Should Atheists Celebrate Christmas?

This seems to be a perennial question that I honestly don’t get.  There are some atheists out there who are convinced that no atheist ought to be celebrating Christmas.  Why the heck not?  Christmas hasn’t been a religious holiday for a very long time. It is entirely secular.  Christmas trees, Santa Claus, mistletoe, presents and […]

Holy Shit, It’s Christmas!

Yes, this is the day that evangelical Christians claim wars are fought over, of course, they can’t demonstrate that anyone is actually fighting these wars, but it makes a good conspiracy theory, doesn’t it?  Yet no matter how many times I point out the facts, Christians can’t seem to get it through their tiny pin […]

Why Atheists Can Celebrate Christmas

I’ve been reading a lot of atheist blogs that have been trying to give alternatives to celebrating Christmas, plus, the typical questions from Christians about why atheists bother to celebrate Christmas at all.  Trust me, that last one is absurdly commonplace, especially on Twitter.  However, Christians don’t really want to hear the answer and, in […]

Merry Freakin’ Christmas Eve

We used to get this happening all the time, people driving too fast, being idiots, getting into accidents and rolling into our yard.  Once the city finally put in a stop light on our corner, it went from a once-a-month thing to a once-a-year thing. Today was that day. As you can see, two cars […]