The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.27

The More Things Change… A priest defends pedophila on TV and pisses off the Vatican, Obama “verbally rapes” a woman by telling the truth, an 8th grade boy is suspended for supporting the military, 15 racist asshats carrying Confederate Flags invade a boy’s birthday party, plus we talk about the speed society has changed, thanks […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.25

There’s some serious stuff going on this week as we look at the end of the world.  Again.  Pastor James Manning goes completely insane.  The Pope defends heterosexual marriage after a Polish priest comes out as gay.  We revisit the Satanic Panic of the 1980s and find that it’s still going on today.  A lady […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.2

If You’ve Got Brains, You’re a Bad Person! This week, we look at a liberal professor who declares economists are evil if they’re not liberal, Indiana shuts down Planned Parenthood and undergoes an HIV epidemic, Turkey gets mad at the Vatican because they don’t like reality, a UCLA professor dares to try to educate a […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #69

It’s our 4th of July show and this time around, we find that Catholics don’t give a damn what the Vatican says, a Wisconsin Christian radio host is arrested for molesting a young boy, a Tea Party official acts unethically and shoots himself in the head.  What a fine Christian!  Surprise, surprise, it turns out […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #60

This week on the Bitchspot Report Podcast, fundamentalists want to declare war on the United States unless God stops them, the Discovery Institute reveals it’s hypocrisy yet again, the Vatican rejects a lost Gospel out of hand because it disagrees with their teachings, Pastafarians become an official religion in Poland and we talk about having […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #58

This time out, it’s churches and what they do wrong, starting with cocaine, condoms and the Vatican, kidnapping kids for Jesus, what happens when you pray too hard and Catholic bishops and their million dollar houses.  Then we take a look at 5 atheists that supposedly ruin it for the rest of us, but don’t […]

Ex-Catholics: Why Should They Behave?

The Vatican has a problem.  A pedophile priest in Chile named Rev. Fernando Karadima, who they removed from active duty and forbid to perform public Masses, hearing confessions or offering spiritual direction and from having contact with his ex-parishioners, has started to do all of that anyhow.  The Vatican is pissed, but what can they really do? […]