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My Apologies

Google-Analytics-IconReal quick, found out that the Google Analytics plugin, which updated today, totally blows WordPress sites offline.  I didn’t realize this until the site had been offline for several hours until I noticed hardly anyone had been on the site all day!  I deactivated the plugin and things appear to be back to normal.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Edit:  They have since put out an update that fixed the problem, apparently this was very widespread, I have seen tons of complaints about it.  I wish they’d test things before they put them out!

Bah! I Hate WordPress Sometimes

It wasn’t a big deal to me for the longest time.  When you install WordPress, it defaults to GMT as it’s regular time.  Where I’m sitting, my “blog day” started and ended at 5pm every day because I’m 8 hours west of Greenwich, England.  It wasn’t a big thing, I didn’t bother to change it for over a year after I moved Bitchspot to it’s new home, but Thursday, I said the heck with it and actually changed my time internally.

And it didn’t work.  The blog still clicked over to a “new day” at 5pm as usual.  It’s not like everything in WordPress actually works the way it ought to so I shrugged, posted my usual daily posting and walked away.

Then it worked, a full day later.  So instead of having a post in Thursday and a post on Friday, I got two posts on Thursday.  Not only did it take 24 hours to “correct”, it then went back and changed things retroactively.

Not a big deal, but gee, thanks WordPress.