Religious Belief vs. Business

A lot of hardcore Christians seem to think that if they operate a business, they get to impose their personal religious beliefs on that business and that business can simply act as an extension of themselves, such that they don’t have to cater to anyone they don’t personally like.  These people are idiots. The reality […]

Picking on ChristianMingle?

In a recent court case, a judge ordered the owners of ChristianMingle, a “Christian” dating service, to allow same-sex couples to use the service, even though homosexuality is a sin according to a lot of Christians.  Of course, this immediately caused Christian whiners to come out of the woodwork, screaming that this is blatant discrimination […]

Following the Law

As I get older, I get more conservative.  I see society taking a header into the abyss and for much of it, I lay blame squarely on the liberalization of America.  However, and perhaps surprisingly, I also blame a lot of it on the libertarianization of America.  While I very much value personal freedom, that […]