Proving The Resurrection By the Minimal Facts

It’s bizarre but I’ve found a lot of really crazy fundamentalist Catholics lately, people who are absolutely convinced that their faith is right and nobody can deny how perfect Catholicism is.  That’s the kind of stuff you expect to see from wingnut evangelical crazies, but nope… Catholics.  Go figure. So anyhow, one of them decides […]

Join the GameChurch!

We just got back from Wondercon and usually, there’s some religious comic book group there, although I never see anyone ever stopping at their booth.  This year, we get Christian gamers and a group called GameChurch.  They had out a little book called “Jesus, For The Win!”, a book, as they describe it, “about a […]

Religious Admissions of Failure

I really get sick and tired of this kind of thing, but it is the final wheezes of a failed position.  How many theists have said to you, after going through a long debate where they have never been able to back up a single thing except through professions of faith, that they’re going to […]

Where Philosophy Falls Apart

I’ve been very critical of philosophy over the years and for very good reason because philosophy tends to get misused a lot. There are times where philosophy is useful, such as when it keeps debates and discussions on the proper, logical, non-fallacious path and keeps people from saying things that are simply unjustified and unjustifiable. […]

Science in America?

There have been a lot of commercials on TV lately, aired by ExxonMobil, calling for bettering our students in science and math.  I absolutely support that, I think it’s embarrassing that American students rank in such low positions, we ought to be #1, not #25. But you know something?  There are reasons why we are […]