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Liberal Smugness

According to Vox’s Emmett Rensin, “There is a smug style in American liberalism, it is a way of conducting politics, predicated on the belief that American life is not divided by moral difference or policy divergence — not really — but by the failure of half the country to know what’s good for them.”

This much is true, but he goes on to say, “Nothing is more confounding to the smug style than the fact that the average Republican is better educated and has a higher IQ than the average Democrat. That for every overpowered study finding superior liberal open-mindedness and intellect and knowledge, there is one to suggest that Republicans have the better of these qualities.”

Now this comes from Vox, a liberal bastion that once gave an interview with President Obama that was filled with so much liberal pandering that Politico’s Jack Shafer said “I’ve seen subtler Scientology recruitment films.”  This not a conservative rag, so it’s all the more surprising that Rensin is taking such accurate shots across liberalism’s bow.  Yet Rensin isn’t done yet.

He continues, accusing progressivism of a “condescending, defensive sneer toward any person or movement outside of its consensus, dressed up as a monopoly on reason.”  He accuses the Democrats of  going from an inclusive party to one run by bi-coastal professionals who largely exclude minorities from decision making, even though they pretend that minorities matter to them.  He even accuses Jon Stewart, the former host of the Daily Show, who was for a long time considered an authority on all things political by the left, for saying that “the idea that liberal orthodoxy was a kind of educated savvy and that its opponents were, before anything else, stupid.”

Now while I’ll be the first to say there’s a lot of concentrated stupid on both sides, the idea that liberals, because they tend to be college educated and young, are somehow better than everyone else is just absurd.  Liberals have every bit as many stupid ideas as the religious right do, and often for the same reasons.  They are self-assured that their ideas have to be right and anyone who disagrees, they can’t possibly have any valid criticisms, they have to be infidels or, in the case of the regressive left, bitter folks who care about nothing but guns and religion.  But they’re wrong, there are some serious concerns about their political ideology that rational people have and that they refuse to address  I find that a lot of their ideas are based on emotion, not intellect, wishful thinking and not objective evidence, that’s why I reject the majority of liberal political ideas, for the same reason I reject the majority of religious ideas, because they haven’t proven them to be useful or factually true.  That doesn’t stop them from being smug little bastards about it, especially the further left you go and that makes them even more distasteful, if you can believe it.