Liberals and Personal Responsibility

I got asked this question recently, how do I know that liberals reject the idea of personal responsibility, since I make that claim so often.  And my answer is simple.  Look at the social programs that liberals support, programs that simply cannot exist if personal responsibility does. So what do I mean by personal responsibility?  […]

Liberals Don’t Understand Space

I can honestly say I cannot understand this at all, but looking at it and understanding liberals and especially progressives, it really doesn’t surprise me at all.  Back in the early 1970s, we sent the Pioneer 10 spacecraft into space.  It had a golden plaque which tried to explain, in simple terms, who had sent […]

The SJWs Lose at the Hugo Awards

I know when most rational atheists talk about the idiotic social justice warriors, it’s almost always within the realm of atheism or feminism or race politics, those are probably where they’re the most openly active and most visible for people of a non-theistic bent.  Unfortunately, that’s not at all where they stop, they’re only too […]

Are People Getting Dumber?

Thanks to reader njmcc for pointing this out to me.  I’m honestly confused at how dumb some people are.  George Carlin once said “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” I think he was right on the money and the more that we see of humanity, […]

Democrats: Party of the Criminals

I guess it should come as no surprise, but in a recent study, it turns out that convicted felons, if they were allowed to vote, would overwhelmingly vote Democrat, by a margin of 6-to-1.  This is not an insignificant result and it betrays a serious difference in the way the two parties look at crime […]

Liberals Going to Extremes

I was recently in a discussion about the financial troubles of the United States Post Office and their plans to save money by eliminating Saturday deliveries being undercut by Congress.  I said that personally, I wouldn’t mind if mail delivery went the way of the dinosaur.  After all, I get 100% of my bills via […]

Why Are They Pointing Racist Fingers?

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, after all, this tends to happen any time that the subject of racism is brought up in a discussion, but in a recent forum debate on the distinct disadvantage that poor blacks have in climbing out of the ghettos, I again pointed out that it’s not so much whitey […]

Mine Ears Have Heard the Whining of the Loony Liberals

Just had a relatively unpleasant experience, was having a nice chat on Twitter with someone about illegal immigration and apparently, some loony liberal was watching the other person’s timeline and decided to take over the discussion without asking permission.  I generally don’t mind if people interject their thoughts, that’s sort of what Twitter is for […]