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Liberals Making Excuses

I find it really sad to see how idiotic and blind the liberal left can be.  Case in point, in a recent discussion about MTV host Ira Madison III mocking Jeff Session’s Asian family, saying that his grandkids looked like he got them at Toys R Us, instead of just admitting that it was a sleazy thing to say, liberals, and I don’t mean just one liberal, but scores of liberals, could only say that Trump said some pretty bad things too.

So what?  What does that have to do with Madison?  Even if you can criticize Trump, and you absolutely can, that has nothing to do with what Madison did. Madison was a prick.  Admit it.

But this is just commonplace.  Liberals like to point fingers at everyone else to explain their own failures.  Take the election.  They’re screaming that Russia is to blame for Hillary losing.  Nope.  All Russia did was get the truth out there.  It didn’t falsify anything, it just exposed DNC secrets.  It was the reality of the DNC’s dishonesty that cost Hillary the election, not anything sinister that Russia did.  Should they have hacked the DNC?  Probably not.  Should the DNC have done those things?  Absolutely not.  Who is more to blame? But they don’t want to take that responsibility and blame their own party so they scream and cry about the ones who brought their own wrongdoing to light.

And I’m frankly sick of it.  Yes, I’m also sick of it when the GOP pulls the same thing.  Both parties are full of crybabies, but that isn’t an excuse for being a dishonest idiot yourself.  Is Trump a dick?  Yeah, sometimes.  Was Madison a dick with that tweet?  Absolutely.  Does one have anything to do with the other?  Does one excuse the other?  Hell no.  Stop pretending that it does.  Take some responsibility for your own actions for once.  Stop acting like children.