The Untruth Behind Privilege

So I usually try to give a little benefit of the doubt to young people who post stupid things on the Internet, at least if I see them trying to make some sense and apply some logic to their writing.  After all, they just don’t know any better and how are they supposed to learn […]

Blaming the Victim

I recently posted an article about Matthew Burdette, a young boy from San Diego who killed himself after being filmed masturbating in the school bathroom.  Everything I’ve seen so far has held him up as a victim of bullying and I have yet to see anyone making the same argument that I did, that no matter […]

Rape and Responsibility

I’ve said something about this before, but today there was a big dust up with self-identified liberals on the one side any everyone else on the other over whether a woman’s choice of clothing has any impact on her being raped.  It amazed me that 100% of the liberals were on the side that asserted […]