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A Pointless Debate

I spent some time over on Minds today, having a bunch of good discussions in general and enjoying myself… except for one.  Now this took the most time, it was a debate over several hours and, in retrospect, it was a complete waste of my time.

She started off asking me questions about my views on immigration, since we were in a thread on it. I spent a lot of time going into why I am opposed to illegal immigration and all that and she was clearly a no-borders kind of person.  But every time I asked her a question, she would ignore it and keep asking me things.  She was obnoxiously nice, to the point of being saccharine sweet, always thanking me for putting up with her and begging forgiveness when she wasn’t fast enough, which I found annoying. But the one thing that bothered me the most was that every time she let something slip and I called her on it, she would say “you’re right, of course” and change the subject.  I mean, it isn’t like she has no opinions of her own, she is clearly a crazy libertarian, she let slip natural rights and once I said that was stupid, she agreed and moved on to something else.

I mean honestly, what was the point of it all?  She had no interest in expounding on or defending her own views and I don’t think she really cared about mine.  She just kept asking questions, as if looking for some point of agreement with her libertarian ideology and not finding any, instead of giving up, she just kept at it for hours.  I don’t know if she thought she was going to break me or what.

I wish I could say this is my first encounter with this kind of debate tactic but it isn’t.  It’s relatively rare but not unheard of.  I just don’t understand it.  What’s the point?  What are these people hoping to accomplish? Someone, please explain!

The Illegal Alien Problem

US border sign BSince we recently talked about birthright citizenship over on the podcast, this kind of thing has come up a couple of times so I thought I’d argue my position.  I am entirely opposed to illegal aliens, I am entirely opposed to giving them amnesty or a specialized path to citizenship because these people have no earned it.  They have violated some of our most basic laws, showing that they really don’t care about America or the American people.  Why should they get special treatment when they are acting like basic criminals?

But likewise, there’s really no way we can pick up between 11-20 million illegal aliens and throw them out of the country, it just isn’t logistically possible.  I also think the idea of building a physical wall is both ridiculous and useless.  It won’t stop anyone.  They can hop a plane to Canada and cross there, they can just get on a raft, float around the wall and come up somewhere along the coasts.  It makes no sense and is short-sighted, but just because we can’t do that doesn’t mean we just stop trying.

The only logical way to do this is to deny them the things that they are coming here for in the first place.  That means jobs and freebies and other things that making living here under the radar possible. So let’s start at the beginning.

We need to get eVerify up and running and accessible to all.  That must be done before any of this works.  Once that’s in place though, it’s very easy for any employer to know if their employees are here legally.  Then we just have to hold employers accountable and we do this exactly the same way we already do for fire inspections, OSHA inspections and health inspections. We have a division of ICE that visits every single business a minimum of once per year.  They do not announce their visits, they just show up and go over the employment records for every single employee in the company.  They will verify that all employees have been properly vetted through eVerify, that they have copies of their legal identification on file, that their social security numbers match, etc.  Any who is an illegal alien found to be working there, the company is fined $10,000 per illegal, on the first offense. If they find 10 illegals working there, the company gets an automatic $100,000 fine and the illegals are taken away and deported.  If they come back in 6 months and find another 10 illegals, the fine is raised to $100,000 per offense, or a $1 million fine.  These fines, like tax debt, are not dischargeable by bankruptcy and, if the company is dissolved, the fines become the personal responsibility of the board of directors and/or HR managers who hired these people to begin with.  On the third offense, the company is shut down entirely, their business licenses are revoked, their corporate structure is dismantled and the board of directors and/or HR managers can be jailed or fined.  Further, all members of the board of directors and all HR managers are forbidden from obtaining a new business license or incorporating a new business for a period of not less than 10 years.  It is the job of the board and the HR managers to ensure that nobody working for the company is doing so in violation of the law.

But this doesn’t just go for big companies, it goes for everyone.  If you go to Home Depot and pick up some day laborers, you’d better be damn sure that they are legal citizens.  That means that even individuals have to run their employees through eVerify. You might think that it’s safer and maybe it is, but ICE can stop by any site where work is  being done and check for illegal workers and while a company might be able to absorb a $10,000 hit, an individual probably can’t.  You’re running an awful risk and making one mistake can ruin you forever.

So once there are no jobs, what then?  Any major financial transaction can only be done between legal U.S. residents.  You are unable to rent an apartment, buy a house, open a bank account or purchase a vehicle without having legal status.  How do they know if you’re legal?  Well, I suppose they can all use eVerify, but there’s an easier way and this solves the problem of people over-staying their Visas as well.  When someone enters the country legally, they are issued a U.S. government identification card, which they use to establish their identity just like most people use their driver’s licenses.  You cannot engage in any major financial transaction without producing the card and for those in the country for a limited time, the cards stop working when their time here has expired.  You can use the cards to get a job, but your employer will be informed when your time is almost up, at which point you either have to get an extension on your card or you are terminated from the job.

It shouldn’t need to be said that illegals will receive no freebies of any kind.  No free education.  No welfare benefits.  I have no problem with giving them health care, so long as once they are treated, they are deported.  I also have no fundamental problem with something else Trump has been saying, that he would stop illegals from sending money to Mexico.  Yes, they did indeed work for it, but they did so illegally, hence the money was gained in the commission of a crime and thus, is no more theirs than if they just robbed a bank for it.  Can we just confiscate it?  Maybe not, but we ought to be able to control what’s done with it. If they walk into Western Union to send money electronically out of the country, they’d have to produce their ID card and if they can’t, it doesn’t go.

Really, this stuff isn’t that hard to do, the only thing we’re missing is the will and the balls to actually do it.

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #22

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In an especially lengthy show, Cephus and Mike take on religious failure, weird views on magic, the immigration debate and American education.  Run, don’t walk, to the not-so-little episode we call “Time for sum Edumacatin’