Lack of Basic Responsibility, Politeness and Respect

Okay, I’m going to go on a rant here and I’m not really mad at anyone in particular, I’m just sick and fucking tired of the lack of responsibility and politeness some people and groups have, where they really don’t give a damn about anyone or anything and it fucking shows. Last week, The Atheist […]

Should We Respect the Apologists?

I was talking to someone on Twitter about the recent Sean Carroll/William Lane Craig debate and he said that while Craig lost the debate badly, in general he had a lot of respect for the guy.  I don’t. Respect, as far as I’m concerned, isn’t something that is just granted, it’s something that’s earned.  A […]

The Misdefinition of “Respect”

I keep seeing theists whine that atheists don’t give them “respect”.  Now I’ll be honest, I don’t respect theism, in fact, I absolutely detest it, but in general, I don’t care what people believe, nor have I any ability to control what goes on between their ears, so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.  […]