Arguing Free Will is Religious

There are a lot of subjects that I really don’t like to talk about, not because I can’t, but because people on the other side really haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about and they’re often very emotionally attached to one side or the other.  One of those subjects is abortion, another is natural […]

Can You Override Your Programming?

Last week, I wrote a piece on free will, and predictably, got some hate mail from hardline determinists who wanted to explain how wrong I was and that everything that happens is entirely because of the state of our brain chemistry.  I even had one particularly adamant individual who insisted that, because I don’t buy […]

Sam Harris on Free Will

I try my hardest to avoid these discussions on free will.  They tend to be very popular and get quite heated in the atheist “community”, but for the most part, I feel they really go nowhere.  Most of the time, I think the people having the debate are just talking past each other, they are […]

Free Will

There’s been a spate of articles over on Why Evolution is True regarding free will.  I’ve posted before on it, I think this is a good time to take another swing at it. My personal definition of “free will” is the ability to choose between a wide variety of available choices, without being unduly restricted […]