The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.27

The More Things Change… A priest defends pedophila on TV and pisses off the Vatican, Obama “verbally rapes” a woman by telling the truth, an 8th grade boy is suspended for supporting the military, 15 racist asshats carrying Confederate Flags invade a boy’s birthday party, plus we talk about the speed society has changed, thanks […]

Bill Cosby & Public Opinion

You know, I really get sick and tired of the constant Bill Cosby news as he’s crucified on talk radio and online discussion forums.  No, I really don’t care if he’s guilty or not, that isn’t the job of the media or the Internet to decide, that’s something that the courts get to argue and […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #72

It’s another all-news show, we spend a lot of time wondering why the religious are so credulous.  A new study shows that children from religious homes have a problem telling fact from fantasy, a Republican candidate is convinced sperm enzymes cause AIDS, Tony Perkins thinks Obama is about to put all Christians in jail, a […]

Rape and Responsibility

I’ve said something about this before, but today there was a big dust up with self-identified liberals on the one side any everyone else on the other over whether a woman’s choice of clothing has any impact on her being raped.  It amazed me that 100% of the liberals were on the side that asserted […]

Thank God For Rape!

The father of a 5-year old girl who went missing in New Delhi, India, has been told by police to “thank god that your daughter is alive”.  They also offered him a Rs. 2,000 bribe to keep his mouth shut about the incident.  The little girl was abducted on April 14 and held hostage in […]

What About Being Responsible?

There’s a weekend host on a local radio talk show that I really hate, she’s extremely annoying and frankly, a little too liberal to be on the conservative station she’s on.  She tends to say some incredibly stupid things too.  A couple of days ago, she was talking about the absurdity of men thinking that […]

Political Dishonesty

Maybe it’s because I spend a lot of my time in the very liberal blogosphere, but I tend to see these cherry-picked lines tossed around, mostly as a means to show how stupid or reprehensible neo-conservative public figures are.  Most of them are a few words, ripped entirely out of context, held up as though, […]

Personal Responsibility and Rape

I don’t know why I bother debating with liberals, they don’t seem to be bright enough to read what’s being said, they just make it up as they go along and put words into people’s mouths.  There was a cop in Canada who, after a rape investigation, said something that liberals are taking as disparaging […]