When Theists are Crazy

Sometimes, you know you’re talking to a crazy person but you can’t actually identify why they’re crazy.  And then it becomes painfully obvious that this person is a lunatic when the proof gets dropped in your lap. Such is the case when I was debating with a theist over on Minds.  He followed the typical […]

What is Wrong With These Crazy People?

Now as everyone knows, I’ve been checking out Minds as a new social media platform, not because I have any love for social media, but because a lot of people have been abandoning places like Twitter and Facebook and moving over there and these are, what I thought, were “my people”. But wow, was I […]

Stupid Racist Communist

Okay, I’m not going to blame this one on the liberals because this idiot is a self-identified communist, but geez, he sure talks like a liberal most of the time even though he claims to hate them.  So we’re in this discussion about racism and he’s making statements about “reverse racism” and I point out […]

That Old Time Libertarian Religion

If there’s anything that doing a YouTube channel has taught me, it’s that libertarians are crazy.  In every comment I get from them, it becomes harder and harder to tell the difference between them and fundamentalist Christians.  There is nothing but blind faith and empty assertions in their ideas and when you point that out, […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.18

Yes, You Are a Boat Lots of stupid as a judge orders a couple to get married and write Bible verses or go to jail, 5 women in India are beaten to death as witches, Wal-Mart’s new minimum wage is upsetting workers, as we predicted, two state representatives are having an affair, but they’d rather […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.15

Can You Trump That? A foodie show, we look at a South African preacher who makes his followers eat live snakes, then crazy theists insist Pepsi is made of dead fetuses, an Australian naturopath convinces a mother to almost kill her baby and the EEOC decides that the 1964 Civil Rights Act protects LBGTQ from […]

Natural Rights Loons Drive Me Crazy

I guess it’s time for another one of those “why are these people so crazy and irrational” posts, owing the the fact that I’ve gotten myself involved, once again, in a debate with libertarians who cannot demonstrate that natural rights actually exist, they just keep repeating that they do over and over and over again. […]

Sauron Kills!

Seriously, sometimes this stuff is so unbelievably stupid that it’s hard to believe at all.   A local art group in Moscow had planned to mount a replica of Sauron’s Eye on top of a skyscraper to celebrate the release in the last movie in the Hobbit series.  Fans were elated and I’m sure Warner […]

Different Levels of Irrationality

There’s a lot of irrationality in the world and lots of people who hold irrational beliefs who point at other people who hold different irrational beliefs in an accusatory manner, like their own silly beliefs are fine, but those other silly beliefs… HERESY! I ran into someone like that recently, whose hypocrisy was so utterly […]

Libertarians Don’t Get Reality

I was recently involved in a discussion about which American third-party had the best chance to go mainstream and what might happen if they did.  Of course, the whole discussion is based on an irrational idea, the whole reason that third parties aren’t mainstream is because they don’t appeal to a sizable number of American […]

The Craziness of the Calendar

  I’ve said before that I write prolifically and that my blogs, both of them, are scheduled out to an absurd degree.  In fact, I often don’t even remember writing many of the posts that come up during the week, I have to go back and re-read them because it’s been literally months since I […]

Raising the Bar of Craziness

With the Tom and Katie news lately, which frankly I couldn’t give a flying fuck about, you have lots of people bringing up how crazy the Scientologists are.  I’ll be the first ones to agree that they are, utterly, hopelessly and ridiculously insane. But they’re not the only ones. The thing is though, most people […]

The Past Makes You Think

I had mentioned that I did, at one time, kick around the idea of doing a podcast, but for various reasons it never got off the ground.  Out of curiousity last night, I dug around for my copies of the test podcasts and listened to them, in particular, a very long segment where I described […]