Liberals Don’t Get Basic Economics

Over on Google+, a liberal and self-identified socialist brought up this article about having a 4-hour work day as a way to improve the world. Even though I wouldn’t think most people in the community were conservative, at least they were all critical thinkers and everyone, without exception, came down on this guy like a […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #71

  This time out, it’s okay to ignore your employer and violate their policies if you’re a Christian, Illinois ballot blocking and the Libertarians, an Orthodox Russian Priest doesn’t own a mirror and abstinence-only sex education backfires on a GOP politician.  Plus, we take a long look at how conservatives look at sex education in […]

Entitlement Happy

I got a phone call at work today from a prospective hire who had just filled out an online application and demanded that I call him in for an interview.  Not asked.  Not inquired.  Demanded. We have a standing ad on that we maintain whether we’re actively hiring or not, just to keep applications […]