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40 Bad Reasons for Prison Statistics Pt. 4

Will this be 4 for 4 failures for Bill Quigley’s prison reasons?

So far, Bill Quigley is 0 for 3 in his reasons why so many black and poor people are in prison.  It’s really getting quite comical but he has one chance to pull this out of the liberal morass that he’s quickly sinking in.  Let’s see if he can turn it around in this final chapter of his 40 reasons why our jails are full of black and poor people.

Thirty-One. The DOJ reports another 3.9 million people are on probation.

For crimes they committed and were convicted of.

Thirty-Two. The DOJ reports an additional 850,000 people are on parole.

For crimes they committed and were convicted of.

Thirty-Three. The DOJ reported in 2012 that as many as 100 million people have a criminal record, and over 94 million of those records are online.

For crimes they committed and were convicted of.  Are we seeing a pattern here?

Thirty-Four. Everyone can find out people have a record.

Only for serious crimes.  Misdemeanors are not searchable.  Of course, maybe the solution is just not to have a record in the first place.

Thirty-Five. Race is a multiplier of disadvantage in unemployment for people who get out of prison.

Again, don’t commit crimes, don’t go to prison and you have no disadvantage from it.  I wonder why this is something that Quigley never, ever, ever brings up.

Thirty-Six. Families are hurt by this.

It’s typical liberal whining.  Families are harmed by things that people make a conscious  decision to do, things that if they didn’t do, they wouldn’t have problems, things that if they were responsible and made good life choices, they wouldn’t have problems, yet nothing is ever their fault.  Ever.

Thirty-Seven. Convicted people cannot get jobs after they get out.

Then they shouldn’t go in.  Actions have consequences.  Deal with it.

Thirty-Eight. The US spends $80 billion on this big business of corrections every year.

Indeed we do, but we do it because it’s necessary.  If nobody broke the law, if nobody went to prison, we wouldn’t be spending that money.  That’s something that liberals refuse to deal with though.  They think everyone is a victim.  They are wrong.  These people are perpetrators.

Thirty-Nine. Putting more people in jail creates more poverty.

No, people making poor life choices creates more poverty.  People dropping out of school.  People getting involved with drugs and gangs.  People having children out of wedlock before they are financially prepared.  People committing crimes.  People doing stupid things.  All of these things create more poverty.  The way out is clear.  Stop doing stupid shit.

Forty. Putting all these problems together and you can see why the Center for American Progress rightly concludes “Today, a criminal record serves as both a direct cause and consequence of poverty.”

Ah yes, a far left think tank, why am I not surprised?  And while they absolutely provide the truth in this quote, they don’t recognize the fact of the matter.  Yes, a criminal record will screw up your life.  The secret is not to get one.  The secret is to live a decent life.  It might be difficult.  It might be culturally challenging.  That doesn’t matter. We all have to make difficult choices every single day.  It’s the people who do the right thing, the people who make good choices, those are the people who succeed and better their lives.  But liberals don’t care about bettering your life.  Everyone is a victim.  Nothing is ever your fault. It’s all about pointing fingers at everyone but yourself.  That’s why liberalism is so absurd.

40 Bad Reasons for Prison Statistics Pt. 3

Do you agree with Quigley’s ideas about prison?

Two down, here goes #3 in my series on Bill Quigley’s liberal rant about 40 reasons there are so many black and poor people in prison.  He’s failed to come up with anything impressive so far, it’s just empty excuses for why we should ignore the facts and go with emotional platitudes.  Maybe this time will be better.  No, I don’t think so either.

Twenty-One. Lots of poor people plead guilty.

Yup, lots of black people, lots of white people, lots of rich people, lots of poor people, lots of young people and lots of old people.  Again, so what?  Is Bill suggesting that these people are too stupid not to do that?  That they haven’t been advised by their public defender not to do that if they aren’t actually guilty of the crime?  I’m not sure what he’s getting at here.

Twenty-Two. Many are forced to plead guilty.

Forced, huh?  At gunpoint?  I’d like to see Quigley support that one.  Nobody is ever forced to plead guilty.  They do it because they are guilty.

Twenty-Three. Almost nobody in prison ever had a trial.

That’s because they chose to plead guilty.  Nobody forced them to.  They could have had a trial if they wanted.  They just knew that the system had them dead to rights and they were actually guilty of the crime they were accused of.  Actually, in a lot of instances, there’s a plea deal to keep them from actually being convicted of the real crime they committed, rather they get to plead down to a lesser charge.  Personally, I dislike this practice, I think if you commit crime X, you ought to be prosecuted for crime X and if found guilty, imprisoned for crime X.  Only being held accountable for crime X-1 is absurd.   The only reason they do it is because the courts are overcrowded.  Quigley ought to be thankful, not mad.

Twenty-Four. Poor people get jail and jail makes people worse off.

Jail makes everyone worse off.  It’s not supposed to be a holiday.  It’s supposed to suck.  You’re not supposed to want to go there.  Is this news?

Twenty-Five. Average prison sentences are much longer than they used to be, especially for people of color.

Really?  Please show us the sentencing guidelines that give different lengths for people based on their skin color.  This is just ludicrous.  Quigley says that drug crimes now bring longer in prison and that 70% of people in prison for drug crimes are black or poor.  Again, simple solution, stop dealing drugs.  Stop using drugs.  Solved your problem right there.  In fact, if drug use wasn’t an epidemic among the poor, a lot of them probably wouldn’t be poor to begin with.  Yeah, I know, liberals don’t like real world solutions.

Twenty-Six. There is about a 70 percent chance that an African American man without a high school diploma will be imprisoned by the time he reaches his mid-thirties; the rate for white males without a high school diploma is 53 percent lower.

And that’s because blacks commit crimes at a greater rate than whites.  Remember the FBI statistics that I presented a couple of days ago?  Blacks, who make up 12% of the overall American population, commit 49.4% of the murders.  They commit 31.3% of the rapes.  They commit 56.4% of the robberies.  In fact, there are very few categories of crime where they commit less than 12% of the crimes.  Across all categories, they commit an average of 28.4% of all crimes of record kept by the FBI.  This is not a crime-free bunch, being handed a “Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not collect $200” card.  They have earned their treatment by violating the law.  I’d like to present similar statistics by economic class but I haven’t been able to find official sources where the FBI or other group is measuring crimes by income.  I wouldn’t think that it’s significantly different though, although I welcome actual data to examine that says otherwise.

Twenty-Seven. Almost one of 12 Black men ages 25 to 54 are in jail or prison, compared to one in 60 nonblack men.

And… don’t commit crimes.  Yeah, I know, I could just answer that for most of these and take the rest of the day off but that’s too easy.  The fact is, there is a ghetto culture in America that has been adopted, not just by poor blacks but by the poor of many racial groups, that has ruined a lot of people.  It doesn’t value education.  It doesn’t value responsibility.  It pushes people into a life of crime, a life of drugs and gangs and single parenthood.  If  you want to blame anything for the state of the poor in this country, blame that idiotic culture, something that’s pushed by a lot of vocal, and wealthy, black leaders as a means of keeping the poor and downtrodden reliant on them.  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have made a mint keeping the black man down. It’s their schtick.  Regardless, so long as this poisonous ghetto culture continues, the poor are going to remain victims.

Twenty-Eight. Prison has become a very big private business.

This may be one of the few times in this list I will agree.  I don’t think private prisons ought to exist, if we’re going to hold people accountable to the law and put them away, we ought to pay for it directly.  Society needs to be just as accountable as the criminals.  We need to get rid of private prisons entirely.

Twenty-Nine. The Sentencing Project reports that over 159,000 people are serving life sentences in the U.S. Nearly half are African American and one in six are Latino.

So what?  All that means is that an inordinately large number of people that have committed serious crimes, or a string of serious crimes, are black or Hispanic.  Welcome to reality.  I thought this was supposed to be a list of reasons it was happening unfairly.  I haven’t seen one yet.

Thirty. Inside prisons, the poorest people are taken advantage of again as most items such as telephone calls to families are priced exorbitantly high, some as high as $12.95 for a 15 minute call, further separating families.

If they don’t want their families separated, say it with me, they shouldn’t have committed the crimes in the first place.  Broken record, I know, but it’s the truth that Quigley refuses to acknowledge.  They aren’t taken advantage of, they already screwed themselves over by breaking the law.  It’s called consequences.  I know that word doesn’t appear in liberal dictionaries.

I really thought that by now, he might have something useful to say but I guess not.  All he’s trying to do is make excuses for why black culture and ghetto culture has failed in America.  We all acknowledge it, well except for the liberals who would call everything I have to say racism because I’m not giving these people a pass.  I hold everyone equally responsible.  I expect equal treatment under the law.  If you don’t want to end up behind bars, live a responsible life.  Like that’s ever going to happen.