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MGTOW is a Cult

I can sort of sympathize with some people who identify as MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). After all, at least when you’re looking at far-left liberal women, there isn’t anything really worth wanting to be around, so making an individual decision to avoid the radical feminist idiots is pretty easy to understand.

But damn, there are a lot of people who go far beyond making their own decisions to advocating that all men everywhere adopt the female-free lifestyle and if you happen to be married, or happen to want to get married, they’ll rain down holy hell on your head because you’re not swilling their particular flavor of Koolaid.

This is really where some people, not all by any means, but a painfully large percentage of the MGTOW movement become cultic in their behavior.  It stops being an individual choice and starts being an action plan.  But of course, this is why I’m not a joiner and really don’t get people who are.  I don’t sign on to any group ideology.  Even if I didn’t want to get married, I would never join a group of people who likewise didn’t want to get married.  It would be my choice and my choice alone and I wouldn’t have to embrace a cult identity to get it.

This is a problem with the Child-Free movement as well, which a post over at Atheist Revolution recently reminded me.  Not for everyone, of course, but I have had more than my fair share of people who are adamantly child free and think everyone else should be too.  Too bad for you.  You don’t get to impose your emotional nonsense onto the world, just because you don’t like it.

I probably wouldn’t say if there was ever a rational reason they give, but it’s always emotional.  Women suck!  Kids suck!  No, you suck!  You have unrealistic expectations of the world.  Grow up and knock it off.  Come back when you have a rational, intellectual argument to evaluate.  I’ll look at your claims and see if they meet logical muster.  But if all you can do is scream “I hate da wimminz!” and “I hate da kidz!” then fuck you.  You hate them because you are intellectually and emotionally a child.  And that’s not something you, or anyone else, should be proud of.

What is Wrong With These Crazy People?

Now as everyone knows, I’ve been checking out Minds as a new social media platform, not because I have any love for social media, but because a lot of people have been abandoning places like Twitter and Facebook and moving over there and these are, what I thought, were “my people”.

But wow, was I wrong, at least for a sizeable chunk of them.

Now these people are seemingly intelligent, at least they can string together a couple of sentences of decently chosen words, but on more than one occasion, and it’s more than you might even think, these people will be speaking semi-intellectually about things like politics or philosophy and suddenly go into a diatribe about the Illuminati.  Or the flat earth.  Or some other crazy conspiracy theory that leaves me shaking my head, once my jaw stops bouncing off the floor.  Because it makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with these people?

I mean seriously, I was watching one video where this woman was having what seemed to be a serious discussion about the rise of communism in America, when she just broke off into “well, I could talk about the Illuminati or the Bilderbergs, who really run things…” and I just shut off her video.  Sorry, you’ve just lost yourself a viewer.  And I have also noticed that there are a ton, and I mean a metric ton of anti-Semites running around too, blaming the Jews for everything.  I mean, holy crap, what is wrong with these idiots?

There honestly doesn’t seem to be anywhere I can go where people are just rational.  It’s always varying degrees of irrationality.  There’s always some kind of crazy running around out there, even in so-called “skeptic” communities, where people will be pretty decent most of the time until you find that one thing that they are just out of their bloody minds about.

What the fuck is wrong with humanity?