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Environmental Hypocrisy on the Left

Wait in the car, keep the engine running, I’ll be right back.

I love how you get the crazies on the environmental left who scream that the sky is falling, they try to get laws passed that hurt people, so long as they “save the planet”, but none of these people are really buying the crap they’re peddling.  They’re not out there living off the land, they’re not producing zero emissions, they’re polluting as much, if not more than anyone around them, but they can because they’re rich.

So take SB 350, a California bill that would have required Californians to cut our gasoline usage in half by 2030, among other things.  They were going to put it in the hands of the AQMD, the air management board, with no explanation for how this might actually be done. The reality is, they could never achieve it without either draconian gas rationing, putting a transponder on your car to track how much and where you drive, or by raising taxes to such a degree that nobody could afford to drive.  Luckily, there were enough Californians who saw through that impending disaster that they insisted their representatives remove that part from the bill, but the rest still got passed by Governor Moonbeam. But the people responsible?  They’re just trying to buy votes from the crazy liberals in San Francisco, they really don’t care about the message at all.

So sponsor Senator Kevin De Leon goes to the official media event for this bill that’s supposed to clean up the air by providing more electric cars, then leaves his chauffeured Chevy Suburban running for more than 2.5 hours so the air conditioning will be on when he gets  back in the car.  Sure, that’s ecologically responsible, isn’t it? Governor Jerry Brown left the event to get on an airplane that dumps 100 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere every mile flown. These people do not care about the environment.

And they claim they want to put more electric cars on the road with more charging stations in poor neighborhoods, when they are already claiming that too many people bought electric cars and the gas tax isn’t collecting enough money to keep the roads repaired.  It isn’t like they actually used any of the gas tax money to maintain the roads now, but hey, give them more money! Their only real choice is to either jack up the gas taxes again, already among the highest in the nation, or to start charging people who bought electric cars and hybrids money.  And how can they justify that  because these vehicles don’t use any real separate consumables.  You plug your car in.  You can certainly put a tax on the electricity but how do you determine what’s going to cars and what’s not?  So do you just charge everyone more for their power?  That’ll go over well.  And what about the people who put solar panels on their roofs and are living entirely off the grid?  What then?  They already have the power companies complaining that they’ve lost too many customers already and want to raise rates for the rest of us, in fact, they even want to charge people who aren’t consuming any power at all to pay money to the power companies to keep them afloat.  None of this is economically feasible no matter how you spin it.

If these people aren’t willing to walk the walk as they talk the talk, why should they expect the rest of us to?  They aren’t leading the way, they’re playing “do as I say, not as I do”.   It amazes me that people can’t see what’s coming down the road at them, that what they’re saying out of the left side of their mouth makes no sense when compared to what’s coming out the right. They want to get gas-powered cars off the road, but with fewer gas powered cars, they can’t afford to keep up the roads. They want people to use clean, renewable energy, but when they do, the coffers of the big energy companies, which the government of California lives in their pockets, lose money and we can’t have that.  Why does no one listen and point out the gross hypocrisy of the environmental left?  Because the left has no clue and no brains.

The Idiocy of Extreme Environmentalism

monarch-butterfly-migrationI heard some lady on the radio today complain about a local city who cut down a tree and displaced a large swarm of Monarch butterflies and was pleading for help so that this evil city would stop “harming the environment”.

What’s worse, this crazy lady actually said that she hugs trees.  Seriously.  I mean, for her, treehugging isn’t just a cute label, she actually does it.

These people are idiots.

She also made the argument that lots of species are going extinct and somehow that’s a bad thing.  That’s really what prompted me to write this article, because such claims are ridiculous and illogical on their face.  There are an estimated 8.5 million species on the planet.  There doesn’t have to be that many and there can be more. Species come into existence and go extinct every single day, with or without our help. Extinction is a natural part of the life cycle of this planet, it’s something that goes on whether we pay any attention to it or not.  However, to a lot of hyper-environmentalists, the loss of any species is a travesty.  That’s why they demand extreme measures to counteract the loss of habitat of any species they come across that isn’t doing as well as they’d like to think it should.  There are local desert tortoises which are required, by law, to live in fenced off areas, complete with their own little bridges under the freeway so they don’t get squashed.  There are waterways which cannot be improved  because it might impact local fish populations.  In fact, this story is part of a city’s move to spent $200 million dollars to improve a wetlands area, which this bitch is whining about because the improvement might impact some butterflies.

The reality is, human activity is also part of the natural process.  What we do may very well drive animal species to extinction, but guess what?  That might not be a bad thing for the environment.  It might not be a good thing either.  It simply is a thing. It’s an unfortunate reality that a lot of people think that just because a thing has been the way that it is, that it ought to be the way that it is.

I’m not against intelligent environmentalism though.  Let’s take tigers.  I like tigers.  I had a friend a long time ago who was very outspoken about saving the Sumatran tiger. But the question is why?  If the Sumatran tiger went extinct, what  specific effect would it have on the planet’s ecosystem?  None. But in going extinct, perhaps it would open an ecological niche for another animal to rise in it’s place.  That’s how evolution works. Old species die, new species arise.  Our emotional attachment to any particular species is not rational.  If it dies, it dies.  More are on the way, and if they’re not, if the overall biological diversity decreases, then life goes on.  And if we kill off so many species that it harms our ability to remain on this planet, then we die and the planet resets.  The planet isn’t harmed by humanity, it will go on long after we’re gone, until the sun expands as a red giant and engulfs it.  Outside of that and the occasional rogue planetoid, the Earth has nothing to worry about.  We do.  But we shouldn’t be concerned because we never want anything to change, but because we do things that actually cause demonstrable harm to our own survival.

I’m not saying we should shoot animals and drive them to extinction for no reason, but neither should we cling to every single species of bullfrog and mosquito because they’ve always been here and we’d be uncomfortable not to see them anymore.  There has to be a rational middle ground between living life as the planet’s dominant species and being irresponsible with the planet’s resources.  We have to eat.  If we end up killing off a particular species of deer or cattle while eating, so be it.  If we end up killing off all deer and cattle, there’s probably an issue.  We need to learn and adapt.  We need to set reasonable limits.  We need to accept change, but not purposely cause change for no good reason.  These hyper-emotional environmental types who are hugging trees and complaining about butterflies being inconvenienced, that’s just another example of liberal whining and I am ever so sick of liberal whining.