SJWs Don’t Understand Comic Book Movies

Granted, I haven’t seen the new Avengers movie yet, I won’t see it until it comes out on Blu Ray,  but already the crazy SJWs are out whining about how bad it is.  Joss Whedon walked away from Twitter entirely because he was getting abused, some people thought it was the radical feminist idiots that […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.2

If You’ve Got Brains, You’re a Bad Person! This week, we look at a liberal professor who declares economists are evil if they’re not liberal, Indiana shuts down Planned Parenthood and undergoes an HIV epidemic, Turkey gets mad at the Vatican because they don’t like reality, a UCLA professor dares to try to educate a […]

Racism: Gotta Start ’em Young

Only in a place like San Francisco would you find such an absurd liberal load of horse shit taking place.  We’ve all heard of the Girl Scouts, right?  And their younger counterparts, the Brownies?  Well here’s a group, based in Oakland, right outside of San Francisco, one of the major hubs for liberal lunacy, who […]

Driving While Black

It gets so sad talking to some of these liberals who are convinced that everyone is out to get them and this is true no more than with very liberal blacks who are convinced the police are all racists, waiting to do them harm.  I ran into someone I haven’t seen for a long, long […]

Avoiding Ferguson No More

I’ve purposely not addressed the Ferguson shooting, I’ve carefully avoided talking about Michael Brown and Darren Wilson and the whole nonsense that arose following both the shooting itself and the Grand Jury announcement.  For one, it doesn’t matter, it’s just been children acting like children and people taking advantage of a situation to riot and […]

But Blacks Can’t Be Racist!

It’s a typical liberal claim, right up until stories like this show up, then either the liberals run away or try to make some kind of ridiculous excuse why, even though it’s painfully and clearly racist, blacks still can’t be racist. In Brooklyn, New York, a group of 10 black teens attacked a white couple […]

Tired of Liberal Privilege Whines

This is another of those constant drones that we see on the Internet, liberals pointing fingers and accusing others of being privileged, therefore they should keep their damn mouths shut and let everyone else talk because anything that anyone who actually isn’t living in destitution isn’t worth listening to.  They think that liberal privilege should […]

Fine, Educate the White Folk

I came across this quote from Katie McDonough of Salon Magazine on Tumblr earlier today and it struck me as strange, not because it’s anything new, but because, like most similar quotes, I doubt Ms. McDonough has any real clue what she’s talking about.  Therefore, I thought I’d invite liberals who agree with Ms. McDonough’s […]

Why Are They Pointing Racist Fingers?

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, after all, this tends to happen any time that the subject of racism is brought up in a discussion, but in a recent forum debate on the distinct disadvantage that poor blacks have in climbing out of the ghettos, I again pointed out that it’s not so much whitey […]

Black Atheists are Racist?

Yesterday was the National Day of Solidarity for Black Non-Believers.  I heard quite a few people talking about it and, without exception, every single one of them said that the major purpose of the day is to focus on the difficulty of black non-believers finding other black non-believers to talk to. So what?  Why do […]

The Dream is Dead

Not long ago, I wrote an article about someone I didn’t know well coming out to me and how it was, in my view, pretty pointless and absurd.  I posted my views in a discussion not long thereafter and got a generally unfavorable response because people, generally self-professed liberals, complained that this guy trusted me […]

It’s a Good Dream to Have

I have no feelings for Representative Joe Walsh, in fact, I have no feelings for his politics or anything else.  He has zero impact on my life, he’s part of the Illinois political machine and therefore, I just don’t care what he says or what he stands for directly.  That said though, this popped up […]

Business with Racist Overtones

I get really tired of having to explain reality to liberals.  I’ve talked about this a couple of times before, but the liberal stupidity keeps rolling along and I’m putting this here to keep from overly politicizing my other blog. For those in the dark, there’s been a “movement” of sorts, I suppose, to pressure […]

Racism: Don Lemon Gets it Right

On a recent episode of The Bitchspot Report, we took some time and talked about some of the problems with education in America, especially, although it wasn’t planned that way, the way education is handled in the poor, predominantly black community.  Mike kept wanting to focus on those parents who actually care about their children’s […]

Blacks More Racist? No Surprise There.

There’s a new study out that confirms something that I already knew, that blacks tend to be more racist than whites, or at the very least, that Americans see them that way.  There’s nothing wrong with blacks, of course, it’s just that we have a society which encourages them, sometimes passively, sometimes actively, to hate […]

I don’t want to Coexist!

I saw someone on Twitter advocate the bumper sticker to the left and while I will admit it’s a cool design, as I tweeted back to him, “Cute bumper sticker, bad message”. I don’t want to co-exist with religion, any more than I want to co-exist with murderers or child molesters.  All of these are […]

And They Call Whites Racist?

Because they say only white people can be racist, here’s a good story from Obama’s own back yard.  It wasn’t enough when Obama’s former pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright was spouting racist crap that apparently, Obama just “missed”, you might be able to make a shaky case that he was too busy playing Tetris on his […]

The Racist Strategy

In light of the recent Atheism+ nonsense, I think we’ve done feminism to death so it’s time to take a look at another of their bullet points, this time being racism.  I am absolutely, positively, undeniably opposed to racism, but as with feminism, I’m not out looking for black rights or hispanic rights, I’m out […]