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The Religious Horror Show

Just wanted to say that I haven’t forgotten about the Religious Horror Show, nor have I run out of material, not by a long shot.  But recently, I’ve sat down a couple of times and tried to pound out a couple of stories and every time, I’ve had to push away from my desk.  As I’ve said in the past, I have trouble actually getting these stories done, I force myself to clear a day and get through a month or two of stories so I don’t have to deal with it for a while.  That’s why I write Horror Show stories so far out into the future, because they depress me so much.  I do not delight in the kind of pain and damage that religion causes mankind, even though I’ve been writing about it, off and on, for many years.

So I’m taking a couple of weeks off.  When I feel I can sit down and write about the kind of death, destruction and harm caused by religion, I’ll write a couple of months and it will be back on track. I derive no pleasure pointing out the foibles of faith, I just think it’s important to show that religion, all religion, actually causes damage to those delusional enough to believe it.  Thanks for hanging around while I cool off.

The Religious Horror Show Roundup

Just a quick note, but since I had a little extra time this week, I went through and updated my Religious Horror Show page. I hadn’t done it for about 2.5 months, I just haven’t had time, but as I was doing so, it seemed to me that every single year, my list keeps getting longer and longer.  I went and counted the number of stories that I’ve done and geez, it’s really ridiculous.

Here’s the breakdown:

2012:  12 stories (which I only started in October, so I can understand that)

2013:  52 stories (one a week)

2014:  64 stories (I started doing week-long marathons)

2015:  78 stories (multiple week-long marathons)

I had already thought if starting to do these marathons every other months, at the moment I have more than 60 stories on tap and I need to use them up.  If I do that, 2016 will have more than 90 stories.  That is going to make up just under half of all stories that I do.  And people dare to say that religion doesn’t harm anyone?  Seriously?

Now I’m depressed.

It Just Gets Sadder

Religious Horror Show LogoI hate looking at this and realizing just how awful it is, but I was going through and counting how many unwritten stories I currently have for the Religious Horror Show and it’s really ridiculous.  Currently, I have written stories almost through the end of the year and last I knew, I had enough stories to get through February.  Clearly, I’ve added a few since then so I counted. I have 34 stories unwritten, that means that, if I just post one a week, I have enough for 2016 through August 8.  Yes, I have enough for another entire year.

I’ve tried hard to burn off stories this year, having more week-long runs so far than ever before but they just don’t stop coming. If I did a week-long Horror Show every single month in 2016, I’d still have enough to take me through April and that’s if I didn’t get any more between now and then.

So the next time someone tells you that religion doesn’t hurt anyone, point them to the Religious Horror Show, where the stories of hundreds of people abused, beaten and killed, directly by religion, is housed.  The flood of horrors will never stop until we, as a people, decide to stop allowing delusion to rule the day.

As for me, I’m going to have to insert another couple of week-long Horror Shows, otherwise I’ll be 2 years out in very short order.

Update on the Religious Horror Show

bloody-crossWhen I restarted the Religious Horror Show feature in mid 2012, I promised myself I wouldn’t allow it to take over the blog.  I restricted it to one day a week, I set up some rules that I hoped would limit how many stories I’d have to deal with.

I was wrong.  There is just too much religious horror in the world and as the stories came faster and more furious, as I’d sit down and write a whole ton of them in a sitting so I wouldn’t have to address them constantly, they became scheduled out further and further.  I’ve talked about this on the podcast a couple of times, how I’d have the next several months completed and to be honest, I don’t know how seriously people take me.  I’m not exaggerating.  There really are that many stories.

I just finished a week-long orgy of religious horrors, in an attempt to burn off some of the stories a little quicker and it barely made a dent in the backlog.  Just a few minutes ago, I scheduled a story for the last Sunday in February, 2015 and I still have more to write.  By my calculations, if I wrote and scheduled every story I have in my queue right now, I would be set through the first week of May, 2015.  That’s nearly a year out.  That’s ridiculous!

Therefore, I’m going to turn the last week of October into a Horror Show Week and maybe do the same in January as well.  I could do an entire Religious Horror Show Month if I wanted to but I think that’s overkill and would get in the way of other things that I’ll want to write about.  There is just too much religious horror out there to be dealt with in small increments.

And why is that?  Whether we’re talking about Catholic sex abuse or Islamic honor killings, why are these things still so common in our modern world?  Why do we allow it?  Why do we continue to give religion a pass to do the most evil, sadistic and insane things imaginable.  Is it any wonder I contend that, without religion, the world would be a much better place to be?

Horror Show Saturday: Priest Molests 50 While Church Hides Him

Vince McCaffrey

We finally reach the end of Religious Horror Show Week with a prime example of what I’ve been talking about all along, that the churches really don’t care about the victims of abuse, they only care about keeping their own hands clean and their employees away from prosecution.  And so, on Horror Show Saturday, let’s look at the case of Vince McCaffrey, a Catholic priest from Massachusetts who is now serving a 20-year sentence for kiddy porn and child molestation.

In 2002, hundreds of images of young boys, some as young as 6, were found under the mattress of McCaffrey, The images depicted boys being beaten, gagged and locked in cages and later it came to light that McCaffrey had molested as many as 50 boys in four parishes in and around the Chicago area.

And the Catholic Church helped him to hush it up.

Back in 1980, Reverend James T. O’Connor of Our Lady of Loretto informed the archdiocese of McCaffrey’s drinking and sexual problems, but just two months later, apparently at the urging of his superiors, O’Connor actively worked to cover up McCaffrey’s crimes when he was caught molesting an eighth-grader at his parish.  Instead of reporting this to the police, O’Connor wrote a letter to McCaffrey saying “Are you going to be man enough to say to your friends that you have decided that it is best for you to start over someplace else or are you going to throw the blame on me?”  Cardinal John Cody encouraged McCaffrey to get through his rehabilitation for sex and alcohol addiction so he could return to his fine priestly work.  in 1987, facing serious allegations by two boys, McCaffrey confessed his “sins” to another priest who went on to lie to the mothers of the two boys, saying something would be done.  Nothing was.  Then the next year, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin moved McCaffrey to another parish where the abuse continued and the complaints continued to come.  By 1989, with more accusations of sexual abuse at hand, Vicar of Priests Reverend Raymond Goedert wrote that an anonymous caller had informed them of another assault.  “We don’t know if the anonymous caller will strike again, but Dom (Grassi) feels he can’t run the risk of the parish being hurt in any way,” Goedert wrote, adding, “The sad thing is that this threat will hang over Vince until the day he dies.”

Yeah, you act like that’s a bad thing.

It’s hard to argue that the Catholic Church doesn’t know what’s going on, every time the courts get their hands on Church records, it’s clear that these stories have made their way up into the upper echelons and they just don’t care.  Looking at Goedert’s letter, it’s clear they only care about the health of the church, not the wellbeing of the victims.  While McCaffrey stepped won from his ministry voluntarily in 1993, he was convicted of sexual abuse and child molestation in 2002.  When was he finally officially defrocked by the Catholic Church?


That’s just sad.

Horror Show Friday: Hanging Poets

This idea was sent in by reader Bill Tomlinson.  Thanks a lot for your suggestion, Bill, I appreciate your sharp eye on this story.  For anyone else who finds a story that I haven’t done, and honestly, since I have so many on the back burner, I might, feel free to send them to Bitchspot (at) JadeDragonOnline.com.  I’ll certainly credit you for anything that you find!

hashem_shaabaniAccording to Radio Free Europe, Iranian poet and activist Hashem Shaabani was executed in Iran by direct order of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.  The Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal sentenced Shaabani and 14 others to death in a mock trial, on charges that included Moharebeh or “waging war on God”.  All were hanged until dead following approval of Rouhani and all were reported to have been severely beaten and tortured during their interrogation.  The execution, which occurred on January 29, 2014, violated even Iran’s legal requirements of informing the families and lawyers before the sentence was carried out.

Iran has stepped up it’s attacks on their local Ahwazi Arab population, to which Shaabani belonged, arresting them en masse and handing down severe sentences, often in closed-door court sessions.

Justice for Iran, an Iranian human rights organization, described Shaabani as married, had a three-year-old daughter and was studying for a master’s degree in politics from Ahwaz University prior to his arrest.  He provided a televised confession that was almost certainly extracted under torture, something unfortunately common in Iran.  The number of religiously-mandated executions has spiked in Iran in recent years, even under the supposedly moderate Rouhani regime.    It’s really no surprise given the strength of fundamentalist Muslim belief prevalent in Iran.  How many more have to die because of the crazy religious beliefs of the majority?

So does anyone want to say that religion doesn’t hurt anyone?  Really?  I guess this is a perfect story for Horror Show Friday as we near the end of Religious Horror Show Week.


Horror Show Thursday: Molesting Mormons Now a Thing

Todd-EdwardsIt’s day five of my Religious Horror Show Week.  You hear these stories a lot out of the Catholics and the Jews and even groups like the Southern Baptists, but it’s relatively rare to see a Mormon being sent away for screwing little kids.  Hopefully this isn’t a sign of a new front in the war against religious sexual predators.

Todd Michael Edwards, a Mormon bishop from Menifee, CA, has been sentenced to three years in prison for molesting two young girls from his church and will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.  The specific charges included sexual battery and sexual penetration with a foreign object.  He entered into a plea deal that pushed a witness intimidation charge off the table, which I think is unfortunate.  I hate plea deals.

This is even in my own backyard, a good reason to keep my kids away from the religious.  You can’t trust any of them.  Luckily, I don’t think the Mormon Church stood up for this guy at all and for that, a bit of applause is in order, especially seeing how other religious institutions are only worried about not looking bad, not in actually protecting the innocent.  “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has zero tolerance for abuse of any kind,” said George Kramer, a spokesman for the LDS. “Anyone who abuses a child is rightfully subject to both criminal prosecution and formal church discipline.”  Wouldn’t it be great if all the other churches said that and meant it?

Now granted, this is hardly the first  case like this, in fact there’s another case where two Utah men allege that at a pineapple camp in Hawaii, run by the LDS and Maui Land & Pineapple Company, Inc., they were molested when they were young by church officials.  According to the suit, the Mormon church would recruit young boys from Idaho and Utah to work in Hawaii picking pineapples.  “There were hundreds of boys over more than a decade cycled through these camps,” attorney Randall Rosenberg said in the press release. “Hundreds were exposed to the alleged sexual predator in our case. We do not know how many others may have been molested, but our experience is that child sexual predators with access to kids have multiple victims.”  Brian Pickett, a camp coordinator, reportedly baptized one of the 15 year old defendants and then molested him.

So maybe the Mormons aren’t as innocent as we thought?  Who else gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar?  Find out tomorrow.



Horror Show Wednesday: Victims Blast Massachusetts’ Church over Predator Priest

Edward LetticWelcome to Horror Show Wednesday, part of my week-long orgy of stories on the horrors of religion.  It’s always the ones most in danger that are the last to know.  Catholic officials in Massachusetts have told the police about the actions of Father Edward P. Lettic.  They’ve told the Vatican.  The one group they didn’t bother to inform was Lettic’s congregation at the Immaculate Conception Parish in Lancaster, Massachusetts.  This makes a lot of people mad and rightfully so.

It’s pretty typical for Catholic spokesmen to say when the abuse took place but they virtually never tell people how long the Catholic Church had that information before bothering to hand it over to the authorities.  This keeps people from being upset that the Church had this information for many months or years and didn’t bother to warn the parishioners that they were in any kind of potential danger.  While Father Lettic is now on administrative leave, who knows how long he was allowed to remain in the church, actively working with children, while the RCC putzed around trying to put themselves in the best possible light before admitting they have yet another pedophile priest on their hands.

That seems to be an unintentional theme for this week, various religious groups denying accountability and pointing fingers at others because they don’t want to be implicated or culpable for the system that they put in place, a system which is producing demonstrably bad results.  They’re more interested in keeping their public face clean, they don’t worry about actual people getting hurt and these stories have demonstrated that over and over again.

If there’s one group that deserves to know before anyone else, it’s the potential victims.  If a priest is even suspected of being a pedophile, they ought to be yanked out of the church immediately, the allegations checked and if there’s any validity at all, the church told of the suspicions so that victims can come forward and no one else will be harmed in the interim.  Sure, this might harm the reputation of the priest but too bad.  I understand there may be false allegations but the church is in so much trouble now, I’d rather see priests disgraced than actual victims harmed.  Besides, if the priest is found to be innocent of the charges, they can be returned to another church somewhere with an open and squeaky clean record, I know that, if I was a Catholic, I’d be more comfortable having my children around a priest that has had his background gone over meticulously and found to be fine than one who could have been doing anything and had never been checked out.  If you do it for babysitters, why don’t you do it for priests?

So that’s another entry in Religious Horror Show Week, what do you think?  See you tomorrow.


Horror Show Tuesday: Mother Killed Children in “Demon Assassin” Cult

Sanford Avery

Zakieya Latrice Avery, 28, told authorities that she was the leader of a “demon assassin” cult whose job it was to hunt, exorcise and kill demons that existed in and around Montgomery, Alabama.  She and her 21-year old accomplice, Monifa Denise Sanford, have been charged with the first degree murders of two of Avery’s children, 1-year-old Norrell and 2-year-old Zyana.  They also attempted to kill her two older children, 5-year-old Taniya and 8-year-old Martello but they survived.

According to Avery, she had witnessed her children’s eyes turning black, a dark cloud hanging over their heads and then she saw demons leaping into their bodies.  The natural reaction to such a thing is to stab your children with a sharp knife, then wash their bodies, wrap them in blankets and present them to God.  Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

The two women met at a local church called Exousia Ministries where they, with at least two other women, formed the “demon assassin” cult. The pastor at Exousia Ministries, Darryl Jones, said he wasn’t aware of the group’s existence or activities, they had never spoken to him about performing exorcisms.  Authorities are seeking out any other members of the cult but at the moment do not consider them to be dangerous.

Friends say that Sanford was a meek, obedient person but she’s also been mentally troubled in the past, having tried to commit suicide at least twice.  Avery, on the other hand, has been committed to a mental institution in the past.  Sure, these are great models of parenthood, aren’t they?  When you’ve got mental problems, why do we see such a common commitment to religion?  Two disturbing things that unfortunately go together more often than not.

When religion goes wrong, as it so often does, there are victims and here, two children are dead and two others scarred for life, all because their mother believed in demons.  No harm from religion, huh?  Tell that to Norrell and Zyana.  Horror Show Tuesday shows us exactly where the harm comes in.

Horror Show Monday: Alabama Minister Abuse Goes Back Decades


Former music and youth minister at First United Methodist Church of Sheffield, Alabama, Oliver Brazelle, has been arrested and charged with sexual abuse and sodomy, although it is thought that his history of abuse goes back to the 1970s.  While the charges that actually got him arrested stem from allegations that Brazelle molested a boy at the church in the mid-90s, there have been claims against him for decades previous.

Charges from the 1970s forced the church to, at least for a time, suspend Brazelle and forbid him from acting with church choirs, but apparently that was eventually rescinded because he held the position of music minister at the time of his dismissal in 2012.  Police were approached by several people in mid-2012, alleging abuse in their childhood, but once the investigation was started, these people pulled back and refused to take part in the official charges.  It wasn’t until the end of 2012 when someone finally came forward and the investigation could begin in earnest.

“Officially, we never had a victim,” Sheffield Police Chief Greg Ray said about the July investigation. “We talked to several people, but no one (came) forward.”

Why am I not surprised that abuse victims were not willing to step forward and accuse a “man of God” of sexual abuse?  It’s something we see quite often, where a congregation will stand behind their pastors and will shun those who make accusations of wrongdoing.  While I have no idea if that’s the case here, it wouldn’t surprise me to find that those who stepped forward were criticized by other members of the church and shamed into retracting their statements.  I suppose we just won’t know for sure.

What is it about religion that makes pastors, priests and other clergy so untouchable in the eyes of their parishioners?  What grants these people such power that they can get away with horrific things and be supported because they’ve got a supposed conduit to God?  I wouldn’t say if we didn’t see it constantly but the number of cases where people refuse to testify, refuse to aid the authorities and refuse to convict a clergyman, just because they wear the collar or the robes, is rampant.  I guess they’re afraid that someone like Brazelle can sic God on them if they make them mad.

Is it any wonder we find religion absurd and dangerous?  That makes day two on Horror Show Monday.  What might be coming next?


Horror Show Sunday Statistics

Religious Horror Show Logo

I’ve been doing the Religious Horror Show for a long, long time now and there’s no end in sight, but as I started thinking about it, I wondered just how the different religions scored on the “horror-o-meter”.  That prompted me to go back and count all of the different  stories I’ve done here on Horror Show Sunday, as well as the stories we’ve done on two Bitchspot Report Podcasts dedicated to religious horrors, to see who is really the most horrible religion.  This covers stories from early September, 2012 until the end of 2013.  I will start keeping a count on the regular Religious Horror Show page, updating it at least once every couple of weeks, so we always know which religion is shooting for the #1 worst religion out there.

Christianity (Protestant): 25

Christianity (Catholic): 13

Islam: 20

Judiasm: 2

Buddhism: 3

Hinduism: 3

Primitive/Witchcraft: 4

This is a total of 70 stories to date and, honestly, I’m a bit surprised.  I would have expected the Catholic Church, with their pedophilic ways, would have racked up a lot more stories.  This tells me that, except in the most horrific of tales, I’m ignoring the majority of their problems.  Granted, I’ve been doubling and tripling up stories and haven’t counted it that way so that could be a cause of the disparity.  If I was counting individual stories and not individual posts, I’m sure that the Catholics would catch up quickly.

Our two big losers here are Protestant Christianity and Islam, but there are plenty of horrors to go around for all religions.

So, who will be the big loser in 2014?  Humanity, of course, as we continue to deal with the irrationality and criminal behavior of the religious who have given us nothing but horrors at an ever-accelerating rate.  Currently, I have written stories dating up until June, 2014 and I have enough stories through sometime in August.  That doesn’t count all of the horrors that will occur between now and 8 months from now.  Is that sad or what?

Horror Show Sunday: Medicine is Sinful, Don’t Use Medicine, M’kay?

Too stupid to raise children, too ignorant to know not to breed.

On of the biggest problems in the world today isn’t just that religion runs rampant or that religion harms the innocent, it’s that cultures worldwide are so much under the thumb of religion that they allow these religious animals off scot free when they do hurt others.  Here’s yet another case of this.

At the First Century Gospel Church in Philadelphia, Herbert and Catherine Schaible allowed their 2-year old son to die a horrible death because the Schaibles don’t believe in modern medicine, they practice nothing but faith healing.  The couple, parents to 7 other children, claimed that their son Kent was coughing, had congestion of the lungs, fatigue and a loss of appetite for 2 weeks, yet they prayed for his recovery instead of doing the sensible thing and taking him to a doctor.  According to Catherine Schaible, “We tried to fight the devil, but in the end the devil won.”

What’s worse, even after they were convicted of involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment, the judge didn’t put them in prison or even take their other 7 children away, he simply gave them a suspended sentence and ordered them to get regular medical checkups for the rest of their brood.

According to pastor Nelson A. Clark, “The legal community is trying to force our church group to put them in the hands of this flawed medical system, when they have chosen to put them in the hands of a perfect God, who does not make mistakes.”  Yeah?  Tell that to 2-year old Kent, who is now dead.  Fuck you and your imaginary friend in the sky.

This isn’t the first time that the First Century Gospel Church has been the center of controversy over it’s faith healing ways.  In 1991, 8 children died in a measles epidemic, to parents who belonged to either First Century or the nearby Faith Tabernacle, which has the same beliefs.  I had written before, in an earlier incarnation of the Religious Horror Show, about the same kinds of things happening in the fundamentalist LDS church in Oregon, particularly in the case of Jeff and Marci Beagley, whose son Neil died an excruciating death from a perfectly treatable urinary tract infection.  The judge in the case, Steven Maurer, said, “The fact is, too many children have died unnecessarily – a graveyard full.  This has to stop.”

Indeed it does.  We simply cannot allow religion to run rampant and harm people, especially innocent children who cannot speak out for their own wellbeing.  Criminal scumbags like the Beagley’s and the Schiable’s need to be stopped from these primitive practices for anyone but themselves.  If they want to sentence themselves to death for religious stupidity, that’s fine by me.  They cannot be permitted to push these beliefs on their children.  They should have their children forcibly removed from the home, they should both be permanently neutered to prevent them from ever having any more children and the children should be put into a normal home where asinine beliefs are not prevalent.

We owe children better than these stone-age idiot beliefs.  Religion cannot offer a shelter for these morons to hide.

Horror Show Sunday: Murdering Children for Witchcraft

In Bhubaneswar, India, a 4-year old boy was murdered in cold blood for being, according to residents in the Nuagaon village near Kegaon in Kalahandi district, a witch.  Those accused of the crime were the boy’s paternal uncle, Jarbi Gahir, a priest, Kumuda Sarangi, a sorcerer, Dayalu Dora, and a villager, Parameswar Dora.

Seriously, can we start calling in napalm strikes to take out these inbred retards?

The boy, identified as Ajit Gahir had gone missing on November 2.  After his parents reported him missing, a search of the local woods turned up body parts and the police concluded they had found him 3 days later  The body, missing the lower arm bone and skull, was found stuffed into a sack.  The missing parts were used in rituals and the boy’s uncle admitted he wanted  them so he could become a successful black magician.  “We had launched a search operation for the boy after his parents lodged a missing complaint, but we couldn’t locate him despite our best efforts. Some villagers, who had gone to the forest, informed us about body parts being strewn in the forest. Further investigation revealed that the boy was killed for witchcraft,” said Officer-in-Charge Sanjay Kumar Mandal.  The boy’s bodily parts were used in witchcraft rituals before being dumped in the forest.  The accused have admitted to murdering the boy after they lured him to the edge of town and strangled him.

Guess this goes to prove that it’s not just the Christians or the Muslims who are guilty of religious horrors, Hindus can also  commit atrocities in the name of their religion.  Witchcraft is widespread in India and children are often killed so their body parts can be harvested for magical rituals.  The same is true in many areas of primarily-Christian Africa.

Of course, in India, there are also plenty of cases of people being killed because they are accused of being witches.  Over 200 people have been killed in the eastern state of Assam over the past 6 years because they were considered witches and put to death for their practices.  Not sure what’s worse, being accused of being a witch and killed, or having a witch ritually murder you for your body parts?  In either case, it’s more religious nonsense that leads to harm, a perfect entry for the Religious Horror Show.



Horror Show Sunday: Catholicism is Sick and Evil

I didn’t have to die!

How much evidence do we really need that the Catholic Church as a whole is evil?  How many cases of child rape need to be perpetuated and covered up by the Church?  How many people need to die of AIDS in Africa while the Church tells them using condoms is a sin?  And how many cases like this one need to happen because the Pope doesn’t like abortion?

In Ireland, 31-year-old Savita Praveen Halappanavar died a needless and tragic death because the Catholic Bishops in that country refused to allow her to receive a medically necessary abortion.  What’s worse, the Catholic Church has been working hard, misleading the people of Ireland, telling them that pregnant women will always receive the medical treatment they need in Irish hospitals.  It’s a flat-out lie.

On October 21, 2012, Savita, who was 17 weeks pregnant at the time, went to the hospital complaining of back pain.  Doctors discovered that she was miscarrying and the fetus had no chance whatsoever of survival.  However, because the fetus still had a heartbeat, Catholic doctors refused to perform an abortion.  She remained in terrible pain for three days, during which she and her husband, 34-year old Praveen Halappanavar begged for an abortion, but were told “This is a Catholic country.”

Savita’s cervix, trying to expel the miscarried fetus, remained fully dilated and open to infection, similar, doctors say, to an open head wound.  She developed septicemia and died in agony a week after entering the hospital.  Of course, by then, the doctors had removed the fetus, once it’s heart had stopped beating, but it was too late.  Had they removed it when she arrived and it was clear that the situation was medically hopeless, her cervix could have closed and she could have survived the situation entirely unharmed.

“This was an obstetric emergency which should have been dealt with in a routine manner. Yet Irish doctors are restrained from making obvious medical decisions by a fear of potentially severe consequences,” says Rachel Donnelly, a spokeswoman for pro-choice campaigners.  Ireland has become a medical dark ages due to a 1983 law, passed in the era of civil and political unrest, when the Catholic Church used it’s considerable influence to not only make abortion illegal but unconstitutional.  Women were still allowed to travel to England, where civil rights were not under the control of the Catholic Church.  This, however, didn’t help emergency cases like Savita’s, where travel outside of the country wasn’t possible, she needed immediate treatment.

Yet the Catholic Church doesn’t seem to care if it’s policies cause deaths.  Bishop John Fleming, after Savita’s death, said of abortion, “For those who view life through the lens of their Christian faith, our bodies are sacred; temples of the Holy Spirit, created in the image of God and redeemed through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For Christians, our bodies are not our own to do with them what we will. Our bodies come from God, are created in God’s image and destined for eternal life with him in heaven. This is our faith and this is what distinguishes us from those who do not share our faith.”

Well fuck you and your primitive faith.  It’s about time that Catholic dogma get the heave-ho from civilized nations and shysters like Fleming get tossed into the nearest sea.  People wonder what evils religion does to this world?  You need look no further than the sad case of Savita Praveen Halappanavar.

Sunday Horror Show: Learn or Die!

Religion of Peace My Ass

Muslim mother Sara Ege beat her seven-year-0ld son Yaseen Ali to death because he couldn’t quote Qu’ran passage to her satisfaction.  Ege, 32, is said to have beat her son “like a dog” because he was having trouble meeting her goal of memorizing 32 pages of the Qu’ran in a 3-month period.  The beatings went on for weeks until she eventually killed him and then she burned the body at her home in Cardiff.  Police initially believed the death to be accidental, a product of a home fire, but the autopsy told them otherwise.  Sara Ege was found to have beaten young Yaseen with a hammer and to have locked him in a shed because he wasn’t performing as well as she wanted.

Both Sara and her husband Yousef had enrolled Yaseen in advanced Hafiz classes at the local mosque where they hoped that Yaseen would memorize the entire Qu’ran.  When he failed to do so, and at age seven, that’s hardly a realistic expectation, she beat him to death and burned his body.

According to Sara, in an interview, “If he didn’t read it properly I would be very angry – I would hit him.”  She admitted hitting the boy, not only with her fists, but with a hammer, a rolling pin and a slipper as well.  She even told a doctor, months before the boy’s death that she believed she had been told by Shaitan, the Muslim version of the devil, to kill the boy and that now that he was dead, she felt 100% better.

Sara has been charged with first-degree murder and, at least so far, the father denies any knowledge of what was going on, even though he was intimately involved with the process.  They took the boy to the mosque before and after school to study and at home, Sara locked the boy in a shed, tied him to a door and forced him to do push-ups as a punishment for not learning quickly enough.  I find it hard to believe that the father wouldn’t have seen all of this or have noticed the bruises.  However, the trial is ongoing and I’m hoping she gets the maximum sentence allowable by law.

Religion cause people to do insane things in the name of imaginary friends.  Why do we, as a hopefully rational society, keep allowing it to continue?


Horror Show Sunday: Screaming for God

Just because we lock the doors doesn’t mean you aren’t free to go, does it?

I’m going to take a somewhat lighter tone this week because, to be honest, I’ve been writing about a lot of horrors done by the religious or in the name of religion lately.  Therefore, there will be no blood or murder this week, sorry if this disappoints my loyal readers.

Our story this week comes from North Carolina where a church kidnapped and imprisoned a young man because he is gay.  The Word of Faith Fellowship Church is accused, not only of keeping 22-year old Michael Lowry against his will for 4 months because he is gay, but of emotionally and physically abusing him during that time in an attempt to chase the gay away.

According to records, Michael Lowry was abducted on August 1 and kept until November 19, 2011.  He was held in a church building with several other men.  “The doors were locked, it was jail,” said Lowry. “You weren’t allowed to speak to your family. Many of the men had wives and children but they weren’t able to communicate with them.”  In another interview, “The pastor said to find out what my darkest secret was, and I was like, ‘I’m never telling,’ Lowry told WLOS. “They hit my head with fists and I was out on the floor, they held my hands and feet down and were pushing on my chest and I could barely breathe.” Parishioners performed a bizarre religious ritual called “blasting” where believers shriek loud prayers directly into the ears of the sinner in hopes of scaring out the demons.  It was featured on Inside Edition last year.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPpbmDDRm8M’]

 This is hardly The Word of Faith Fellowship’s first brush with the law, in fact the church, which many call a cult, has been repeatedly examined by the authorities.  During the 1990s, the church was investigated twice for it’s treatment of children, from which no charges were ultimately filed.  Former members of the church tell tales of absurd control placed on believers, they were told where to live, where to work, what to read, how to dress or even when it was OK to have sex with their spouses.

“We want to serve Jesus,” Jane Whaley, one of the heads of he church said. “We don’t want to be hypocrites. If this church is not for you, people leave.”  Yet Whaley claims that many of the people who have left the church hold grudges and have poisoned the minds of current members.  She says Lowry was never imprisoned, he’s just being used to cause problems for the church, her life has even been threatened by former members.  Sorry, where have we heard things like this before?  Death threats?  People just making up stories to get back at movement founders?  Hmmm… it’ll come to me.

I really wish I believed that this wasn’t true but it’s hardly a unique case.  There are tons of fundamentalist Christian cults across America that believe they are above the law, that their imaginary friend in the sky gives them permission to harm those that violate their strict religious teachings.  This is almost certainly another one of those cases and whereas no one ended up dying, as is the case in so many others, being locked up against your will for months and physically and emotionally abused because of the beliefs of a couple of religious wingnuts, this certainly qualifies as another case for the Religious Horror Show.

Horror Show Sunday: Rape for Allah

Rape a Baby for Allah!

You know, Islam really is a horrible, horrible religion overall.  Oh sure, you can make a case that the horrors that are done in the name of Islam are done by a tiny minority and that very much might be true, but as a religion, it is still filled with commandments to be evil, to kill, to maim, and Imams who are only too willing to issue horrific fatwas encouraging the faithful to engage in atrocities.  Well, here’s another.

Four years ago, young Neeha, a 2 1/2 year old girl, was brutally raped by a Muslim man, the son of her father’s employer, and left for dead on the side of the road.  Her crime?  None.  Her father was a Christian and refused to convert to Islam.  The father’s employer commanded him to convert, he refused, and he sent his son to kidnap, rape and kill the girl.  So far, the girl, now 7, has undergone 5 reconstructive surgeries.  She will never be able to have children.  She may never be able to urinate normally again.  The son who raped her has never had any charges made against him, he remains free to do it again.

Great religion you fucktards have there.

This story is, granted, a few years old, but is in the news again because the family has finally been granted asylum in Canada.  They have been in hiding in Pakistan, fearing for their lives, for daring to speak out against the Islamic establishment.

In case you think this is just an isolated incident, that Islam does not or cannot be interpreted to mean this, our old pal, Ayatollah Khomeini said:

“A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age, even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man, however is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl younger than nine, other sexual acts such as foreplay, rubbing, kissing and sodomy is allowed. A man having intercourse with a girl younger than nine years of age has not committed a crime, but only an infraction, if the girl is not permanently damaged. If the girl, however, is permanently damaged, the man must provide for her all her life. But this girl will not count as one of the man’s four permanent wives. He also is not permitted to marry the girl’s sister.”

So where is this asshole and his commanded lifelong care for this young girl?  Oh, they don’t listen to anything they don’t care about, he’s off living his own life.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX9OBzYIk54′]

Lest you think this is an isolated incident and Pakistani women are safe, that’s just not the case.  In an unrelated case, Fazeelat Bibi was beaten nearly to death and permanently disfigured by relatives of a man who sought to marry her.  When her parents refused, the men hid on her route home, leapt out and told her they were going to kill her.  The man who had asked her to marry him cut off her nose and slashed her ear so that no other man would ever want her.  Her mother had a fatal heart attack upon seeing Fazeelat, another terrible blow to the family.  So far, three of the five attackers have been captured and charged to a most unusual penalty, to suffer the same mutilation they gave to Fazeelat.  I find that somehow fitting.

Religion, all religion, is a horror, it makes people act irrationally, do things that are horrific because they’re convinced that an invisible friend in the sky commanded them to do so.  I wish young Neeha and Fazeelat the best of luck as they try to get on with their lives, but in both cases, it is medical science that offers them the opportunity to move ahead, not religion.

Religion just caused the disaster in the first place.

Horror Show Sunday Spoil the Child, Go to Jail

I killed my kid, you can too, just read the Bible!

It is nice to see these religious wingnuts get what’s coming to them, but it’s a shame that they’re allowed to perform the horrors in the first place.  Had this idiot been stopped before he murdered his son, this wouldn’t have been a story.  Believe it or not, I’d really love to see the need for the Religious Horror Show go away entirely.

Benjamin Edetanlen beat his 5-year old son to death.  Unfortunately, that’s not too unusual these days, there are lots of crazies out there who are unable to properly discipline their children, but in this case, of course, religion is involved.  Not only involved, Benjamin actively defends his actions by quoting Proverbs 23: 13-14 which reads: “Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you beat him with a rod, he will not die. If you beat him with the rod you will save his soul from Sheol.”

Yeah, but in this case, he did die, yet instead of being sorry for what he’s done, or horrified that he’s killed his own child, Benjamin seems proud of it.  He’s just doing what God said to do, after all.

And that’s not all.  According to Assistant District Attorney Dalia Racine, Edetanlen has done the same to his other children, a two-year old girl and a one-year old boy.  His lawyer defended his actions, “Mr. Edetanlen firmly believed in the adage, you know, spare the rod and spoil the child,” defense attorney Ingrid McGaughey said.

At least in this case, he’s going away for 18 years but that’s just not enough.  He was originally charged with murder, but plead down to involuntary manslaughter and child cruelty.  Personally, I think they need to put him in a rubber room, anyone who would believe  the Bible and kill their child ought to be taken out and hung in public.

Yet another case for the Religious Horror Show.


Horror Show Sunday: Choke on It!

Not a good candidate for babysitter.

In a case out of England, six-week old Faith Lovemore was murdered by her mother, Julia, who stuffed pages from the Bible in her mouth, poured white spirits over her body and jumped up and down on her.  The worst part is NHS, who had visited the house earlier in the day, should have caught on that something was seriously wrong when Faith’s father, David, was in the midst of a psychotic episode, screaming for God to force the devil out of his wife.

Of course, the government should have known better, three years earlier, she had tried to smother an older child for crying, but instead of taking the child out of the house, they were simply conducting random home inspections.  It was earlier in the month that the Lovemores requested an end to home visits, usually a sign of trouble, and a big red flag should have been David Lovemore’s statement that, should there be trouble, he would pray instead of calling for help.  The extended family had contacted authorities, worried over Julia’s “religious fervor” and the fact that she had cut off contact with family members after calling them “heathens”.

An hour after the murder of Faith, David Lovemore carried the lifeless body of the 6-week old and the critically injured older child into a local hospital.  Officials are shocked at how this case fell through the cracks since it’s clear they were aware there were problems in the home.  In an independent report by the Cambridgeshire Local Safeguarding Children Board, they found that the couple’s religious beliefs, which included the insistence their eldest daughter was “immortal”, were only “partially understood”, according to chairman Geoff Heathcock.

What should have been very well understood is the state of mind of Julia Lovemore, who had been repeatedly institutionalized since 1995.  Mental health experts universally agreed that she suffered from delusional beliefs and, over the years, those beliefs became more devout and extreme, according to family members.

And they say that religion is harmless.