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The Untruth Behind Privilege

So I usually try to give a little benefit of the doubt to young people who post stupid things on the Internet, at least if I see them trying to make some sense and apply some logic to their writing.  After all, they just don’t know any better and how are they supposed to learn if they never try?

But that doesn’t mean that what they write gets any less critical evaluation than anything else.  If you’re going to take the time to write an article or make a video, at least take the time to make sure your facts are correct, otherwise you deserve all the derision you receive.

Take this short article from Feminist Culture, written by 16-year old Sergio Pena. Is it technically well-written?  Yes.  Is it intellectually vapid?  Unfortunately, also yes. So I wanted to take the whole of the article and respond to it, pointing out just how ridiculous the whole thing is and how, with a little research, young Sergio might not have made such a fool of himself.  So let’s get started.

A social privilege is an advantage that is given to a specific group of people for a trait that pertains to that group. Privileges manifest themselves in many ways due to certain traits being favorable over others for a variety of reasons, to the point that they have been normalized and ignored by the groups that benefit from such privileges.

Except nobody has ever been able to prove that any specific group of people have been privileged just for belonging to that group.  In fact, if  you look at one of the left’s primary whipping boys, white men, you find that they make up the largest segment of the homeless population.  I guess that makes being homeless “privileged”.  The fact remains, there are no demonstrable privileges that can be traced to race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.  There certainly are social privileges that come with religion in this country and many others and a lot of unspoken but very real biases against those who fall outside of the local majority religious belief.  But none of that gets talked about in this article, beyond the standard boilerplate arguments about Islam.

Male privilege is one of the more widely acknowledged forms of privilege, which favors cisgender men over all other genders. This privilege is based on the idea that men are stronger and smarter than women, meaning men should be favored over women – thus giving men power. Male privilege manifests itself in many ways but the most significant one is patriarchy – a system of power which puts men as the head of the unit. The patriarchy enforces rigid gender roles that make women seem weak and need more guidance which leads to the subservience of women, while men have greater freedom without as many risks.

That’s absolutely not true.  In fact, you cannot find a single right that is slanted toward men, a single law that is slanted toward men, regardless of their “cis”-ness.  But we have tons of laws and rights that are slanted toward women.  Women can get abortions without consulting their partner if they want out of an unwanted pregnancy, but men have no means of eliminating financial responsibility for an unwanted pregnancy and may pay for 18 years for a child they aren’t even allowed to see.  Woman get reduced sentencing for identical crimes versus men.  Men receive 3x more jail time and are 20x more likely to receive the death penalty for identical crimes.  Women make up the majority of college attendees, yet are still seen as a discriminated against class and are given more gender-specific scholarships than men.  Women are more likely to get spousal support and almost automatic child custody compared to men.  Men work more hours than women and are 9x more likely to die at work than women.  Men are more likely, by far, to be attacked in public and 3x more likely to be murdered.  They are much more likely to commit suicide than women.  The list goes on and on and on and on.  But somehow, men are so much more privileged because… reasons.

The success of women and other genders has been made difficult to achieve due to the existence of an entire system that favors one gender over others in many different ways. The wage gap is another obvious system that favors men over women but it also factors in race, ability, and other aspects of identity. For every dollar a white man makes, a white woman makes 78 cents, a Black man makes 75 cents, a Black woman 64 cents, a Hispanic man makes 67 cents, and a Hispanic woman makes 54.  Notice how the men of each race make more than the women of the respective race: that’s male privilege.

Except the wage gap doesn’t exist.  This has been so completely and absolutely debunked over the years that I really don’t want to waste time going over it again.  It is based on comparing all wages made by men and all wages made by women and finding that  there is a disparity.  This is not comparing men and women in the same jobs, with the same experience and the same skills, this is comparing apples to orangutans.  Men, on average, choose to go into fields that require more experience, more education, more time and more skills and thus pay more.  Women, on average, choose to go into fields that require less experience, education, time on the job and skills and thus make less.  Men work far more overtime than women.  Men take far less time off work than women.  Men retire far later than women.  It’s no wonder that men make more on average because men work harder on average.  This isn’t discrimination, this is personal choice.  But you still get feminists pushing for artificial gender quotas in the highest paying jobs, regardless of whether women have earned their place, or even want it.  There is a constant push for women to enter STEM fields, yet women, by and large, reject all offers, preferring to go into other fields that simply do not pay as well. The only demonstrable “victimization” going on here is by women, to themselves.

Another obvious example of male privilege is the different expectations set for genders when it comes to sex. When a man has sex and discusses it, he is celebrated and he feels empowered for having sex. When a woman has sex and discusses it, she is seen as dirty and promiscuous. Also the concept of virginity has been and still is being forced upon women to save themselves for men, but women should have the choice of when to have sex for the first time. The same concept of virginity is rarely applied to men and when he does have sex for the first time, he’s celebrated and is finally seen as a man. Men receive so many privileges that there are too many to list, but most are sexist and misogynistic in nature.

I don’t think that’s an issue in the west at all.  Sure, if you’re going to talk about the Middle East where women are demonstrably oppressed, you might have a point, but western feminists not only don’t want to talk about Middle Eastern abuses, they stand up and support Islam at every turn.  But let’s get to the concept of virginity.  It is true that in the past, female virginity was valuable, only because female virginity could be objectively measured.  You know if a woman isn’t a virgin, with men, not so much.  And no, that’s not sexism, that’s biology.  With men, they could go out and sow their wild oats, under the social radar of course, and nobody would ever know.  Today though, and it’s been like this for a long time, nobody really cares.  I think that’s a problem because it speaks to one’s moral character how they choose to act and running around rutting like donkeys in heat says nothing good about one’s moral character, male or female.  But in the west, nobody really cares and neither gender suffers any social harm for doing whatever they want to do.  That’s why the out-of-wedlock birth rate is skyrocketing.

Cisgender privilege is the favoring of cis people, those who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth, over non-binary and trans people. The normalization of being cisgender has led to a harsh view of trans and non-binary people since their genders don’t fit what society considers “normal.” Cis privilege is present in so many basic ways. A cis person doesn’t have to worry about somebody asking about his or her genitals or how he or she has sex; trans and non-binary people have to deal with that frequently. Cis privilege is known that you’ll be able to safely use gendered spaces such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and in-store dressing rooms, whereas trans and non-binary people are often forced to use the bathroom that corresponds with their genitals, putting them at a greater risk of being assaulted or harassed by cis people in the bathroom for their gender identities.

Here’s a secret for you.  Nobody has a gender assigned at birth.  Gender is what sexual organs you have, controlled by what genes you inherited from your parents.  Doctors do not assign you a gender at birth, they recognize the gender you are born as, based on an observation of your external sexual characteristics.  You are welcome to continue to identify as that gender or change your mind as time goes on.  Your mindset doesn’t change reality.  Bruce Jenner can become Caitlin Jenner or go back to being Bruce Jenner as much as desired, it doesn’t change the fact that she has a particular genetic profile that identifies her as biologically male.  I have no problem with people choosing, for whatever reasons, to identify as whatever they want to identify as, but their desire doesn’t change “normal”.  Normal is what is average in society and the overwhelming majority of humans identify as their biological genders.  When you operate outside of the norm, you are going to get questions from curious people and curiosity is normal.  It might be somewhat uncomfortable for the one being questioned, but as I say continually, actions have consequences and one needs to accept the potential consequences before they take the actions.  Such is reality.

Cis privilege extends beyond the basic necessities. For example, the portrayal of trans and non-binary in media is near non-existent but when there are trans and non-binary roles in a film or television show, they’re often given to cis people such as Eddie Redmayne’s (a cis man) portrayal of a trans woman in The Danish Girl. Also cis people don’t have to worry about their gender not being listed on forms that ask for gender or their gender identity being wrong on official forms of identification. Because of the normalization of cisgender, crime rates against trans and non-binary people are higher than crime rates against cis people.

Why do you people not understand the concept of “actors”?  Actors and actresses work by portraying people that they, themselves, are not.  The idea that studios only ought to hire gay actors to play gay roles and transgender actresses to play transgender roles is utterly idiotic and betrays a complete misunderstanding of what acting actually is.  More and more often, “other” is becoming commonplace on forms below “male” and “female” and because non-binary whatever you want to call it makes up a minuscule percentage of people in any given society, that is probably all that you have a right to expect.

Able-bodied privilege is the favoring of able-bodied and neurotypical people over those who are disabled and/or neurodivergent. The normalization and favoring of able-bodied and neurotypical people is the result of disabled people being seen as weak and inferior while neurodivergent people aren’t “stable.” This privilege was systematically enforced at one point through eugenics which tried to weed out the genetically weak, specifically targeting disabled and neurodivergent people in order to create a “stronger” gene pool and a more “efficient” society. In addition, the unemployment rate for disabled people is nearly twice as high as able-bodied people’s rate at an overwhelming 12.5% in 2014. Employers tend to overlook disabled people because disability may interfere with the person’s ability to do the job or able-bodied people are just believed to do the job better simply for being able-bodied.

I get really sick of this “neuroatypical” nonsense.  This is just more politically correct, don’t offend anyone for any reason bullcrap.  And of course the unemployment rate for disabled people is higher, they are not as capable of performing work as non-disabled people are.  He says right there, employers tend to overlook disabled people because their disability may interfere with their ability to do the job.  So are employers supposed to hire people who are unable to do the work for which they are being hired?  Is this guy stupid?  That’s not saying there aren’t jobs which the disabled can do and certainly, if they can do a job with or without minimal aid, they should be allowed to do the job.  That part is already written into the law.  But to suggest there’s some kind of overt discrimination going on is ludicrous, it’s like saying that newborns are being discriminated against because they have a near 100% unemployment rate.  Well that’s because they can hardly hold their heads up, much less do any kind of work!

Disabled and/or neurodivergent people may have difficulties paying for the services they need in order to function, due to insurance costs, not having insurance, or the insurance not covering the services needed. The portrayal of disabled and neurodivergent people in the media is very limited but when a character that is meant to be neurodivergent is portrayed (such as Deadpool who has schizophrenia), the disability or mental illness is erased as was done with Deadpool. The use of ableist slurs is extremely prevalent with slurs such as r*tard, and id*ot, being thrown around by able-bodied people as young as middle-schoolers. There are many more ableist slurs that are so commonly used such as d*mb and st*pid, and these slurs are ableist in nature since they note limited intelligence, which may be a result of a disability.

And that’s why most of these people are covered by free or ultra-low cost insurance provided by the government.  People with legitimate disabilities are already taken care of at taxpayer expense. And if you can’t spell “retard”, fuck you.  Enough with this childish nonsense.

Another systemic form of privilege is white privilege which favors white people over all other races. White privilege is enforced through eurocentrism and racism so that people of color aren’t seen as superior or even equal to white people. White privilege gives white people benefits that people of color don’t receive, such as a higher pay for white women and men, knowing that a traffic stop won’t end badly, and having more representation in the media. A fellow Feminist Culture writer named Salli Sanfo wrote a more in-depth article about white privilege.

White privilege doesn’t exist.  If it did, we wouldn’t have affirmative action.  We wouldn’t have race-based scholarships for non-white students.  We wouldn’t have quotas for hiring of non-white workers.  If there was white privilege, then white people would have all of those things and non-white people wouldn’t.  But don’t bring that up to progressives or  they’ll shit themselves.  Again, just like the gender wage gap, the difference in average income between races has to do with life choices, not racism.  People are responsible for their own choices in life. Everyone is responsible for getting the best education they can while it is available and it is available to everyone.  Everyone is responsible for making the best, most responsible choices they can.  They are responsible for not breaking the law.  They are responsible for not joining gangs or doing drugs.  They are responsible for not having children out of wedlock.  But if you look at the statistics, 73% of blacks have children out of wedlock, compared to 29% of whites.  Now I think that 29% is absurdly high, considering that it was only 2% in the 60s, but 73% is just ridiculous and it is all personal choice.  Nobody is holding a gun to their head and forcing them to breed irresponsibly.  But if you drop out of school, if you join gangs and do drugs, if you break the law and go to prison, if you have illegitimate children, what do you expect to happen to you and to your children?  The dropout rate in California for blacks was 37% compared to 14% for whites and 10% for Asians.  Whose fault is this?  It isn’t racism, it’s personal irresponsibility.

Privilege is completely intersectional, meaning that you may benefit from multiple privileges at the same time. For example, the most privileged group in Western society is an able-bodied, neurotypical, wealthy, cisgender white man. Privilege also includes class privilege because of the benefits of being wealthy or well off, and straight privilege because being heterosexual is seen as normal. It is important to not feel resentful for having privileges pointed out; rather, you should acknowledge them and use them to empower and amplify the voices of disadvantaged groups.

Or you might not be privileged at all, maybe you just worked harder than the other guy.  Sure, we don’t all start off at the same spot, that’s just reality.  There are plenty of wealthy blacks out there that are far better off than I am and I don’t point at them and pretend racism got them ahead of me.  They worked hard and earned what they got.  Good for them.  I don’t blame others for my shortcomings.  That’s entirely on me.  And here we see more progressive whining about what’s “normal”.  News flash for you pal, being able-bodied, sane, successful, heterosexual and non-transgender is normal.  Normal just means that it represents the majority.  Being part of the majority doesn’t make you privileged.  Yes, we need to make sure that those people who fall outside of the norm are not abused or discriminated against and by and large, they are not.  Where they are, we need to fight for equality.  Mostly, those fights have been won.  But for the regressive left, they can never admit that their fight is over, they have to constantly look for more and more wars to wage under the same labels they’ve always used.  They don’t want to actually win, they want to constantly find more victims so they can proclaim discrimination.  Sometimes they just make victims up because it’s easier than admitting that their ideology is unnecessary.  They want the government to solve all problems and in so doing, they absolve their victim groups of having to take any responsibility for themselves.  This is why people laugh at the regressive left and honestly, they’ve earned it.  Maybe when this writer grows up, he’ll figure that out for himself but I wouldn’t bet on it.  Growing up is something the regressive seem resistant to doing.

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