Attacking Those Who Don’t Use Drugs

This one always gives me a chuckle.  Whenever the subject of drug legalization comes up and I say I am not in favor of it, the nutty drug advocates desperately try to find something that I do that they can point at and say “aha!  You’re guilty too!”  They never can, of course, I don’t […]

I’m Right Because I’m Right

Lots of people out there who are actually offended that anyone disagrees with them, to the point of calling anyone who opposes their point of view abusive.  Disagreement isn’t abuse, it isn’t offensive and so long as it isn’t done in an insulting way, you shouldn’t feel bad about it.  In fact, if you do […]

Lies, Damn Lies and Making Stuff Up

Even though this particular example is directed at a Christian, it seems to be a problem all over so I don’t want anyone to think this is a religious-only issue.  On an atheist forum, a Catholic member asserted that there were more male forum members on atheist forums and more female members on religious forums […]

The Rules Don’t Apply to Religion

Maybe you’ve noticed this as well but it’s becoming absurdly common in my encounters with the religious.  A religious person simply cannot abide by the rules of evidence, logic and common sense that actually exist so they pretend they get to make up their own rules and insist that by following these imaginary rules, they […]

What is Philosophy For?

I’ve questioned a lot of “philosophers” over the years, asking what is modern philosophy good for and haven’t really gotten a lot of good answers.  Sure, they’ll toss out all the things that the ancient philosophers have done, but what has philosophy done for us lately? Anyhow, I came across this short video on YouTube […]

The Childishness of Religion

While it will come as no surprise to people who have had experience with debating irrational theists, theists can be pretty childish when it comes right down to it.  In a recent discussion, we were discussing the rationality, or lack thereof, of religion and how faith really isn’t a rational process.  I explained that rational people […]

Theists Clueless About the Supernatural

Someone called a recent Atheist Experience and said that that they didn’t understand Matt’s position that science cannot prove the supernatural.  In fact, he argued that science could and gave an example.  What if, he said, we found out that people could pray and invoke magical words that would make their wishes and dreams come […]

Logic Escapes Christians

I know this is like a broken record, but lots of theists out there, Christians particularly in this example, just don’t have the slightest clue what logic is.  I had someone argue that there is an objective morality because, assuming God exists, then such a morality is a characteristic of God. Says who? Let’s look […]

Why Start At the Beginning?

One question I get from a lot of theists is why do I spend so much time harping on the existence of gods?  Why does every single debate circle around to whether or not gods actually exist?  The answer is simple.  It’s because all religious arguments hinge on that specific claim.  If gods don’t exist, […]

Explaining Causation to Theists

I can’t tell you how many times I have theists tell me they don’t understand how something works, therefore God did it.  They don’t seem to be able to get it through their heads that the only way to say “therefore God did it” is to actually demonstrate that God exists and was demonstrably responsible. […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #67

Here we go again!  This week, Fox News falls for a 4Chan hoax, or do they?  Egypt outlaws unlicensed Imams and we wonder where you get an Imam license?  Christian persecution, a new study shows it’s nonsense but the Christians probably don’t care.  Pat Robertson encourages children not to involve the authorities in domestic abuse. […]

Seeing “Miracles” Proves Nothing

On the most recent Atheist Experience, at least as of this writing, they had a caller who was quite insistent that the claims of former Christians, including Dan Barker, of miraculous experiences while they were religious, somehow proves that miracles really happen.  My response?  Prove it. See, I’m sure there are plenty of things that […]

Axiom For The Win!

It seems to me that there are a few topics that lend themselves to axiomatic victories.  People who argue these aren’t really interested in demonstrating that they are true, they simply insist that they are and move on from there.  They start with the conclusion that everything they believe is right and look for evidence, […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #50

This week, we take on the flaming remnants of the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate, talk about a Louisiana school district that told a Buddhist child to get lost, Jewish cock-sucking spreading disease, Christian cannibalism in Africa, a pastor who lost his faith and found financial salvation with the atheists and a long discussion on being […]

Is Atheism Illogical? Part 2

A while back, I wrote a review of an article called “Atheism is Illogical“, written on a theist philosophy site called Philosophy Out of the Box.  I pointed out how absurd many of the ideas contained within the article were and, even though I had gotten the idea from a fellow atheist blog, the Athefist, […]

Deism: Defining Some Terms Logically

As with many other blog post ideas lately, this one came from the latest episode of The Atheist Experience, where a self-identified deist called in and started arguing that atheists should not be the enemies of deists because deists were so rational and logical and all that nonsense. Sure, great claims, if only it was […]

It’s So Sad Looking Back

I walked away from the whole furry fandom thing many years ago, I didn’t keep up with any of the people and I haven’t paid attention to what few smoldering ruins of the fandom still remain.  In fact, I honestly don’t care if the vast majority of furries I was aware of would explode into […]

Ten Bad Commandments

I ran into this over on a debate forum and thought it was extremely well written so… I stole it.  Actually, I want to make sure people see it and I wanted to respond to some of the points, therefore I’m going to cut and paste some portions here.  Please, make sure you go read […]

It’s How They’re Raised

On Thanksgiving, I had the annual displeasure of having to hang around with a “family friend” who has come to attend family functions with her obnoxious hyperactive kid.  She’s one of those annoying extremely permissive parents who lets their kid get away with murder and wouldn’t know how to discipline if her life depended on […]