How About Not Driving Drunk?

There’s a radio commercial that I hear on almost a daily basis for a shyster legal firm that claims to be able to get just about anyone off of drunk driving charges.  Their tagline is “friends don’t let friends plead guilty”.  How about “friends don’t let friends drive drunk?”  I wrote about this a couple […]

Indians Throwing Tantrums

A tribal chief has issued a “fatwa” against FedEx as a sponsor of the Washington Redskins, asking all tribal members not to use FedEx until the owners of the Redskins change their name.  “Until the name of the NFL team is changed to something less inflammatory and insulting, I direct all employees to refrain from […]

Domestic Abuse and Sports

Now I’ll be the first one to say I don’t give a damn about sports.  I don’t watch sports, I pay no attention to the teams, the players or anything else involved in any professional sport on the planet.  I consider them all vastly overpaid prima donnas.  Screw sports stars.  However, the recent move for […]

What is “Adult”?

Seriously, when I hear people discussing “adult” entertainment and things they do as “adults”, I have no clue what they’re talking about because virtually everything they’re discussion sounds extremely childish to me.  When I hear people saying they’re going to go out and get drunk and get high and watch porn and sleep around and […]

The Whine For The Win!

People whine about the stupidest things, this time out, we’re going to talk about modern cars and the “fact” that people “can’t” work on their own car.  This was brought up by an article, written by Steven Lang, over on Yahoo Autos, where he whines about 7 reasons that people “can’t” work on their own cars. Of […]

The Irrational Fear of Death

I was in a discussion recently where someone suggested that we, as a species, might want to rethink the practice of burying our dead because it wastes valuable space that could be used for something better.  It’s not a bad question to be sure, although I don’t think we’re out of usable land quite yet […]

Blaming the Victim

I recently posted an article about Matthew Burdette, a young boy from San Diego who killed himself after being filmed masturbating in the school bathroom.  Everything I’ve seen so far has held him up as a victim of bullying and I have yet to see anyone making the same argument that I did, that no matter […]

I Don’t Care What You Believe

In any debate with a theist, there is a never-ending problem, they are only too happy to tell you what they believe, what they have faith in, but they are very hesitant, if not completely incapable of telling you why they believe the things they believe and why you ought to do so as well. […]

Gay Characters in Cartoons

I ran into someone on Twitter who was bemoaning the fact that in most cartoons, there are no clearly gay characters and damn it, there ought to be!  I asked them what kind of characters they wanted and they said we should see two male characters kissing or two female characters holding hands or whatever, […]

We Ought To Be Better!

As critical as I often am about the religious and politically liberal, I try to at least make my criticism as realistic and rational as possible. I try to point out specific problems and suggest specific solutions and I do not try to just fling poo, hoping to cover the other side in shit.  This […]

More Stupidity of Social Justice

Every once in a while, I stumble across some really bizarre left-wing nonsense online and while most of the time I just ignore it, sometimes I want to use it to make a point.  This is one such time.  There are lots of people on the Internet, mostly on the left wing, whining about how […]

Rape and Responsibility

I’ve said something about this before, but today there was a big dust up with self-identified liberals on the one side any everyone else on the other over whether a woman’s choice of clothing has any impact on her being raped.  It amazed me that 100% of the liberals were on the side that asserted […]

Science in America?

There have been a lot of commercials on TV lately, aired by ExxonMobil, calling for bettering our students in science and math.  I absolutely support that, I think it’s embarrassing that American students rank in such low positions, we ought to be #1, not #25. But you know something?  There are reasons why we are […]

Danger of Shaming Online?

Consultant Adria Richards was at PyCon this year, a convention for Python programming language enthusiasts, when she heard some male attendees behind her talking about “dongles” and “forking”, some rather indelicate puns that made Adria uncomfortable.  Instead of turning around and complaining to the men, or going to convention organizers, she decided to tweet the whole […]

Racism: Don Lemon Gets it Right

On a recent episode of The Bitchspot Report, we took some time and talked about some of the problems with education in America, especially, although it wasn’t planned that way, the way education is handled in the poor, predominantly black community.  Mike kept wanting to focus on those parents who actually care about their children’s […]

Sympathy for the Poor?

I’ve made my views clear on the difference between sympathy and empathy in the past, but, as usual, I keep seeing liberals leaning strongly toward the emotional end of the spectrum instead of the rational end.  Unfortunately, they tend to use the wrong terminology, claiming that they sympathize with people when, in reality, they empathize […]