It’s Resolution Time!

Every single year for the last couple, I’ve tried to put up some kind of New Year’s Resolution, something that I think I can do better in the coming year, particularly when it comes to my blogging and debating. Of course, every time I do, I explain how I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, how […]

New Year’s Resolution Time

It’s funny, I’d never been one for doing New Year’s Resolutions until two years ago, when I decided to do one, more as a joke than anything else, and I realized that a well-executed resolution, taken seriously, can be actually useful. For 2013, I decided that I’d walk away from the endless nonsense that comes […]

New Year’s Resolution Time

Normally, I don’t worry about New Year’s Resolutions, the whole idea of waiting until a certain day to make changes in your life strikes me as really absurd, if there is something that I need to change, why wait, why not just do it?  However, last year, I actually did have a resolution, I totally […]

My New Year’s Resolution

I’m going to make it simple this year, I have only one resolution and I’m going to work hard to keep it.  Normally I don’t bother with these things at all, not because I don’t improve myself, but because I don’t feel the need to announce it.  However, after all the things I’ve seen in […]