Liberals Making Excuses

I find it really sad to see how idiotic and blind the liberal left can be.  Case in point, in a recent discussion about MTV host Ira Madison III mocking Jeff Session’s Asian family, saying that his grandkids looked like he got them at Toys R Us, instead of just admitting that it was a […]

The Immorality of Catholic Hiding

I said, a little bit ago, that I had encountered a lot of fundamentalist Catholics of late and yes, they’re still at it.  This time, in a discussion about children, someone brought up IVF treatments and one of our resident irrational Catholics declared that IVF was, in the view of the Catholic Church, immoral. Of […]

Obama Lies About Islam Again

To be fair, it isn’t only Obama who does this, seemingly the majority of the liberal left operates like this, including a lot of people within the so-called “atheist community”.  This is a complete falsehood and there is no conceivable way that he cannot be aware that he’s vomiting a load of horse shit, but […]

Stop Hiding Your Atheism!

Now I recognize that I have no right to tell other people how to live their lives, nor would I ever do so, but I do have every right to post my opinions on various subjects and invite others to engage in a lively discussion of the facts so that’s what I’m doing. Now on […]