The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.4

If You’re Happy and You Know it, You’re Gay! As the Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments for gay marriage, we take on four stories of political and religious import about the potential consequences of the coming decision.  Then, just to lighten the mood, we take a quick look at one of Japan’s more ridiculous […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.3

The Con Game. This time out, we look at Christian death threats, more ISIS murders, liberal anti-vax cartoons and why the whole anti-vax movement is so idiotic, and Yemen, yet another conflict that makes no sense in the Middle East.  Then we take some time to look at the recent Calgary Comic Expo disaster and […]

New on YouTube: The Bitchspot Channel

I’ve been quite disappointed in my presence on youTube for a while.  Yes, I know, I hardly have any presence at all as the Bitchspot Blog, mostly all I do there is post video copies of the Bitchspot Report Podcast, with a couple of slipshod episodes of Bitchspot Quickies dropped with great irregularity.  That’s not […]

Wanting the Mutually Exclusive

I’ve been debating online on various forums for a very, very, very long time.  Mostly, I stick to general purpose forums, not dedicated to politics or religion, because it gives me a one-size-fits-all solution, with members from all walks of life and subjects across the board. You have the far right neo-cons and the far-left-liberals, […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.2

If You’ve Got Brains, You’re a Bad Person! This week, we look at a liberal professor who declares economists are evil if they’re not liberal, Indiana shuts down Planned Parenthood and undergoes an HIV epidemic, Turkey gets mad at the Vatican because they don’t like reality, a UCLA professor dares to try to educate a […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.1

We’re back!  Welcome to the reboot of the Bitchspot Report Podcast as we move into season 2 with a modified format and and a new co-host.  It’s back to basics and we spell out what’s changed and why, plus we take on some recent news and launch into a new segment.  Tell your friends!  Tell […]

New Bitchspot Quickie!

Yes, the miracles do happen as I post another Bitchspot Quickie, episode 6, after an absurdly long delay. Actually, I recorded this about a month ago and completely forgot to post it.  My bad.  This time I take a look at theist claims of knowledge and why not only are they not true, but why […]

Planet of the Apes: An Apt Example

Recently, I sat down and watched all five of the original Planet of the Apes movies again.  It has been many years since I’ve seen them, but it immediately struck me that the plot of the first Planet of the Apes movie was very appropriate to the creation/evolution “debate”. In the movie, Dr. Zaius, chief […]

Americans Abandoning Religion in Droves

I do come back to this on occasion, just to show that it wasn’t a fluke, that the direction hasn’t changed and Americans aren’t flooding back to religion.  As should come as no surprise at all, Americans, particularly younger Americans, are abandoning traditional religions by the boat-load and the trend is only increasing. According to […]

Most Morality is Wholly Emotional

After the end of the Atheist Experience show I talked about here, I stayed in the chat channel and talked to a couple of people. Things shifted to morality and wow, there are a lot of irrational people about who unfortunately are convinced they are rational.  The discussion was sparked by people talking about claims […]

Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Liberalism

On a recent Atheist Experience, the last caller of the day asked about Islam and the validity of hating Islam and Russell and Lynnea both did exactly what I expected. Now given my ongoing disagreement with their philosophical position on a great number of things, this isn’t surprising, in fact, when they launched into an […]

Some Conservatives Unclear on Freedom

One thing about me, I’m an equal opportunity critic and even for people I’ve supported on some issues, that doesn’t mean I won’t turn right around and let them have it on others.  I think that’s how every rational, critical thinking individual ought to be, no heroes, no idols, everything is up for evaluation no […]

Last Word on The Bitchspot Report

I know I’ve been putting this off for a while now and I’ve gotten a couple of e-mails over on the podcast site asking when the show was coming back.  I’m sorry I haven’t answered but I’ve really avoided having to address it because I kept going back and forth on the whole thing and […]

The Post-Holiday Holiday

I recently realized that there was another holiday this year, hidden between Christmas and New Years, that I ought to acknowledge, even though it probably means nothing to anyone but me.  It was 10 years ago today that I posted my first post to the first iteration of the Bitchspot Blog, back on December 26, 2004. […]

Liberal War on MRAs

I wasn’t going to write about this, I think I’ve spent a lot of time writing about crap that pisses me off on the Atheist Experience, although the majority of it comes from callers and not the hosts.  This time though, it was a host dog-pile on someone who called in and questioned whether atheism […]

The Importance of “I Don’t Know”

It’s something that theists have a hard time saying and a harder time understanding, the phrase “I don’t know”.  However, it is as close as they can ever get to their deity, thinking critically and rationally, which is why anyone who goes beyond that, who makes claims that they cannot support, is being automatically irrational […]

Debating Theists: Is It Worth It?

I’ve questioned whether engaging in online debate with random theists is really a worthwhile exercise in the past and the response I usually get is, sure, virtually no theist is going to convert or even acknowledge that they’ve lost, but maybe, just maybe, there’s someone in the virtual audience who might see the debate and change […]

That’s Just The Way It Is

One of the most disturbing arguments I see and one that bugs me a lot is the idea that we shouldn’t try to change humanity for the better because people are irrational and “that’s just the way it is”.  This comes up most often in religious discussions where I try to encourage people to think […]

Levels of Religious Claims

I came across a very interesting look at how atheists ought to look at Christian claims that I thought I’d examine here. It was posted in a thread over on Debating Christianity & Religion, the link to the original thread is here.  I will be evaluating the entire original post, but of course, much more […]

Why Not Join an Atheist Group?

On the most recent Atheist Experience, in the aftershow, someone called and said he was nervous about joining the local atheist group because he was afraid that it would be like church.  While I like, for the most part, what Russell and Tracie said, I do have to interject that there are places where they […]