in Muslim majority countries like Afghanistan.  When you follow a religion that treats women like second class citizens and follows a prophet that molested children, what can you expect?

I know what I expect.  I expect even more Muslim violence and murder in upcoming weeks on Horror Show Sunday.  This is what happens when you allow the religiously insane to run amok.  It isn’t stopping any time soon.

Two Kinds of Theists

Two kinds of theists, both absurd.

The more that I think about it, the more I realize that there are really two distinct kinds of theists in the world.  You have the fanatics and the idiots.  On the one side, you have the people who believe what they believe and nothing in the world is ever going to stop them from believing it because they simply cannot be convinced that what they believe is wrong for any reason.  On the other, you get the people who couldn’t care less if what they believe is true because they simply feel good believing and facts just don’t matter.

I really don’t understand either kind.

Both sides are completely emotional, they believe for entirely emotional reasons, it makes them feel good to think what they think, whether what they think is factually correct or not.  That’s something that I simply cannot intellectually comprehend. This is especially true when you realize that both groups are making claims about the state of reality, then not caring if their claims about reality are actually indicative of reality itself.  That is the most ridiculous thing I can imagine.

How can you argue that something is so and then not care if that thing is actually so?  What’s the point, aside from mindless emotionalism?  Are these people so dense that they can’t see that they’re holding a position for only emotional reasons?  Don’t they care?  What’s wrong with them?

That’s the question I find myself continually asking.  What is wrong with these people, that they would trade their intellectual integrity for emotional comfort?  That they would willingly believe in a lie, just because it gives them some of those feel-good chemicals in the brain.  And then that they would argue, sometimes to the extreme, for these false positions, just because it makes them feel good.  Are they incapable of seeing just how fallacious this is?  I guess so.

But while I might be able to understand the fanatics, after all, they have something seriously wrong with them upstairs, the other side is the side that confuses me the most.  These are the people who are smart enough to see how wrong they are, they just don’t care.  Their intellect is so compartmentalized that turning off rational thought when it comes to religion is second nature.  I doubt they even know they are doing it.  I just don’t  get it.

In the end, the more I interact with the religious, the less respect I have for them, in fact, the more disgust I feel for having to deal with their slimy beliefs.  There is something seriously wrong with them, that they toss out their intellectual integrity for emotional comfort, that’s the lowest possible common denominator and it makes them barely human, at least when it comes to their faith.  But that’s what faith is, the lowest common denominator.  It’s all sad.

Horror Show Sunday: Mutilation For Allah

When Putin is involved, you know it’s religious insanity.

Let’s just make it a whole month of Islamic insanity with this story of a Russian mufti calling for genital mutilation for all women, everywhere.

Mufti Ismail Berdiyev, a senior Muslim cleric that leads a Muslim association for the North Caucasus region, has announced that universal female genital mutilation “could be applied to all women, that would be very good”.

Good for who, exactly?

Berdiyev said that female genital mutilation doesn’t stop women from fulfilling their sole role as mothers and that applied universally, “there would be less fornication”.    Berdiyev later retracted his statements as a “joke” but we all know he wasn’t.

And not to be left out, controversial Russian Orthodox cleric Vsevolod Chaplin stepped in and said that Muslims have a right to their “time-honoured tradition”.  After all, “you probably don’t need to ‘circumcise’ all women, there’s no need with Orthodox women as they don’t fornicate anyway.”  Two religious nutballs doubling down on religious insanity.  Joy.

This came up after Russian Justice Group released a report on some remote villages in the North Caucasus region of Dagestan who engaged in female genital mutilation.  The report said that in Dagestan the practice has gone “without any attention whatsoever from the authorities”.  “In Dagestan, most of society is still not ready to admit that this problem exists,” it said, adding that female genital mutilation has “almost total support” in certain villages where it is seen as a “compulsory ritual” to control sexual desire.

Now I might be able to see it if people in remote areas without any credible education agreed with female genital mutilation.  They just don’t know any better.   But when a major religious figure in a generally civilized nation says it?  You know this is a major problem that needs to be addressed.  It’s bad enough that it happens, it’s worse when someone like Berdiyev actively supports it and wants the use of mutilation expanded worldwide.  That’s when you know that Islam, as a whole, is a cancer that needs to be wiped out.  But that’s what we do here on Horror Show Sunday, we point these things out so that the world can act.  Too bad the world is so damn slow.

When All Your Choices Are Bad

You know, I am getting sick of modern companies that have no clue about customer service, this is a constant problem and I just got smacked in the face with it once again.  This is getting absurd.

So I’ve had Frontier as my ISP ever since they took over the California FiOS market from Verizon.  And before that, I had Verizon for at least a decade.  Now Frontier sucks, everyone hates them, but I never had a problem with them because I was working with old Verizon tech and didn’t have to deal with them.

All that changed when I moved.  Now I purposely made sure I bought a new house in a FiOS area and as soon as I got here, I had Frontier come out and install all new equipment.  It was all well and good until I found that I wasn’t getting the kinds of speeds I was paying for.  I was supposed to be getting 100/100 and my speeds varied between 50-65 most of the time.  I called them a lot, they gave me the standard “reset your modem, reboot your computer” nonsense and told me that I was getting the best speed I could get.  So this went on for 13 months, at which time we started to realize that we couldn’t stream anything from Netflix or Amazon Prime because it would tell us, more often than not, that we just didn’t have the bandwidth to do it.  I ended up calling Frontier and they sent out a tech, who told me that back when they put in all of the new equipment, they installed the wrong things and of course I couldn’t get the 100/100, the equipment simply wasn’t capable of it.  He told me to call Frontier and get compensated because it was all their fault.

So that’s exactly what I did.  I called, I talked to a rep and said I wanted them to credit me for all of the months that I paid for 100/100 and didn’t get it.  I wasn’t unreasonable.  I said they could either give me the difference between what I was paying and what I got, or they could just charge me the next 13 months at a reduced rate, whatever made their job easier.  And they told me no.  They would give me a $36 credit, which was the difference between the lower speed I got and the higher speed I paid for for 3 months and no more.  I started going up the chain of command and got the same story all the way along. They will do no more than give me a $36 credit, period.  I wasn’t going to go for it, I demanded to talk to someone higher up the food chain and was told that they’d have them call me within 24 hours.  Of course, they never did.

So I said screw them, I was going to change providers.  Every single person I knew who had ever had Frontier had switched because they have the worst customer service on the planet, or so I thought.  So I called Charter, who is the only other local provider that does FiOS and scheduled to have them come out and install their equipment.  They were supposed to be here on Friday between 10 and 11.

And I say supposed to, because Friday… nobody showed up.  No tech, no calls, no nothing.  So I called them and asked what the heck was going on.  They said they had no idea, but they’d get someone out here and they’d have someone from their “escalation team” call me back within 15 minutes.  They never called.  Are we at all surprised?

So now I’m pissed, I call back and tell them to cancel the whole order, I don’t want to do business with anyone with terrible customer service.  Now the guy I talked to was very nice and apologetic and said he’d make sure someone came out by the end of the day to install and, to his credit, they did.  Early even.  But once they got here, I ran a speed test on the line and I was getting 100/10.  That’s not what I signed up for.  But according to the tech, that’s all that Charter offers.  Well fuck them.  I told him to disconnect everything, I was going back to Frontier because at least there, I got the speed I wanted.  I cancelled the whole damn thing, I wasted an entire day fighting with these morons and now I’m just mad.

I mean, it isn’t like I’m saving any money with Charter at all.  I’m being charged exactly the same monthly fee as I was paying with Frontier, I just got less.  And they want to charge you more to provide wireless, which is asinine in the modern world.  They can take their inferior service and their inferior tech and shove it straight up their inferior asses.

But I really have no other options.  I know that Charter sucks.  I know that Frontier sucks.  There’s nobody else to go with and both companies know that people have no choice so they just don’t care.  What happened to us as a society where we just started accepting terrible customer service?  Because it’s all bad!  Every bit of it!  It’s all horrible and I’m sick and tired of it.

Western culture is going straight to hell.  I have no idea what happened but I want it to stop.  Companies just don’t care about their customers because they know that their customers are trapped.  We have no choice anymore.  We have to bend over and take it straight up the backside.  And nobody wants to complain about it.  I don’t get it.  I really don’t.

Horror Show Sunday: Don’t Stand So Close To Me

I’d say call The Police, but they’re probably the ones who were whipping you.

Might as well continue with the Muslim insanity, as a young woman in Indonesia gets caned 23 times because she was accused of “standing too close” to her boyfriend.

Seven men and six women were flogged for what is described as “inappropriate contact” outside of a mosque in the provincial capital of Banda Aceh. The province operates under strict Islamic law.

One man was beaten for “spending time in a secret place which could lead to adultery”.  He didn’t do anything wrong, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person.

A young woman had her sentence delayed because she was pregnant, but the deputy mayor of Aceh reassured the crowd that “the punishment will be handed down after she gives birth.”

Banda Aceh, which lies on the island of Sumatra, has followed strict Sharia law since 2001, when they received special dispensation to do so.  More and more women are being abused for supposed “crimes” under Sharia than ever before as the fanatical Muslims gain more power.

Is it any wonder that nobody in their right mind wants Sharia law anywhere remotely close to civilized society?  Because this simply isn’t civilized behavior.  This is exactly why Sharia law needs to be strenuously opposed everywhere in the western world.  People who practice these beliefs and follow these laws really have no place in America.  We’ve seen what the radical Islamic poison is doing to Europe, we simply cannot allow it here.

I honestly wish I could say I was surprised at any of this, but I can’t because this is the norm that we see coming out of the Islamic world on a daily basis.  Violence, cruelty and religious insanity grace the pages of Horror Show Sunday on an ever increasing basis.  Why anyone would support these animals is beyond me.

The Dumb, It Burns!

Every time I start to think that social media is at all worthwhile, something like this happens.  So I’m hanging out over on, which is sort of a free-speech Twitter replacement of sorts.  I knew that the far-right crazies were there, just like they are over on Minds, but I hadn’t run into any of them, mostly because I hadn’t spent any considerable time on

Boy am I regretting it now.

So anyhow, this asshole makes a post saying that we ought to declare George Soros a terrorist sympathizer and therefore, we ought to confiscate all of his money and his companies and presumably throw him in jail for the rest of eternity and all that crazy crap.  And I simply posted that the whole idea behind that is so utterly reprehensible, no matter how much I hate George Soros, that everything about that sentiment was not only absurdly authoritarian, but ridiculously illegal.

And of course, the alt-right children came out of their echo chamber to challenge me.  It is amazing how damn stupid these people are.  They say that they can just change the law so they can steal all of Soros’ money.  First off, that’s unconstitutional, but secondly, laws are not retroactive.  Well sure they can be!  Oppressive regimes have been passing laws and retroactively stealing things forever!  We should too!

It was right about then that I gave up, these were either trolls or complete morons and so I walked away and they chased after me for a good hour, sending every insult they could think of my way, trying to get me to jump back into the fray.  I refrained.

But the more I look around the site, the more I see crap like this.  Crap that is clearly either intended to piss people off or to display the utter ignorance and stupidity of the people posting it.  This has become the norm for online social media these days and frankly, I want no part of it.  As I’ve said before, where do the normal people hang out?  The people who have a clue in their heads and some idea what logic, reason and critical thinking are?  Because those are the only people I want to be around anymore.  I’m tired of the rest.

I’m all for free speech, even speech that I find reprehensible, but why do people waste their free speech on utter stupidity?  I am at a complete loss.  What the hell is wrong with people?

Horror Show Sunday: Sexual Emergency

As long as we’re talking about Muslim rape, we can’t miss the case of Amir A., a 20-year old Iraqi immigrant to Austria, who in December 2015, visited a local pool in Theresienbad in the capital city of Vienna.  During the course of the day, he saw a 10-year old boy who he followed into the bathroom and violently sexually assaulted him before calmly returning to his day of fun.  Amir was practicing diving off the diving board when the police arrived to arrest him.

And of course, to Amir, raping a boy in the bathroom to such a degree that he required surgery to repair the injuries, that’s just fine and dandy under Islam.  This should have been another case, just like last week’s, where the courts threw him in prison for years.  But this is liberal Europe we’re talking about here, so we know that’s just not what happened.  In fact, Amir says that he didn’t know that the boy didn’t want to be raped.  I’ll let that sink in for a minute.  He didn’t know that the boy didn’t want to be violently sexually assaulted in the bathroom.  Sure.  Anyhow, Amir says he didn’t know and the idiot liberals in Austria bought it.

Well how about this?  It doesn’t matter if the boy wanted it or not, the boy is a minor and pedophilia is illegal, whether the minor wanted it or not!  But according to Amir, this was a “sexual emergency” because his wife had remained behind in Iraq and he hadn’t had sex in 4 months.  That sounds like a perfect excuse for violently anally raping an innocent boy!

The courts are still holding Amir, pending a revisiting of his verdict in a regional court, but the boy’s mother, a refugee herself, is furious.  She says she regrets telling her five children to treat refugees just like anyone else and I agree.  Refugees need to be held to the same standards as anyone else, they do not deserve special treatment regardless of where they come from or what their beliefs are.  Amir deserves to rot in prison and if it is true that Muslims like Amir and our rapist from last week are simply ignorant of civilized society, they shouldn’t be permitted to live in it.

But hey, it’s Horror Show Sunday.  What more can we expect?

Why Are Theists So Stupid?

I got into a short squabble with an irrational theist today whose answer to any given question is “the Bible provides all the answers”.  It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about, the Bible is the one and only source of all wisdom, ever.  It doesn’t make a difference if you point out that she’s just wrong, she keeps insisting that the Bible is all you need, period, full stop, end of story.

So I got kind of tired of this and I decided to call her on it.  I asked her to provide any evidence of any kind that the Bible has any valid answers to any questions whatsoever.  Give me something beyond “I say so”.  But of course, she’s completely incapable of that, she says “it feels right to me”, therefore, that’s all she needs.  It feels right to her, therefore it has to be right for everyone.

Now I knew I was wasting my time on a complete idiot, but I was bored so I continued.  “People claim that the Vedas or the Qur’an or Dianetics “feel” right too.  Does that make those books right for everyone?”  Nope!  It doesn’t feel right to her, therefore it can’t be right for anyone.  She’s right, everyone else is wrong, so there!

Unfortunately, this is the majority of the theists I talk to.  “I want to feel good, therefore whatever makes me feel good is right, I don’t care if it’s actually true or not!”  And when you point this out to them, they still refuse to get it!  What is wrong with these people?

That’s a question I find myself asking more and more these days, what the hell is wrong with the religious, that they cannot see the reality that smacks them directly in the face?  Their theological blinders are completely immovable despite all efforts to do so.  I got to the point where I just walked away from the idiot theist because beating my head against her wall of absolute ignorance would do no good.  What was the point?  She cares only about feelings, even though she denies it, there is no place in her little fantasy world for reality, all I can do is let her stew in her echo chamber of ignorance.  It’s sad, but what can you do?

Horror Show Sunday: Legal in Muslimland

This is what happens when you come from a hyper-religious primitive culture and somehow think that your crazy beliefs are somehow acceptable in the outside world.  Mufiz Rahaman, a 20-year old Muslim man, raped a 10-year old boy in his Sydney, Australia home because he thought it was just fine to do so.

According to Rahaman, who is a Rohingya Muslim immigrant from Myanmar, that bastion of Islamic peace that keeps hacking atheists to death with machetes, raping young children is perfectly fine where he comes from!  It’s not bad to sexually abuse children!  Why would he ever think there was anything wrong with it?

Rahaman went into the boy’s room and pulled his pants down and raped him.  Afterwards, he offered to give the boy money when his father discovered them, still naked.  Rahaman tried to deny the act, but what can you do when you’re caught on top of a young boy with his pants around his ankles?  The boy admitted he was raped and Rahaman was taken into custody and ultimately convicted of the crime.  He was sentenced to 5 years in prison and the judge noted that he believed Rahaman had a very high likelihood of re-offending upon release.

But sure, there’s nothing wrong with Islam at all, right?  It’s not violent, right?  Muslims never do anything wrong, right?  Because pedophilia is in the Qur’an, they shouldn’t be held accountable to secular laws, right?  But the fact is, sexual abuse of this kind isn’t allowed in Myanmar either, so I guess Muslims can’t be expected to tell the truth when they’re caught with their pants down either. This is what happens when your religion is more important than the law.  I’m glad this guy got put away, just like every Muslim who cares more about Sharia than the secular laws where they live.  They should not be allowed to roam free.  But this is just another story on Horror Show Sunday.  What do I know, right?

Why Free College is So Problematic

Rhode Island has become the fourth U.S. state to offer free community college to all comers, bringing cries of support from the political left and anyone who understands the problem with this roll their eyes.  And there is a problem with this, one that nobody on the political left seems to understand.  If everyone has it, it’s just not worth anything.

To be honest, this is one of the reasons, not the only reason by any means, but one of the reasons why a high school education means nothing these days.  Getting that diploma doesn’t mean you’ve actually done any work or earned the right.  It just means you showed up.  And that’s something the left has done in this country too, they care more about rewarding people for waking up in the morning, because it makes them feel good, than in giving them a diploma for being successful in their studies.  You could be a failing student but you’ll still get a diploma because it might make someone feel bad if they don’t.  It’s pathetic.  A high school diploma means nothing because it doesn’t signify educational success.

But the left started insisting that everyone ought to go to college, whether they deserved it or not. They pushed down the requirements, people didn’t have to actually have the grades to go to college anymore, so long as they had the cash, and with government loans anyone could do it, so after a while, even college didn’t really mean anything.  It was just one more step in the educational ladder with a meaningless degree that didn’t actually prove you put in the work to earn it.  And with places like Evergreen State and Mizzou, where students are demanding they don’t actually have to do any school work because it might get in the way of their constant protesting, and liberal “feels-over-reals” professors not giving a damn if they’re actually teaching anything worthwhile, it’s no wonder why a college education is quickly becoming meaningless.

There’s this thing called supply and demand, maybe you’ve heard of it?  If there are too many people with a particular degree, the benefits for having that degree go down.  When you almost have to have a doctorate to get a job as a trash collector, then doctorates become meaningless.  All we have to do is look at Europe to see how the push for universal college education, regardless of qualifications, is turning into a disaster.  In Canada, England and India, people with advanced university degrees are driving taxis because there are no jobs for them.  Too much supply, not enough demand.  The taxi companies are even demanding that their applicants have degrees because it’s so easy to get applicants with those degrees. And because there are too many with degrees, those degrees don’t really mean anything.  The drive to hand them out has devalued them entirely.

So yes, by all means, let’s keep pushing kids to go to college, just for the sake of a college degree, whether or not that college degree will get them a job.  In far too many cases, it’s just another useless piece of paper that doesn’t really contribute to real world success.  And while we’re at it, let’s do it all at taxpayer expense because apparently, money grows on trees.  How is this supposed to make society better?  Because like it or not, it isn’t making society smarter, not when people are taking gender studies and other liberal arts programs that have no jobs whatsoever waiting for them at the end.  But it makes them feel good, and the political left gets more indoctrinated voters, which is why they spend so much time and money pushing this nonsense.  And if  you’ve fallen for it, you’re just their stooge.  Congrats.  You’ve failed this nation and this planet.  But that comes as no surprise at all.