Are Americans Stupid?

It seems to me that Americans, indeed humans regardless of where they’re from, have gotten stupider as time has gone on.  There was a time when people were at least marginally intelligent, they had the ability to work out simple problems for themselves and didn’t need their hands held to ponder the most infantile dilemmas.  […]

Dealing With the Real Problem

There’s a lot of talk about raising the minimum wage and giving the lowest-income workers a “living wage”, yet nobody ever  bothers to deal with the actual reality of the situation and that is, these people simply do not deserve to make more because they’re just not worth more to their employers.  With the call […]

Technical Overload

I tend to be a very technical person, although I certainly am not the early adopter that I once was.  There was a point in time where I was among the first to embrace every new technology that came down the pike, I wanted to have it early on, if I could, although I was […]