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Fastest Way to Shut Christians Up

At least with regards to the existence of Jesus, I always point out that we simply have no objective evidence whatsoever that Jesus ever actually lived.  We have no forensic evidence, we have no contemporary eyewitness accounts, everything we have is myth and hearsay.  Christians don’t like that. Often, they will claim that if we reject the life of Jesus, we have to equally question the lives of other figures in antiquity like Socrates.

And I’m fine with that and it pisses them off.  What they’re really pulling is the logical fallacy called the argument  from consequences.  They push an irrational narrative that they expect you to allow because if you don’t, it might cause negative consequences.  Too bad.  Instead of saying “I have no evidence, but here’s what will happen if you argue with me”, they ought to just say “I have no evidence” and be done with it.  But that just doesn’t happen.

See, if I shrug and say I don’t care if Socrates existed, what difference does it make?  Anything attributed to Socrates still stands, even if the man who supposedly said it fades into myth and legend.  Christians can’t do that with Jesus though.  If Jesus never existed, their entire religion falls apart.  They have nothing if Jesus wasn’t real.  Whereas I have no real horse in the race with Socrates riding it, Christians absolutely cannot ever question the existence of Jesus and maintain their religious views.  They’re so used to the idea that anyone they debate with will roll over because they want to keep Socrates around that they don’t know what to do with themselves when you say you don’t care.  Their plans fail and they silently retreat to the sidelines because they have no other arguments and sure have no evidence to support their claims.

So the next time someone pulls this on you, say you don’t care. It doesn’t matter.  Watch them squirm and then run for the hills.  They have nothing better to say after this fallacious claim.  It won’t change their minds but it certainly will shut them up for a little while.