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The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.29

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Se Juis Paris

A long show this week, we look at intolerant Christians in Texas, 1500 Mormons walking away from their church, a Utah judge tries to deny a lesbian couple their foster child and college safe spaces and why they’re a bad idea.  Then we talk about the terrorist attacks in Paris and whether the world is really ready to deal with ISIS.  It’s a belated episode, get over there and listen!

Another Mouth to Feed

Well, as I said before, we lost a cat last week, but we were planning on getting a replacement on Saturday, which is exactly what we did.  I’m really not a cat person.  I don’t hate them particularly or I wouldn’t have had so many over the years, but I much prefer dogs.  However, I’m a sucker for making my kids happy and promising a new kitten was the only way to cheer up my youngest daughter so…

On Saturday, we ran down to the local animal shelter.  Luckily, it’s about 2 minutes away from the house.  We’ve adopted a lot of animals there, every single dog or cat we’ve had in the last 20 years have come out of a shelter or off the street.  Out of that particular shelter has come our siamese cat Archie and our chihuahua Torgo.  Now, may I introduce Luna.

Okay, yes, she is cute.  And female!  For some reason, just about every animal we’ve had for over a decade has been male.  It wasn’t planned that way, it just happened.  The only exception is our dalmatian Sparky.  Otherwise, all male cats, almost all male dogs, all male birds, a male snake, it’s a sausage fest.

In fact, I looked back through the photo albums and the last female cat we had was more than 15 years ago, before my kids were even born!

Oh wait, I’m posting this 4 days after we adopted her, why is that?  They don’t allow you to take your cat or dog home without having them altered and, unfortunately, the shelter is closed Sunday and Monday and the vet is closed weekends so the first day they could have it done was today.  Therefore, she got fixed and now she’s home so I could get a picture of her. Trust me, it’s not easy to get a picture of an 8-week old kitten that is exploring.  The above is the best shot I could get out of at least 100 shots I tried.  Most were just a blur.  Hey, it’s a kitten.

Welcome Luna.  Welcome to the nuthouse.

Update:  Here’s a better picture of her sleeping on my lap.

My Policy on Rescues

I see this all the time and it bothers me, that someone wants to place their messed up pet with someone else because they cannot afford it or cannot handle it.  Now while this might be heartbreaking to see an animal suffering, shouldn’t we be considering our role in perpetuating that suffering?

The unfortunate reality is that all animals cannot be saved.  There are far more unwanted animals than there will ever be adoptive homes.  For every animal that you take into your home, there are a dozen more than will never have homes to call their own.  While emotionally I may hate the idea, intellectually I have to accept that it is, and will always be true. Continue reading My Policy on Rescues