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Independence Day in a Divided Nation

I’m posting this on an off-day for Bitchspot, but that’s just how the 4th of July falls this year.  I wanted to say a couple of things about how this no longer feels like a national holiday because this no longer feels like a nation.  We have become so completely ideologically deadlocked, with both sides acting like children, that it’s hard to take a celebration of our independence seriously.  We’re just not independent anymore.

But people need to learn independence, especially independence from their ideological fanaticism. There are people out there, on both sides of the aisle, who are entirely incapable of thinking for themselves.  They hate everyone on the other side, on every topic conceivable, just because they’re on the other side.  You have assholes on the left who hate everything Trump has to say, simply because Trump said it.  It doesn’t matter how innocuous it might be, it’s terrible because it came out of his mouth.  And the same is true of assholes on the right who did the same thing over Obama.  These people have lost all reason when it comes to people who don’t walk in lockstep with their political beliefs.  They are incapable of stepping back and looking at anything from an unbiased perspective.

If you can’t think for yourself, as so many people cannot these days, then what hope is there?  I see this everywhere, from every political perspective.  What were once the fanatics, the extremists, are now the mainstream.  How can we hope to resolve our differences if people are absolutely unwilling to even talk to those they don’t already agree with?  How can we come together as a nation if we are so completely ideologically divided?  It just keeps getting worse and when it gets worse, both sides turn to violence, as we’re seeing today, particularly on the political left.  I’ve asked before, but how long before both sides declare an ideological jihad and come out shooting?  I think we’ve already seen the first few battles on the front of a new, and violent all-out war.

It’s fine to disagree.  You don’t have to like everyone, but you can’t allow yourself to sink into that kind of abject hatred of anyone who isn’t on your side.  Not only does that fracture society, but it eventually leads to the kind of thing we saw in Atheism+ and other far-left movements, it leads to eating your own, as everyone virtue signals as hard as they can, dedicated to throwing anyone who isn’t as virtuous as they are, or about exactly the same things, out into the cold.  It leads only to self-destruction and, on a large scale, the fall of a great nation.  People need to grow the hell up now, while there’s still time.

Come on people, enough is enough.  We need to work through our differences rationally, not through violence and not through abject hatred.  This is something I don’t want to have to come back with “I told you so” later on.  Can we please nip this in the bud before it gets out of hand?  Otherwise, as we’re clawing our way out of the rubble, we are going to regret it.  You might not think so now, but you will, and it will all be your fault.

Disavowing the KKK

Geez, I get sick of political stupidity, don’t you?  Two separate incidents happened this week, at least this week as I write this, that involve the KKK and both of them are really ridiculous.  Of course, I shouldn’t have to say that I abhor what the KKK stands for and don’t support or defend them in any way, shape or form, but as American citizens, they do have a right to speak their minds on public property and to campaign for and support any political candidate they want, whether anyone likes it or not.

So let’s get started.  First off, let’s talk about Trump.  Yeah, I’d rather not either, but since Trump now has 49% support nationwide, a full 33% ahead of anyone else in the GOP clown car, you pretty much have to.  But when it came out that former KKK Grand Dragon David Duke supported Trump, everyone came out and demanded that he disavow Duke’s support.  But why?  Duke is an American citizen and a voter.  As such, anyone who goes to Washington D.C. as President is supposed to represent all Americans.  Not just the ones they like, not just the ones they agree with, all Americans.  Even the reprehensible ones.  That’s something a lot of people seem to forget.  Anyone who is only going to represent their own little group of followers, that person has no business being President.

That doesn’t mean he’s on board with racism, it means that his job, the job he’s running for, is to represent all Americans. Only an idiot would disavow David Duke as a voter.  They can certainly disavow what David Duke stands for, but to say to any American that you’re not there to represent them, that’s an even worse sin.

On the other side, the KKK had a rally in Anaheim, California, not that far from where my wife grew up and, of course, there was violence.  Again, I don’t support what they do, but I do support their Constitutional right to do it.  Social media blew up, with people, especially on the left, saying “see?  The KKK is violent!”  Well, no, not so much.  It was actually protesters who caused the violence, the five members of the KKK that were initially arrested were released because they acted only in self defense.  It’s the protesters, six of them at last count, who are responsible for it.  The KKK might be dicks, but they’re not responsible in this instance.  But that doesn’t stop a lot of people from claiming that protesters ought to be able to shut them up just because they don’t like what they have to say.  Sorry, that’s not how free speech works.  I disagree what they have to say but I’ll fight to the death for their right to say it.  So should you, if you have an ounce of rationality in you.  Of course, we’re talking about people who think Constitutional rights only apply to things they agree with.  They’re a bunch of leftist idiots.

So that’s the week of stupidity surrounding the KKK.  What’s going to be the next brouhaha?  I honestly don’t know but I’m sure it will be idiotic, no matter what it is.

The Stupidity of Gun Control

This kind of stuff is rampant among the left, and I know that I’m saying a lot about the left recently, but a lot of this garbage has come floating to the surface recently.  This is probably no more true when it comes to the gun banning arguments that the liberals make, particularly following well-publicized shootings.  Whether or not these shootings are all that common of not seems irrelevant to them, the fact that the media is following the “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality and these gullible idiots are so programmed to look for it in the media, it’s no surprise that this comes up a lot.

And along with the stories come the idiots, like this one who thinks that for gun control, the only way anyone should be given a license for a firearm is to voluntarily take a bullet.  Yes, it is as stupid as it sounds. Salon writer D. Watkins thinks that the only way anyone ought to be able to get a permit for a gun is to stand up against a wall and get a bullet through a hopefully-non-lethal body part.

But that’s about as stupid as saying that the only way to get a license to drive a car is to get your ass run over.  Or if you want to buy rat poison, you have to be willing to swallow a hopefully-non-lethal amount?  After all, there are a lot more vehicular deaths in America than gun deaths and lots more people get poisoned than get shot.  But no, they have an irrational fear of guns, therefore, they demand people shoot themselves to get access to a gun.

The problem is, that’s just stupid.  The last people you want to give a gun to is a crazy person who is willing to take a bullet, those are people who are abnormal and insane.  But of course, liberals don’t think this stuff out very well.  Okay, more properly, liberals don’t think very well.  They feel.  They react.  They do not reason.  That’s the biggest problem with the liberal mindset, it’s the one that I generally complain about most often because it is absurdly true.

So, D. Watkins, if you want to be allowed to own a pen, please plunge it into your eye first.  Or if you want to use a laptop, smash it into your face repeatedly.  Prove you really want it.  Maybe you’ll just beat yourself into unconsciousness and we won’t have to read any more stupidity from you.  Wouldn’t that be nice?


Liberals Hate Police

I was having a recent discussion about the case of a school field officer in South Carolina who was called by a teacher to handle a disruptive student, and was fired for brutality.  And you know something?  The whole student body came out in support of the officer, none of them are calling for his termination, but hey, the media rules these days and the left rules the media.

But anyhow, people were talking about whether he should have been fired and I was one of the few people who were arguing no.  Of course, the majority of people on the other side were either dyed-in-the-wool liberals or crazy libertarians who think that there is no such thing as legitimate authority and the police are all a bunch of thugs, so I guess I can’t be surprised.

So I started asking what Officer Fields should have done in that situation and the liberals were all hemming and hawing because they really didn’t have an answer.  They didn’t want him to throw the student across the room, but clearly, some kind of resolution was necessary and they just couldn’t come up with a solution.  “Clear the room!”  Okay, fine.  Now the room is clear, now what?  I’m going to assume that after the teacher told the student to leave the room and she refused and the officer told the student to leave the room, that no amount of telling the student to get out of the desk is going to work, no matter who does it.  She’s going to continue to sit in the desk and refuse to follow orders and continue to disrupt not only that class, but every other class for the day.  She wins.  That’s not acceptable.  Others said “call her parents!”  Great.  But most of these behavioral problems  begin at home, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that the parent(s) don’t care how the girl acts or would respond.  I might say this is a good first step, if they had all day.  However, what if the parents either ignore the call or show up and refuse to help?  What then?  Eventually, every single liberal had to concede that physical force was necessary to resolve the situation.  Every single one, without exception.  So if what he did was necessary, what the hell is with all of the complaining?

Well, let me tell you, the only reason this guy lost his job is because of all of the bad press in the media.  That’s it.  It was to avoid losing face in the court of public opinion.  But even if he was guilty of excessive force, his boss was not the one to fire him. He could suspend him pending an investigation, of course, but in virtually all police forces, termination decisions are made by civilian oversight committees.  They are made with input from the police unions.  These decisions are not made by someone emotionally reacting to potential fallout from an event.  The officer has already retained legal counsel and they are going after the police department for wrongful termination.

Now yes, this entire situation was regrettable, but the blame for the situation wasn’t on the cop.  It wasn’t on the teacher.  It wasn’t on the school.  It was on the student.  If she had not misbehaved in the first place, nothing would have happened.  If she had left the classroom when the teacher told her to, nothing would have happened.  If she would have obeyed the command of the officer, nothing would have happened.  All of this is because we had a student who has never been taught to respect authority and do as they are told by those who have legal authority over them.  That’s the problem, but it’s a problem that idiot liberals and libertarians don’t seem to comprehend.

Spinning Gun Violence Numbers

Police Gun Deaths

I really hate people with agendas, although it’s something that you see every day and many are so used to it that they don’t recognize that it’s happening at all.  This is an image that popped up on Facebook and has spread around the Interwebtubes, but which is exactly the kind of thing that I’m talking about.

It tries to compare police shootings from the U.S., Germany, Great Britain and Japan and attempts to shock people at how many police shootings there were in the U.S. Sorry, it’s all bullshit.

First off, both Great Britain and Japan’s police officers do not carry firearms on a regular basis, hence there are very few police-involved shootings.  Note the infographic specifies shootings, not police-involved deaths.  This makes it inherently dishonest to compare the United States, a nation where police carry guns, with two nations where their police do not.

Secondly, while German police do carry firearms, the incidence of gun ownership in Germany is extremely low.  Guns are not commonly available, hence the police rarely run into a suspect armed with a gun.  Because German authorities don’t have to worry about the safety of the public from gun-wielding criminals, or their own safety, they don’t have to shoot criminals often. In Germany, they have had a total of 109 police officer gun related fatalities since 1998.  Again, this is not an analogous situation to the United States, it’s like comparing snowmobiling deaths in Scandinavia with those in Panama.  Clearly, the writer just took the lowest three nations and threw them on the list without considering the truth of the situation.  As I said before, an agenda.

Third, they are comparing pure numbers without regard for population.  The United States had about 316 million people in 2013.  With 409 shootings, that works out to 1.29  shootings per MILLION PEOPLE!  Germany had 3 shootings in a nation of 80 million people, which works out to 0.04 shootings per million people, but the real data there is an absurdly low number of shootings in both cases, adjusted for population.  Your chances of being killed in a police shooting in the United States are literally one in a million.  If there was a disease that affected that many people, drug companies wouldn’t even bother developing a vaccine.  It just wouldn’t be worth it.

Finally, and this largely goes along with my second point, they are entirely ignoring countries where police-related gun violence is epidemic.  Why?  Because they don’t really  care about anyone else, they’re just trying to push their anti-gun agenda.  Take Kenya, for example, where large swaths of the police force are corrupt and shoot people with impunity.  Does that get any attention in the infographic?  Not a bit.  Why would it, it gets in the way of the agenda!

So please, before you fall for any of this absurd crap, at least think about what they’re saying and if what they’re saying makes any sort of sense.  Just buying into things on face value isn’t rational, it’s just following an agenda.


Christians Aren’t Better Than Muslims

CrusaderI’ve seen a lot of statements by self-professed Christians that Christianity is inherently better and “more civilized” than Islam and that Christianity would never do any of the things that extremist Islam is doing today.

Don’t you believe it.

Christianity has had a long and very bloody history where murdering the unbeliever and stealing their stuff is standard operating procedure.  Look at the Crusades.  Look at the Inquisitions.  Look at the witch trials.  Christian history is filled with violence.  Even today, we see plenty of Christian terrorism in the U.S.  Bombing abortion clinics and killing doctors, like the murder of Dr. George Tiller in 2009, was committed not by a Muslim, but by a fundamentalist Christian.  In fact, the Army of God has a long history of murder and terrorism, all based around Christian beliefs.  Of course, the whole Christian Identity movement is racist and violent across the board. Anyone who thinks the Bible isn’t filled to the brim with violence has never read the Bible.

The one thing they forget is that Christianity has had the moderating influence of secular society for several hundred years, something that Islam has not had the benefit of.  Before secular society told Christianity to grow up and knock it off, they were doing the exact same thing that ISIL is doing right now.  They just didn’t have access to modern weapons like ISIL does.  This might make ISIL more dangerous, but not more evil than Christianity.  Swords and arrows do considerable damage too when employed against the unbelievers.

I think it’s clear that, at least for the most strident believers, if Christianity had half a chance, they’d go right back to their violent and extremist ways.  You only have to listen to the most ardent Christians out there, the ones who want to impose “Christian values” on everyone, by force, and execute or otherwise harm the heretics, to know this is the case.  It was George Bush that said that atheists can’t be considered citizens that betrays their ultimate view on the situation, even if secular society won’t allow them to act on it.

Add to the fact that, in a recent discussion on public schools and religion, I had numerous evangelical Christians saying they wanted religion in schools, but only their particular brand of Christianity.  All other religions had to be outlawed, but theirs had to be mandated.  The idea that Christianity wouldn’t become extremist, exclusionary and violent in very short order if secular society went away is laughable indeed.

Religion is evil, no matter how you slice it.  Some religion, we’ve managed to neuter and keep under control, although that desire to run wild and kill the unbeliever lurks just below the surface.  Theists may deny it and, in fact, many theists may be completely safe, their violent impulses subsumed beneath secular society and teaching, but there are still plenty who would, in a moment, go out and kill the gays, murder the atheists and bomb the infidels if they could.  It’s part of theology, no matter how hard some people try to deny it.

So get off your damn high horse, Christians.  You’re no better than the Muslims.  You’re all a bunch of irrational yahoos.

But Blacks Can’t Be Racist!

racial-violenceIt’s a typical liberal claim, right up until stories like this show up, then either the liberals run away or try to make some kind of ridiculous excuse why, even though it’s painfully and clearly racist, blacks still can’t be racist.

In Brooklyn, New York, a group of 10 black teens attacked a white couple in what has been described as a racial assault.  Ronald and Alana Russo were beaten by 10 black teenagers, including a 12-year old girl, after they honked their horn at the group of black kids to get out of the way so they could go through a green light.  The teens started kicking his car and once Ronald got out to examine the damage, he was thrown to the ground, beaten and suffered multiple injuries including bruising, a blood clot and a broken nose.  His wife Alana was pulled from the car as she tried to dial 911 and was slammed to the ground, suffering a black eye.  The teens stole her iPhone, all the while yelling racial insults including “get the crackers” and “get the white whore”.

So yes, nothing racist there.

Two of them, Kashawn Kirton and Daehrell Finch, were arrested by police and charged with the crime, but Kirton denied it, saying that he was just wearing the same shirt as one of the attackers.  After all, and I can’t believe I’m about to say this, all black guys look alike.  Isn’t that the card he was playing?

And this isn’t all that uncommon either.  It just shows that there’s a serious divide between what is considered racism and what is not.  If  you’re black, you usually don’t get charged with racial violence.  Take this other case where a white couple was beaten to death at a Dallas, Texas McDonalds by a black mob.  Two white couples on a double date pulled into a McDonalds next to Texas A&M University and within 20 minutes, one couple was dead, beaten to death by a mob of black teenagers.  Local media refused to even identify the race of the assailants because it isn’t politically correct to suggest that blacks can be racist.

Or heck, how about this one?  In Mississippi, a white man, Ralph Weems IV, a former Marine was beaten in a restaurant by black men after warning him that they were upset at the killing of Michael Brown and the place wasn’t safe for whites.  Weems is currently in a medically induced coma following brain surgery.  Another white man, David Knighten, tried to defuse the situation but was similarly beaten and suffered broken bones in his face, a cut over his left eye and a blood clot in his right eye.  It was reported that racial slurs were called from the crowd during the attack.

See, I’m not trying to imply that blacks are any more racist than whites are.  There are racists in every group. There are black racists, there are white racists, there are Asian racists, there are Hispanic racists. I’m sure there are Eskimo racists too.  There are male sexists, there are female sexists.  There are straight bigots and gay bigots. People hating other people for really stupid reasons is just not that uncommon unfortunately.  We, as a species, cannot pretend it doesn’t happen and we can’t pretend that one group is worse than another if they engage in it. Unfortunately, we do see that in some areas, the media is either afraid to report, or refuses to report, if a non-white engages in racist activity or attacks, they want to perpetuate the myths that only whites can be racist and this is ridiculous.  This is a problem no matter who engages in it, we can never, as a society, solve this problem if we look at it as someone else’s problem.

The Role of Violence

ViolenceSolvesProblemsWe discussed a news story over on the podcast a while ago, where we talked about Christian-on-Muslim violence and cannibalism in Africa and started talking about how to handle such things.  I made some comments about just taking these people out who think that violence is a good thing and got some negative comments.  Some people think that we, as atheists, ought to always take the high road no matter what the religious do.

I disagree.

Okay, I think that violence ought to be the very last thing that we resort to in any conflict and that’s regardless of our religious or irreligious natures.  It shouldn’t be necessary for an advanced human species to resort to killing others in order to put forward a superior social system.  I get it.  However, we, as an advanced human species, shouldn’t believe in imaginary friends in the sky and, as a result of such beliefs, go around eating people in the streets, beheading members of other religions, molesting children, etc.  These are things that we, as a species, should not permit, yet the Religious Horror Show proves that such ideas are rampant and widespread.

I’m not  going to say anything about liberals or conservatives because the idea that we ought to take the moral high ground seems rampant on both sides.  I agree, at least as far as it goes, but taking the moral high ground doesn’t solve the problem.  You cannot debate with people who are unwilling to listen, this is a common problem with the religious.  If they won’t listen to reason and they continue to act in a manner outside of social acceptability, what then?  What do you do?  Do you just sit back in your ivory towers and express your disapproval of their actions while they continue to kill innocents in the streets?  Do we encourage the UN to issue vaguely critical statements against those who are totally out of control?  How do we actually stop the people who are unwilling to stop on their own?

The answer, no matter how much some people don’t like it, is violence.  Taking military action is a tried and true manner of getting things stopped when nothing else works.  We went to war over slavery in the U.S. and put an end to it.  We went to war against the Nazis and wiped them out.  How much good had talking to either side done?  None.  How much good did taking action, even violent action do?  Lots.

Today, we have a problem with some religions, they act to harm others first and foremost and don’t listen to reason.  They don’t want to talk, they want to kill people.  It’s part and parcel with their religious beliefs and those beliefs cannot be intelligently debated in any way.  Therefore, they cause harm to people, what should we do?  Sit back and watch or take action?  We’ve tried all the genteel ways of making these people deal with reality.  What next?

Given a perfect world, we’d never need to resort to violence but this isn’t a perfect world and people who think they can solve all problems with words simply have very unrealistic expectations.  I don’t think we should swoop in with our bombers and our armed forces at the first sign of trouble, but there comes a time when force, even lethal force, is necessary to solve problems and save lives.  Some people and some groups need to be taught a lesson that larger society simply will not tolerate their actions any further.  They need to get slapped down hard because being slapped down hard is the only thing they respect.  It’s a shame but it’s their fault, not ours, that they don’t listen to reason.

And so, while I didn’t mean to offend anyone by talking about violence, neither am I sorry that I did.  Oh sure, a lot of what I did was hyperbole, extremism for extremism sake, done against extremists, I’d never actually advocate walking through the streets of Africa butchering anyone and everyone who admits to practicing witchcraft, but the violence is there and needs to be stopped, no matter how we need to do it.  The same is true of some Muslims who need to be shown, once and for all, that their violent ways are unacceptable to the advanced world that surrounds them.  The same is true of some fundamentalist Christian sects who practice and preach violence on others.  The Buddhists in Myanmar is another example.  Sectarian violence or violence against non-believers needs to stop and it needs to stop now.  Talking hasn’t worked.  What would people suggest if not a proper and decisive application of violence?  How else can we stop these things from happening?  I haven’t heard any realistic suggestions, have you?

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #51

Bitchspot Report New Icon

Wow, there’s some really bad audio this week, which is too bad because we have a lot of important stuff to talk about.  Bear with us as the Devil messes with Mike’s recording setup as we complain about Vicky Hartzler and he claims that abortions stop a man’s fundamental right to be a father, we cheer over the Texas Board of Education returning to sanity and demanding actual science in science textbooks, we argue for equality in a Canadian debacle over religious law students and yet another Catholic Diocese files for bankruptcy to get out of paying it’s just dues to more than 350 sex abuse victims.  Oh, and we address a complaint from last week’s show that we shouldn’t ever argue for violence, even against those who are being violent to others.  We try anyhow, just listen to the show, you’ll see what I mean.

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #48

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This week, we wander through the religious craziness in South Carolina, laugh at Ken Ham, a lot, religious stoning in Louisiana, the worldwide increase in religious violence and take a long look at the two creation stories in Genesis.  That and more can be yours if you listen to the show!  Get moving!

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #44: The Christmas Episode

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It’s our Christmas show, we look at violent Christians, arsonist Christians, the reality of a secular holiday and whether or not Christmas destroys wealth.  Plus, we have an extended discussion on whether atheists can celebrate Christmas or not.  Ho Ho Ho, have a good time!

Christians Aren’t Better, Except By Degree

Hammers and artwork don’t mix.

With all the hoo-hah lately about Muslim violence whenever they get offended, we often forget that Christians often have the same sort of reaction to anything that offends them and can be just as violent as Muslims when they get the chance.

Case in point, remember the controvertial 1987 art piece by Andres Serano that depicted a plastic crucifix in a jar of the artist’s own urine?  Christians, particularly Catholics, were pissed off at that and even though many tried to damage the piece or threaten the artist, it still exists today, and surprisingly enough, is still being displayed.

And they’re still trying to stop it.  In fact, at an exhibition in Avignon in southern France, Catholic activists, on July 19, 2012, managed to damage the exhibit, as shown to the left, by hitting it with a hammer.  Of course, there are ten copies of the piece today, so while the attack in France destroyed that particular copy, there are others.

Thanks for the publicity!

I’m sure we all remember the Last Temptation of Christ debacle from years back as well, where pissed off Catholics took to the street, giving so much publicity to the film that it did much, much better in the box office than it would ever have done so otherwise.  They’re still upset that films like that exist at all.  How dare anyone make something even remotely critical of their absurd beliefs!

The point is that, even though most modern western religions have been moderated by the secular cultures in which they exist, there’s still a seething anger just beneath the surface.  Given half a chance, Christians are just as prone to irrational violence as Muslims are.  The only difference is that of degree.  Most crazy Christians realize that the society they live in will not tolerate them raping, pillaging and murdering the opposition, therefore they avoid doing so in all but the most extreme cases.  Muslims in the Middle East don’t have that influence, therefore they run wild in the streets.  It is interesting to note that Muslims in the U.S. act just like Christians in the U.S., there are virtually no incidents of Muslim violence, public fatwas or religious executions.

While I agree that we need to be very hard on Islam to force compliance with secular social rules, we can’t forget that we have as much religious hatred in the powderkeg called Christianity, resting right under our noses, and that if we focus too heavily on the bad actions of one religion, the bad actions of another may very well slip through.