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Any IntenseDebate Gurus Out There?

I recently re-installed the IntenseDebate plugin for WordPress.  I’d used it and liked it in the past, but it’s had… problems and I found it easier not to bother when I restarted the blog at it’s new home last year.  However, I figured why not, I had some time and maybe they’d fixed the bugs from the past.

Well, yes and no.  So far, the only problem I’ve had is relatively minor.  I went over to the IntenseDebate website to post on their forum, only to find they have no forum or direct support or anything of the kind.  Therefore, anyone who might have any ideas, please help.

The issue is, when I get spam comments, it gets properly sorted into the spam bin, I just cannot access the spam bin at all.  If you go to the dashboard and click on spam to delete it, instead you’re taken to the regular comments.  The only way to get into the spam bin is to deactivate the IntenseDebate plugin, after which everything works normally.

I was thinking that maybe IntenseDebate and Akismet are interfering with each other but I have no idea how to find out.  I’ve deactivated Akismet and still have the problem, leading me to think the problem is solely with IntenseDebate.

Has anyone else had this problem?  Did you find a solution?  Thanks!

Update:  Can’t say I’m happy with the answer I received from Automattic, but apparently, they know all about it, it’s something in how IntenseDebate handles spam and there is no fix, I just have to keep deactivating IntenseDebate, deleting my spam, and re-activating it.  They didn’t seem to worried about fixing it either.  Not impressive, Automattic.  Not impressive.