Anti-Suicide Fanaticism

Every once in a while, the subject of suicide comes up and it just leaves me shaking my head.  It was in response to someone who is a member of a gun club.  Some young woman went to the club, rented a gun for the range and promptly used it to kill herself.  And, of […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.13

Oy Vey! It’s Mass Suicide Time! An orthodox Jewish group hires Mexican migrant workers to hold signs at a gay pride parade, the religious head for the hills to avoid God’s wrath, a liberal professor tells white people to commit mass suicide over slavery and a teacher is fired while teaching about free speech for […]

The Fallacy of Fighting Suicide

Cassandra C., a 17-year old girl in Connecticut, is being forced by the courts to go through chemotherapy, even though she doesn’t want to go through chemotherapy, even if not doing so will kill her. Now some have argued that her reasons for rejecting treatment are irrational and suicidal, a sure sign that she’s got mental […]

Suicide and the Art of Outrage

The Atheist Revolution had an interesting article today about Robin Williams’ suicide and the subsequent uproar from the collective Internet over comments made by Shepard Smith.  I was totally unaware of any of this, of course, because I don’t pay attention to the constant whine coming from the online community.  I’m fine with suicide, as […]

Suicide Part Deux

A while back, I talked about suicide and why I think many people have a very bad view of it.  Well, maybe not a bad view but at least a very self-centered view.  Lots of people have an irrational fear of death and because they are afraid to die, they impose that on others and […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #49

It’s a non suicidal week mostly, we talk about goblin craziness in Zimbabwe, Ken Ham declaring victory before the debate, exactly as we predicted, a televangelist telling a caller to kill themselves and a satire piece that we take somewhat seriously because it’s not that far from the truth.  We also address listener Iamanatheist’s questions […]

Suicide is Painless

Or so the old theme song from M.A.S.H. goes.  I honestly get really tired of people getting up in arms about suicide, like it’s the worst thing anyone could ever do.  Personally, I’m fine with people deciding to kill themselves, but then again, I’m an atheist and I don’t have to pretend that offing yourself […]

In a Tizzy over Suicide

I never troll discussions, but I know that when I post certain things, that the majority of posters are going to run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.  Such is the case in a recent discussion over the suicide death of former Jett Jackson TV series star Lee Thompson Young.  Immediately, there […]