Google+ Apologetics Part 2

To be honest, I often find Google+ to be a waste of time because there aren’t very many good discussions. Occasionally though, something worthwhile pops up and I have to respond, but as I’ve said before, it isn’t easy to get into much depth and detail because of the format.  Often, when that happens, I […]

Google+ Apologetics Part 1

Every now and then, someone posts a long screed on one of the Google+ Atheism Communities I’m a member of.  Usually, they’re nothing worth paying attention to but this time, I think this list of ten complaints about religious/irreligious debate is something I’d like to respond to.  It was written by someone named Johnathan Peter […]

Yes, There Is a God!

At least that’s the claim made by someone who commented on one of my YouTube videos. He presented an article that supposedly demonstrates that yes, a god does exist, but in reading through it, he’s done nothing of the sort.  As this wouldn’t make a good video, I’m going to respond to his article with […]

Words Don’t Mean Anything!

Oh look, the stupid religious patrol is out in force again.  This time, a theist is trying to tell me that “meaning of language can be accurately discerned simply from the letters used in the word? By knowing letters you know meaning?”  This is in reaction to my stating that the English-language prefix “a-” means […]

Argument from Incomplete Certainty

This is a weird one and an argument that, as usual, falls apart completely under even the most cursory evaluation, but hey, it’s religion, what do you expect? I ran into a theist whose main argument for the supernatural is that man cannot be 100% certain that the natural world is all that there is. […]

Yet Another Failed Apologetic Tactic

By the time anyone reads this, Roger, our single Christian troll, could be long gone.  While he is laughable, he’s also a good example of a failed apologetic tactic.  I haven’t come up with a good name for it, although I am certainly open to suggestions.  Essentially, the tactic is to continually ask for more […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #67

Here we go again!  This week, Fox News falls for a 4Chan hoax, or do they?  Egypt outlaws unlicensed Imams and we wonder where you get an Imam license?  Christian persecution, a new study shows it’s nonsense but the Christians probably don’t care.  Pat Robertson encourages children not to involve the authorities in domestic abuse. […]

Taking on the Quinque Viae

Yeah, I know.  Say what?  But this is really where a lot of apologist arguments either started from or are most concisely described and a Catholic debate partner demanded that I handle these arguments because they absolutely prove God is real. Well… not so much. The Quinque Viae, or the “Five Ways” are supposed to […]

20 Bad Arguments for Christianity

** FAIR WARNING!  This post is a MONSTER, it is fairly densely written and is extremely long.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you! ** There are certainly a lot of religious frauds and crackpots running around the Internet, claiming that they’ve proven a particular religious viewpoint and often producing sad lists of “evidence” like what […]

Ten Responses to Ten Pitfalls

It’s actually kind of funny how I find some of these things.  I was actually looking for a picture for this post when I came across this post on another blog.  The picture got me reading the article and now, even though it’s a couple of months late, I’m going to respond. Now I will […]