The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.24

Our 100th episode where nothing special happens. This week, an atheist mom is forced into religious counseling or lose her children, Ben Carson says he might consider religion as a cause for warrants, but only for Muslims, UCLA might give students the right not to be offended, a French animal rights group beats a homeless […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #69

It’s our 4th of July show and this time around, we find that Catholics don’t give a damn what the Vatican says, a Wisconsin Christian radio host is arrested for molesting a young boy, a Tea Party official acts unethically and shoots himself in the head.  What a fine Christian!  Surprise, surprise, it turns out […]

Another View on Conservatism

As I’ve said before, “conservative” and “liberal” are just labels that you slap on your forehead, shorthand for the general ideas that you subscribe to, but beneath those labels, there’s a whole host of issues that need to be addressed individually to really know what a person actually believes.  You simply cannot get an accurate […]