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Why Free College is So Problematic

Rhode Island has become the fourth U.S. state to offer free community college to all comers, bringing cries of support from the political left and anyone who understands the problem with this roll their eyes.  And there is a problem with this, one that nobody on the political left seems to understand.  If everyone has it, it’s just not worth anything.

To be honest, this is one of the reasons, not the only reason by any means, but one of the reasons why a high school education means nothing these days.  Getting that diploma doesn’t mean you’ve actually done any work or earned the right.  It just means you showed up.  And that’s something the left has done in this country too, they care more about rewarding people for waking up in the morning, because it makes them feel good, than in giving them a diploma for being successful in their studies.  You could be a failing student but you’ll still get a diploma because it might make someone feel bad if they don’t.  It’s pathetic.  A high school diploma means nothing because it doesn’t signify educational success.

But the left started insisting that everyone ought to go to college, whether they deserved it or not. They pushed down the requirements, people didn’t have to actually have the grades to go to college anymore, so long as they had the cash, and with government loans anyone could do it, so after a while, even college didn’t really mean anything.  It was just one more step in the educational ladder with a meaningless degree that didn’t actually prove you put in the work to earn it.  And with places like Evergreen State and Mizzou, where students are demanding they don’t actually have to do any school work because it might get in the way of their constant protesting, and liberal “feels-over-reals” professors not giving a damn if they’re actually teaching anything worthwhile, it’s no wonder why a college education is quickly becoming meaningless.

There’s this thing called supply and demand, maybe you’ve heard of it?  If there are too many people with a particular degree, the benefits for having that degree go down.  When you almost have to have a doctorate to get a job as a trash collector, then doctorates become meaningless.  All we have to do is look at Europe to see how the push for universal college education, regardless of qualifications, is turning into a disaster.  In Canada, England and India, people with advanced university degrees are driving taxis because there are no jobs for them.  Too much supply, not enough demand.  The taxi companies are even demanding that their applicants have degrees because it’s so easy to get applicants with those degrees. And because there are too many with degrees, those degrees don’t really mean anything.  The drive to hand them out has devalued them entirely.

So yes, by all means, let’s keep pushing kids to go to college, just for the sake of a college degree, whether or not that college degree will get them a job.  In far too many cases, it’s just another useless piece of paper that doesn’t really contribute to real world success.  And while we’re at it, let’s do it all at taxpayer expense because apparently, money grows on trees.  How is this supposed to make society better?  Because like it or not, it isn’t making society smarter, not when people are taking gender studies and other liberal arts programs that have no jobs whatsoever waiting for them at the end.  But it makes them feel good, and the political left gets more indoctrinated voters, which is why they spend so much time and money pushing this nonsense.  And if  you’ve fallen for it, you’re just their stooge.  Congrats.  You’ve failed this nation and this planet.  But that comes as no surprise at all.