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Why Not Debate the Truth?

deism godI just came across a long-running debate on “Is there enough evidence to support a deistic god” between a self-professed atheist and someone who describes themselves as a fundamentalist, Biblical-inerrantist Christian.  I’ve seen plenty of these kinds of debates go on, even the big-name Christian apologists will often debate for a deistic god instead of the God they actually claim to believe in, but I always ask myself, what is the sense of debating for a deity that you don’t actually worship?  Is it because the God you actually profess is absurd and cannot be defended rationally so you might as well set your sights lower and go for a generic deity that might be a little simpler to argue for?

Personally, I’d never enter into a debate like that.  I’m not interested in my debate opponent picking a topic at random, I want them to defend what they actually believe and prove that their faith is actually logically and objectively valid.  You can be sure that at the end, assuming they’ve demonstrated their point, and even if they haven’t, they’ll try to twist things to say that their God is actually real.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.  It makes no more sense than claiming that demonstrating Vishnu is real somehow also proves the Christian God is real as well.  The deistic god and a theistic god are not only two entirely different things, they are entirely antithetical to each other.  Proving that a deistic deity is real also has the effect of proving that no theistic deities can possibly exist.  Therefore, our religious friend above is continually shooting himself in the foot with each and every post he writes because he’s attempting to show that the God he worships cannot possibly be real!

I’m sure he hasn’t realized that.

This is really why I refuse to engage in debates over theoretical things, just for the fun of it.  When the individual has no real horse in the race, when they’re not personally engaged with the outcome, what’s the point?  Besides, it’s a no-lose proposition for the theist.  If they win the debate, they can pull the bait-and-switch between the god they argued for and their god and if they lose, well, it proves nothing about the god they worship at all, does it?

It’s not just the amateur atheists who get taken in by this, big-name Christian apologists do this all the time too. I’ve seen people like William Lane Craig push points that simply do not apply to the God he believes in, mostly because I think he feels the need to make a point when he’s losing.

For atheists who are debating, insist that your opponent only support and defend the gods they actually believe in. This isn’t an academic endeavor, it’s debating position against position, belief against belief.  The best belief, or lack of belief, ought to win and if they have no personal stock in the outcome, why bother running the race to begin with?

If You Don’t Want the Truth, Don’t Ask

real life anime girlNot long ago, someone on Twitter started posting pictures of themselves and asked what people thought.  This was done to a public hashtag, it wasn’t that it was a private message to friends that was accidentally re-tweeted or anything.  Therefore, I answered and set off a chain reaction of whining.

Let me take a step back and say that it was someone who posted themselves made up similar to the picture to the left.  No, that’s not the picture from Twitter, I’m not going to make fun of them in particular, this is just a similar type of picture, especially the eyes.

So what did I say that got people so mad?  I said it was freaky.  I said it was creepy.  And it is.  I told the truth, at least in my opinion, which is what was requested.

Now I don’t go hunting down creepy people on the Internet, but if they come right out and ask people’s opinions in public, I’m not going to hold back either.  People have a right to dress however they want, they have a right to act however they want, what they do not have a right to do is expect everyone to compliment them on it.  If you ask for honesty, expect honesty, even if it’s not the response you were hoping for.

There is no expectation that everyone is  going to ride you around on their shoulders because you make a personal choice, especially when it’s a choice that falls outside of societal norms.  The same is true of people with copious amounts of visible tattoos and piercings.  Yeah, if you want to be an idiot and draw all over yourself in permanent marker and punch holes in your flesh, knock yourself out.  Just don’t expect me to give you emotional validation for doing so.  I think you look like an idiot and I reserve the right to tell you so.  You have a right to do it, I have a right to respond negatively to it.  I also have a right to not hire you if you come to me for a job.

This goes back to something I’ve talked about before, the liberal thought-crime police.  They don’t want you to simply allow others to do as they wish, they want you to agree with it.  Where it comes to gay marriage, they aren’t satisfied that the religious accept the right to marry regardless of your gender, they want the religious to openly and completely accept that there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality.  Now I agree, there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality, but I don’t pretend that I have any right to insist anyone change their mind.  What matters most is the public allowance, not the internal acceptance.  The person with the weird eye fetish has every right to walk down the street dressed however she wants.  I have a right to shake my head and think she’s an idiot. I can’t stop her from doing it, she can’t stop me from thinking she’s ridiculous.  That’s how it ought to be.  Sure, you’re free to hate me for my opinion, just as I can think you look absurd, but so long as both of us can think what we want to think and do what we want to do, everything ought to be fine.

And no, you don’t have any right not to have your feelings hurt.  If you really only want validation for your strange ways, don’t go asking in a public place, where people who may not think your freakish eyes are wonderful frequent, what everyone thinks.  You just might get some honest answers and clearly, you don’t want that.

Who Cares If It’s True?

Theists have learned how to dance around the facts very well, we all know that.  When faced with evidence that their beliefs are absurd, they will rush to rationalize their way around the evidence, or in most cases, simply refuse to acknowledge the evidence at all.  This is because, to a theist, their beliefs are more important than the facts.  This is nothing new, I’ve posted about it many, many times in the past.  However, it’s a bone of contention that keeps popping up over and over.

Why don’t theists care if what they believe is factually true? Continue reading Who Cares If It’s True?