Why Start At the Beginning?

One question I get from a lot of theists is why do I spend so much time harping on the existence of gods?  Why does every single debate circle around to whether or not gods actually exist?  The answer is simple.  It’s because all religious arguments hinge on that specific claim.  If gods don’t exist, […]

Are Theists Stupid?

On a recent Atheist Experience, they talked briefly about their disagreement with calling the religious stupid, saying that the religious can be just as smart as non-theists.  Well, yes and no.  Certainly, with regard to their theism, theists are not as smart as non-theists because they believe in irrational things. They can be bright outside […]

The Problem With Theist Assumptions

On a relatively recent edition of The Atheist Experience, the show from 11/10 to be exact although it won’t matter because this happened in the aftershow and doesn’t show up in the regular feed, a theist called in and started asserting that the Bible couldn’t have just been written by good and holy men because […]

Refuting Atheist Refutations

While I’m well known for answering theist questions, in fact I just did a long series of them, occasionally I come across something new and interesting, as I did here.  It’s a theist who is attempting to refute atheism, ostensibly using logic and reason.  Of course, as one might expect, the refutations really don’t work […]

The Absurdity of Social Media

It’s funny but the more I look at social media and the more I partake in social media, the less impressed I am with it all. Take Twitter, for example.  Of what use is Twitter?  All I see is people throwing insults, retweeting endless memes, tons of pictures with famous quotes but nothing else, etc. […]

Morality and the Is/Ought Problem

A long time ago, philosopher David Hume recognized that there was a fundamental difference between writers who argued about what ought to be instead of what actually is.  He found that there was a significant problem with trying to make descriptive statements (what is) out of prescriptive statements (what ought to be).  This problem became […]

Are They Really That Dumb?

Now I’m sure this has happened to you.  I’ve been in a… well, it’s not a debate, it’s not really a discussion, I guess I’d call it a giant religious clusterfuck.  Some rabid fundamentalist idiot, who didn’t like the fact that I suggested the Bible isn’t the greatest thing since, well, anything, has been throwing […]

Are Theists Dishonest or Stupid?

I keep seeing claims going by on Twitter, made by self-professed theists, which are blatantly untrue, yet even after being corrected, they keep making them.  Are these people horribly dishonest or are they just too stupid to know any better?  That’s really a much larger question than it seems at first and perhaps it’s one […]

Should Believers and Atheists Get Along?

In a piece on the Huffington Post, Sandra Charron says that an article she wrote on her faith got a lot of backlash from atheist commenters and she just can’t understand why believers and atheists can’t get along.  She does correctly identify some of the problems but I don’t think she puts all of the […]

Being Mad Doesn’t Make One Wrong

This is another one of those funny little observations that you make when you’ve been arguing with idiot theists and they all seem to have the same pattern.  I’ve noted in the past the tendency to vilify people that a lot of failed debaters have, where they cannot actually defend their own claims so they […]

Who Cares About Famous Atheists?

I swear, the level of hero worship in atheism is just as bad as it is among theists.  If you watch Twitter for any length of time, you will see endless dripping praise for any well-known person who happens to be an atheist, or who makes any kind of non-religious statement, as though what someone […]

Will Christianity Slip Again in 2013?

With the new year starting tomorrow, it seems to be a promising start with predictions that Christianity will continue to lose ground to secularists.  It’s only a matter of time until the non-religious people will overtake them, especially given the kind of ground that the non’s have gained over the past couple of years.  I […]

Methods of Debate

I’ve been watching or listening to a lot of debates between theists and atheists lately, and even a couple between two different strains of theists, as well as looking at a bunch of ideas on how to debate theists, and I’ve come up with a conclusion. There’s a lot of entirely different ideas out there!  […]

The Faith is Falling! The Faith is Falling!

Things like this always do my heart good.  A new study in the U.S. suggests that religious faith is dropping like a stone and atheism is on the increase.  The poll, conducted by Winn/Gallup, shows that since 2005, the number of people who self-report as religious has dropped from 73% to 60% and the number […]

Lowest Common Denominator

Hey atheists, you’ve heard this one, haven’t you?  “You can’t get rid of religion so why do you even bother trying?”  We’re told that we’re destined to fail so why should we even attempt to make a difference? So what about something like racism?  That’s ingrained in the human psyche too.  We inherently fear things […]