TV Thursday – 6/20/13

This is where the real summer doldrums kick in, most shows are over for the season and there are only a few to keep watching.  Within the next couple of weeks, the list will shrink still further, as Warehouse 13 wraps up for the season on July 8 and Continuum has only 5 more episodes.  […]

TV Thursday – 6/13/13

Burn Notice rejoins the list for it’s final season.  I was going to put Falling Skies back on as well, but after watching the first episode of the 2-part season opener and realizing that I have no reason to enjoy or watch the show, a show I’ve been highly critical of since it first started, […]

TV Thursday – 6/6/13

The schedule continues to change, this week we finish off two more series and look forward to some new ones returning next week.  Orphan Black completes it’s freshman season and Psych takes a break until Christmas while we wait for the 2-part season finale.  Plus, I throw in a review of the first half of […]

TV Thursday – 5/30/13

This is going to be a short week because most of the shows are off for the summer and others are skipping a week for the holiday, therefore it’s a good thing I have a bunch of Orphan Black episodes to review! Continuum #2×05 – “Second Opinion” – Kiera and Alec are trying to find […]

TV Thursday – 5/23/13

You gain a few, you lose a few.  On this week’s TV Thursday, Arrow, Elementary and Doctor Who all go off until next season, but I decided to take a look at Orphan Black, something that came on with the return of Doctor Who a couple of weeks ago, and I actually like it so […]

TV Thursday – 5/16/13

  This week on TV Thursday, we bid adieu to a number of programs that have shown their season finales.  Castle and Person of Interest both leave our weekly countdown this week and Arrow, Elementary and Doctor Who go away next week.  Luckily, all of these shows have been renewed for another season.  Fair warning […]

TV Thursday 5/8/13

Over the next several weeks, the network shows start ending for the season so this list will get much shorter over the summer as I’ll be left with only the cable shows.  It will start to pick up again toward the end of summer. Arrow #1×21 – “The Undertaking” – As the first season winds […]

TV Thursday – 5/2/13

I just wanted to remind people that spoilers abound in all of my reviews, I am going to spoil pretty much every bit of the story so if you haven’t watched these episodes and don’t want to be spoiled, go watch, then come back. Arrow #1×20 – “Home Invasion” – This was a very busy […]

TV Thursday 4/25/13

Bones #8×23 – “The Pathos in the Pathogens” – It was something different this week, the team is dressed in blue air-tight suits when a potential bio-terrorist threat sends them scrambling to identify what killed their victim.  The CDC sends in one of their top men and together, they all work to identify the woman, […]

TV Thursday – 4/18/13

Here I was thinking it was going to be another slow week, but then shows I thought were on hiatus came back, one show that was on a mid-season break returns, another I got two episodes to finish out the season and we even have the 2-part pilot to a new show making it into […]

TV Thursday – 4/11/13

Very slow week this week, Bones, Castle and Mentalist are all taking time off, Walking Dead is over for the season and new and returning shows like Defiance and Warehouse 13 don’t start until later in the month.  Ah well, let’s see how things went with the few shows that were actually on. Arrow #1×19 […]

TV Thursday 4/4/13

Arrow #1×18 – “Salvation” – It looks like Oliver isn’t the only vigilante in the Glades, someone has been kidnapping bad guys who have harmed the Glades, putting them on every TV in town and giving themselves a chance to defend their actions.  If he doesn’t like the explanation, he puts a bullet in them […]

TV Thursday – 3/28/13

It’s lucky for me that the next two weeks will be a bit light, a couple of shows are taking a hiatus.  I’ll be away for the next weekend almost immediately after this posts so I can’t spend my weekend catching up on new shows. Arrow #1×17 – “The Huntress Returns” – As the title […]

TV Thursday 3/21/13

Bones #8×19 – “The Doom in the Gloom” – Unlike most Bones episodes, this time we get to see the victim die instead of just seeing the aftermath.  A young woman, part of a doomsday prepper cult, gets roasted to death in her remote cabin.  Bones and Booth are immediately convinced that it is one […]

TV Thursday 3/14/13

It was a slow week as networks desperately try to stretch out their shows until the next sweeps month, several shows are skipping weeks to make what they have left in the pipeline last so this will be a short list of reviews. Following #1×08 – “Welcome Home” – Someone please explain to me how […]

TV Thursday 3/7/13

Arrow #1×16 – “Dead to Rights” – While I’m not really a huge fan of Geoff Johns as a writer, he usually does a passable job and often comes reasonably close to greatness.  This is the first episode of Arrow where he was the sole writer and I think he did an excellent job here.  […]

TV Thursday – 2/28/13

Arrow #1×15 – “Dodger” – We return to the more mainstream Arrow episode this week, which is fine, and that means we’ve got a villain-of-the-week to deal with, a bunch of non-Hood sideline stuff and an island flashback to keep the reveals rolling.  Our villain this week is called “the Dodger”, a secretive jewel thief […]

TV Thursday – 2/21/13

Nice full week this week, except for Murdoch Mysteries which, for some reason, took a week off.  Is there some weird Canadian holiday I don’t know about? Arrow # 1×14 – “The Odyssey” – Last week, we saw the Hood break into Moira’s office, with the hopes of interrogating her for the truth, but instead, […]

TV Thursday – 2/14/13

  I managed to finish the first season of Continuum and catch up on this season of Murdoch Mysteries so it’s another big list this week! Arrow #1×13 – “Betrayal” – Oliver confronts his mother over the notebook he received last episode from Felicity, but she denies knowing anything about it, claiming it was a […]

TV Thursday – 2/7/13

I’m not sure if I didn’t realize we were back to a regular week or what, but wow, this is going to be long.  There’s lots of Continuum this week as I continue my mission to push through the entire first season, a double-dose of Elementary, plus tons of other shows!  I’ve also come to […]

TV Thursday – 1/31/13

Arrow #1×11 – “Trust But Verify” – After a series of armored car robberies, Oliver realizes that one of the people on his list may very well be part of the heist ring.  Unfortunately, it also happens to be one of Diggle’s ex-military buddies and he refuses to believe that Ted Gaynor could have anything […]

TV Thursday – 1/24/13

This week, we have two 2-part finales.  First, we have the end of the Fringe series, a cause to celebrate and second, the season finale of Haven, which unfortunately won’t be back for another 9 months.  We also have a new addition to the list, we’ll have to see if it manages to stick around. […]

TV Thursday – 1/17/13

The week, as I predicted, was still a bit slow, although it held some surprisingly good episodes, but I have included a near-series-ending review for the Japanese tokusatsu series Go-Busters.  We should be nearly back to normal next week though. Bones #8×10 – “The Diamond in the Rough” – Bones and Booth go undercover in […]

TV Thursday – 1/10/12

Once again, we have a very limited selection of weekly TV, I don’t think we get back into full swing until the second half of the month, so I’m going to throw in a review of the first 13 episodes of the new Kamen Rider series, now that I’ve gotten a decent taste of it.  […]

TV Thursday – 12/27/12

Wow, really slow week this week, although this is certainly what I expected.  Everyone is off for the holidays and it’s really not fair to do a best or worst of the week this week, based on the tiny number of shows that aired.  However, because there was so little on, I had to watch […]