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When You Make the Rules…

You see a lot of people on the left waving this around, but the minute you look at it objectively, the whole thing falls apart.  Supposedly, America has dropped to the 8th “best” country and it’s all Trump’s fault.  Never mind that under Obama, it fell from 4th to 7th place, that’s not important, this is just one more reason for the liberal lunatics to scream about Trump!

But the whole survey is pointless to begin with.  What are the criteria?  Purely liberal taking points of course!  So let’s take a look and see why this whole thing means nothing when it’s the left making the rules.

If you ask a liberal why we’re so low, and this is out of 197 countries mind you, they will spit out things like universal health care and minimum wages.  In other words, liberal talking points.  The whole survey is just that, a survey, personal opinions by a reported 21,000 people world wide.  But is subjective opinion a worthwhile way to determine who is best?  I think not.  Let’s look at some of these points.

Adventure.  So the hell what?  I mean honestly, the U.S. has one of the top tourism industries on the planet, more people want to come here (and honestly, stay here illegally far too often) than pretty much anywhere else.  Pointless category.

Citizenship.  I find it funny how they define this.  “Cares about human rights, cares about the environment, gender equality, progressive, religious freedom, respects property rights, trustworthy, well-distributed political power.”  In other words, the whole of the liberal playbook.  Sorry, liberalism sucks.  That invalidates the whole survey right there.

Cultural Influence.  Considering the whole world wants to be like us, I find it hard to believe that we didn’t get this one.

Entrepreneurship.  Now I’ll be the first one to agree that this is a major problem.  We need to stop sending jobs overseas. Still, the vast majority of new technologies come from America.  I’m sure a lot of it comes from even more liberal buzzwords in the description like “well-developed legal framework”.  Define that for me.  Oh, you mean liberal?  Joy!

Heritage.  Sure, tell me how many “cultural attractions” Sweden has?  Bias, bias, bias.

Movers. The definition of this is “different, distinctive, dynamic, unique”.  What does that even mean?  If you mean movers and shakers, we’ve got that won too.  How many people tune in to talks by non-American CEOs?  Not that many.

Open for Business. The definition here is “bureaucratic, cheap manufacturing costs, corrupt, favorable tax environment, transparent government practices”.  In other words, it’s built to favor third world countries where you can live on a dime.

Power.  The U.S. is #1.  Nobody can even come close.  Politically, militarily and financially, we are the top of the heap. I’m sure this counted against us.

Quality of Life.  Again, filled to the brim with liberal buzzwords.  “A good job market, affordable, economically stable, family friendly, income equality, politically stable, safe, well-developed public education system, well-developed public health system”. The job market here is fine, it’s certainly better than under Obama.  It’s affordable for people who work hard, again, this isn’t liberal-land and we don’t want it to be.  Then you start putting things in like “income equality” which is pure liberal lunacy, “safe”, which we certainly are, but they still mention gun deaths in the description and “well-developed public health system” meaning socialized medicine.  These people are blatant socialists, which gets absolutely no respect from me whatsoever.

Whether these liberal idiots like it or not, this is the country everyone wants to come to.  This is the country most people want to live in.  But because we’re not some leftist utopia, they still hate us because hating success without their socialist methodology is very, very wrong as far as they’re concerned.  And when you make the rules for the survey, you can get the survey to say whatever you want.  The actual, demonstrable results tell a different story though.  That’s all that really matters.

Lack of Patriotism

A couple of days ago, I was in the local K-Mart, which is closest big box retailer to my new house and happens to be next door to the grocery store.  Way in the back, they had a bunch of displays for patriotic t-shirts that they were clearly trying to sell off for the 4th of July.  I looked through them, but honestly, I’m not that patriotic.  I can really only recall owning a single American-centric t-shirt in my life that I must have bought 20 years ago because I was going to a barbecue on the 4th and wanted something to wear.  But otherwise, I’m just not that much of a “rah-rah” American.  Is it the best country out there?  Yes.  Is it the best it could be?  Not even close.  The idea that I should display a false patriotism seems absurd to me.

But damn, there are a lot of people out there that seem to think that America is the end-all, be-all of reality, people that are so hyper-patriotic that it entirely clouds their ability to rationally examine the state of the nation objectively.  I can’t stand those people.

Honestly though, now that my new house has a place to fly a flag, I actually considered picking one up for the 4th.  I have no idea if I’ll be home that day or not and, as of this writing, no clue if I’ll decide to get one or not.  I don’t have any particular attachment to the idea, after all, I haven’t flown an American flag in more than 20 years, not because I’m anti-America, but because I just don’t care about hanging a colored piece of cloth outside my house.  It isn’t important to me, any more than wearing a patriotic t-shirt is important to me.  There are some things that I’m proud of this country for doing and many that I’m ashamed of and I don’t pretend that I have to pump my fist in the air on a particular day of the year because that’s just what you’re supposed to do.  Like everything else, this country has to earn my respect and far too often, it’s failed to do so.  Too bad I have little hope that it will manage it any time soon.

Musings on Iran and Hypocrisy

This week, at least this week as I write this, there’s a huge bruhaha going on, especially on the right, about Iran taking custody of 10 U.S. sailors after their ship underwent mechanical problems in Iranian territorial waters.  Of course, Iran immediately said that the sailors were treated well and would be returned promptly, and after less than 24 hours, they were sent on their way home, but never let a minor event not be an opportunity to attack Obama or anything, which is exactly what the idiots on the far right did.

They started screaming that Iran was taking advantage of the U.S. because of Obama’s weak leadership.  Now I’m no fan of Obama, I think he’s a complete asshole, but come on, let’s try to be realistic here.  Iran didn’t arrest American sailors and throw them into captivity without charges or trial for over a decade or anything.  Who has done that?  Oh wait, AMERICA HAS!  But no, they don’t talk about that, do they?  What’s really going on here is an irrational hate-on for Iran and for Obama as well. They don’t care if it makes any sense, they just waste no opportunity to attack either and impugn the motives of either because both must be mustache-twirling evil.  These people are idiots.

One only has to listen to our now-defunct podcast in recent months to see my views on the irrational hatred of Iran.  They’re not nice by any means but they’re sure a lot better than some of our so-called “friends” and “allies” in the Middle East.  You know, like Saudi Arabia, who actively hates the U.S., supplied the vast majority of the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11, and routinely engage in horrific crimes against humanity, yet America supported them to head the U.S. council on human rights. Yeah, those people.  The only reason we do it is because they have oil and are strategically located.  They are animals, only a few steps below ISIS, yet they’re our bestest buds.

So anyhow, our sailors are now on their way home without incident but the crazies on the right are still whining about how horrible it is, yet if we had done the same thing with an Iranian boat, we sure wouldn’t have let them go in a day, we’d have thrown them into some dark prison somewhere, assuming they had to be spying on us.  Americans are hypocrites and that goes for both the left and right wing.  Before we start casting aspersions on the actions of other nations, how about we take a good look at our own and see what we’re doing wrong?

How to Get Those Jobs Back Home

Bring Jobs Home

There’s been a discussion over on Google+ about getting American companies to bring jobs back home instead of continuing to ship them overseas.  There have been a lot of ideas thrown around but I still like my idea and since I don’t think I’ve talked about it lately, I decided to do my dog and pony show.

We all know that sending American jobs overseas harms the economy, but companies do it because it is cheaper and often easier to set up operations in some third world country where they can pay workers pennies to do the same work that it would cost them many dollars to do here.  They can also often get away with lower standards, from polluting the local ecology to lessened safety standards for the workers, as we saw with the Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal, India in 1984.  Why pay a lot when you don’t have to?  It makes good business sense for bottom-line conscious corporations who want to show a big profit to their shareholders.

Some people suggest just implementing a tariff on all goods entering the country from overseas, but while it does pump more money into the economy, it also just forces prices up across the board and doesn’t really solve the problem.  That’s why I advocate a process that both may convince American companies to bring those jobs home, but it will also help the third world countries that are now being polluted and abused.

The process is simple.  Require that all companies that are based in the U.S. follow all American labor, environmental and safety laws, no matter where they do business.  Where local laws are more restrictive than American laws, the companies are required to follow the most restrictive of those laws, that keeps companies from thinking they can skimp on local laws because they’re only beholden to American restrictions.  That means that no American company can pay any of their workers, anywhere in the world, less than minimum wage.  That means that OSHA safety laws are the rule everywhere.  That means that American environmental laws are in effect for American companies, everywhere in the world.  This is going to make third world nations really happy because they won’t have to worry about American companies dumping on their environment, stealing their labor for a song and raping their resources.  No more child labor, no more sweat shops, the standard of living for these workers goes straight up and the reasons companies went overseas in the first place goes down.  Eventually, most will give up and just come home.

But wait, I’ve heard it said, what if paying minimum wage is actually a price break in some locales?  We can also implement prevailing wage for industries where that’s true.  If you’d be paying an American worker $20 for that work, you can pay an Indian worker $20 too.  I’ve also heard that companies will just move operations completely off-shore to avoid having to follow American laws, but we can fix that too.  For any company that leaves the United States, a 50% tariff is implemented against all of their products for 20 years.  The idea is to force compliance, not to get around having to follow the rules.

Ultimately, the purpose is to bring all of those jobs back to the United States, for American workers.  Is it going to drive up prices?  Maybe.  Is it going to drive down profits?  Maybe.  But I don’t think that companies should be ruled entirely by their bottom line, they have a responsibility to the nation that hosts them and to the people that work for them and to the consumers that buy from them as much as they do to their shareholders.  There’s really no way this system would ever work because these companies own so many politicians, it would never pass, but hey, it’s a plan, even if it’s an impossible plan and it would work better than just throwing a tariff on importing, at least in my opinion.

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.13

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Oy Vey! It’s Mass Suicide Time!

An orthodox Jewish group hires Mexican migrant workers to hold signs at a gay pride parade, the religious head for the hills to avoid God’s wrath, a liberal professor tells white people to commit mass suicide over slavery and a teacher is fired while teaching about free speech for exercising his free speech.  Then we look at the Supreme Court decision over gerrymandering and the right of American voters to have control over their representatives.

We can’t make this stuff up!

Americans Don’t Understand Ebola

ebolaIn a recent survey, 58% of Americans say they favor halting any and all air travel between West Africa and the United States to stop the possibility of ebola coming to America.  Something tells me they haven’t thought through this very well, which is hardly a surprise.  The fact is, they wouldn’t have to stop just direct travel between West Africa and America, they’d have to stop any and all air travel into the United States altogether.  I guess nobody bothered to think it through that people can go from Africa to Europe and then on to America, or Africa to Asia and then on to America.  In fact, with a 21-day window before symptoms start to show, you can go pretty much anywhere on the planet and then to America and still carry the disease.

But it isn’t even that simple.  I’ve heard people suggest that we don’t allow anyone who has been in Africa in a month into the United States, but what about those who have come into contact with someone who was in Africa and might carry ebola unknowingly?  All it takes is some contact with someone else’s fresh bodily fluids and you can be a carrier.  So how do we figure out who might have come into contact with a potential carrier?  Who might have bumped into someone in the supermarket?  Who might have been sneezed on.  Who might have kissed someone who was an unwitting carrier themselves?  How do we control for that?  The answer, of course, is that we can’t.  Therefore, the only way to be sure is to completely seal off the United States from any and all travellers so long as the ebola plague is a problem.  That’s not just air travel, that’s all travellers, regardless of where they come from, regardless of who they are or how they get here.  It means sealing our borders entirely.  We can’t even do that with our border with Mexico, I have no idea how we hope to do it nationwide.

This just proves that 58% of Americans aren’t that bright.  It doesn’t take an advanced medical degree to know how absurd such a suggestion actually is.  We might lessen our chances by stopping direct travel from West Africa but we won’t stop it entirely.  It will get in eventually.  We have to actually cure it and that’s something that’s proven difficult for a long time.  We can’t pretend that we can protect ourselves with any degree of absolute certainty, sooner or later it will reach our shores and will start to infect the general public.  It’s inevitable, it’s just a matter of time.

People need to look for better solutions than these ridiculous pie-in-the-sky, wholly unrealistic ideas that they come up with.  That’s not how basic virology works and people need to stop being so ignorant.

Not Automatic Heroes

heroI heard on Cognitive Dissonance where someone wrote in and made a good point about people in the military being automatically considered heroes and people thanking them for their service.  I honestly don’t know where this thing got started but I’ll be the first one to say it ought to stop.

Most people in the military don’t join to serve.  They join because it’s a job.  They get things for it. They get the GI bill, they get job training, they get special treatment and special privileges from a ton of companies when they get out.  They get special rates on home mortgages, they get special consideration in employment, they get discounts at dinner, etc.  No, I know probably nobody joined the military because they know they’ll get a couple of bucks off at Denny’s, but you know what I’m talking about.

The point is, nowhere in the description of any job in the military that I’m aware of does the word “hero” appear.  That’s not to say that there are no heroes in the military, certainly if you’ve got a Purple Heart or a Medal of Valor or a Distinguished Service Cross, you’re a hero.  The man in the picture to the left, he’s a hero.  He earned it by doing more than signing his name on the dotted line. How does someone who signed up for a 2-year stint, who never leaves the base and wants nothing more than to get out and go get a regular job, how do they fit into the same category as a real hero?  Putting on a uniform doesn’t make you a hero, it’s what you actually do in the uniform that matters.

There’s something really wrong with the abject hero worship in America today and it really has nothing to do with our men and women in uniform and I’m certainly not denying them fair credit for the good they do, but even sports stars, overpaid prima donnas who prance down the sports field carrying a ball, they get called heroes, but what have they done that’s actually heroic?  Not everyone in a uniform is a hero, not in the military, nor the police or fire departments.  There are plenty of people who live their lives behind a desk, they don’t put their lives on the line and the only risk they ever take is staining their uniforms with the jelly filling from their donut.  Yet if these people walk out in public, people assume, just because they wear the uniform, knowing absolutely nothing else about them, that they must be a hero, that they must be putting themselves in danger for the public good on a daily basis.  The meter maid who goes around giving people parking tickets, that’s not a hero.

Of course, I don’t think Americans know what heroes or heroism are these days.  Back in WWII, going to war was a risk, not just for the soldiers on the front lines, but for everyone.  There was rationing, there were scrap metal drives, everyone had to cut back to support the war effort and they knew that many of the brave soldiers marching off to war would come back badly injured, if they came back at all.  Those were the heroes, the men who actually put themselves in harm’s way to protect others.  Today, there is very little risk.  More and more, war is a video game, performed from miles, or sometimes continents away.  We have laser-guided munitions and pinpoint accurate bombs and armor that protects our soldiers on the ground from injury.  While I think these are all good things, I think they’ve also insulated us from the horrors of war, and war ought to be horrible.  There should be tons of casualties.  We should be bringing our men and women in uniform home in body bags.  If we did, we’d think twice about going to war in the first place.  We’d think about keeping them out of harm’s way.  In WWII, more than 407,000 American soldiers died.  In Iraq, that number was 3528.  Sure, that’s a great thing, but people were screaming when a few soldiers got killed because of an IED.  Casualties aren’t an expected consequence of war these days, but instead of heralding those soldiers who went above and beyond the call of duty as the true heroes, everyone is a hero, just like every kid who attends a sporting event gets a trophy.  It doesn’t mean anything anymore.

I’m entirely fine with heroes, true, honest, legitimate heroes.  I am not fine with saying that anyone who puts on a funny hat has to be called a hero because the majority of them simply don’t qualify and I think most in the military today know it.  A lot of them are embarrassed to be called heroes.  They don’t like it.  They know it’s not true. When they legitimately have that Medal of Valor on their chest, fine, they’re a hero, but I’m afraid our increasingly liberalized society is going to start demanding that everyone gets a Purple Heart, just for playing.  That way everyone can be a hero and not have to earn it!

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #69

Bitchspot Report New Icon It’s our 4th of July show and this time around, we find that Catholics don’t give a damn what the Vatican says, a Wisconsin Christian radio host is arrested for molesting a young boy, a Tea Party official acts unethically and shoots himself in the head.  What a fine Christian!  Surprise, surprise, it turns out that Christians have no clue what traditional marriage is!  Plus, we have a discussion of the recent American history of deposing democratically elected governments and installing horrific dictators because they do what we want. All this and more on episode 69 of The Bitchspot Report Podcast.

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #64

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In a ridiculously long episode, Cephus and Mike welcome guest Jim Goebel to talk about the cluelessness of creationists, the reason Catholics keep getting into trouble, good news, more Americans are expressing willingness to vote for an atheist and the rise of exorcism among Catholics and others, because they really think black magic, Satanism and the occult are real.  We also spend a long, long time talking about libertarian politics and we discover that Pat Robertson really is a kinky bastard.  All this and more in this extended episode of The Bitchspot Report Podcast.

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #56

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And we’re back!  This time out, Cephus and Mike talk about anti-American sentiment in American schools, the attempt to push religion back into school, Pope Francis flapping his gums but not actually taking any action and the new Christian dead raisers and boy band (listen to the episode).  Plus, we deconstruct Libertarian politics and see why they have so many problems.  You’re not going to want to miss this one.